The Ark In Space

The Ark In Space DVD

The Ark In Space DVD


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD1097
Duration: 100 minutes


Many thousands of years in the future. Earth becomes uninhabitable. Aboard space station Nerva, the remaining survivors of the human race drift amongst the stars in suspended animation. The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive to find vital systems have been sabotaged. As mankind begins to awake from its enforced deep sleep, The Doctor discovers that they are not alone. The Wirm are an insect race that inhabit the cold dephs of space. But they too have found the Ark and it’s sleeping occupants. Can The Doctor prevent the last of the human race from becoming the Wirm’s new source of food….?

This story originally broadcast: 23rd January – 15th February 1975

Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe

Directed by: Rodney Bennett

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Special Features

  • Commentary by Philip Hinchcliffe, Tom Baker & Lis Sladen
  • Exculsive interview with designer Rpger Murray Leach
  • Brand new CGI Model Footage & 3D Ark Schematic
  • Unused Title Sequence
  • Production notes.
  • Easter egg.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Regions 2/4

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Region one coverRegion four coverSpecial Edition


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