List of BBC DVD releases

List of BBC DVD releases available

Here is the List of BBC DVD releases that are available, here you will find info on the titles available to own – BBC DVDs. click a doctor for your choice – the TV Movie, Sarah Jane adventures and Torchwood will be in Doctor Who Releases DVD Misc Section

In the earliest years of the 21st century, the BBC were looking for a partnership to allow them to release their video content, whilst reducing their overhead and providing a legal liability shield. Accordingly, they approached the retail distribution giant Woolworths to create 2|entertain. In the terms of the original 2004 incorporation, 2|entertain was a 60/40 partnership between BBC Video and Woolworths. The largest division of the 2|entertain Group became 2|entertain Video, which in turn was created by the merger of VCI Video — then controlled by Woolworth — and BBC Video. As part of the terms of the merger, BBC Worldwide — BBC Video’s parent — achieved the controlling stake in 2|entertain Video. BBC Video nominally retained its corporate identity as a division within 2|entertain Video.

From 2004 to 2012 2|entertain released Doctor Who DVDs worldwide. they were handled the releases of Torchwood, K9 and Company, and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The larger 2|entertain Group was also instrumental in the creation of original documentaries released as special features on DVDs. Indeed, one of the most obvious indications of a “2|entertain Doctor Who DVD” versus a “BBC Video Doctor Who DVD” is the presence of significantly greater numbers of documentaries and other special features.

In 2008, however, Woolworths entered bankruptcy administration, threatening the stability of the partnership. BBC Worldwide began to bid aggressively for its junior partner’s stake in the company. After some eighteen months, Worldwide reached an agreement with Woolworth and 2|entertain in March 2010. It became the full owner of 2|entertain.[1]

In February 2012 it was announced that BBC Worldwide has fully integrated 2|entertain into its consumer products division. It was stated by BBC Worldwide that the 2|entertain logo would no longer appear on DVDs and a new logo would be shown on The Doctor Who DVDs. In the UK The Doctor Who DVD covers would continue to be reversible featuring the “old” BBC logo on the spine of the covers to match the BBC’s earlier DVD releases. [2][3]


During 2|entertain’s period as the publisher of DVDs it played a major role in the production of home video; a BBC logo has nevertheless remained dominant on Doctor Who universe home video packaging since the earliest VHS days. The BBC Video logo appeared on all VHS releases. However, different BBC branding has appeared on Region 1 and Region 2 DVD packaging, underscoring a difference in the precise arm of the BBC handling domestic and international releases.


“BBC DVD”‘ has been the brand identity seen on BBC Video DVDs released in Region 2 since the 2004 creation of 2|entertain Video. The first DVD to receive this branding was The Visitation. Prior to this release, the BBC’s Region 2 DVDs went out under a simple BBC logo. The mark has never been used on Region 1 or Region 4 DVDs.


Though it disappeared from Region 2 packaging with the end of the VHS line, the BBC Video logo remains a fixture of all Region 1 DVD releases of Whoniverse-related shows — and indeed all North American BBC releases — as of 2010. Thus all Region 1 home videos, regardless of format, have always gone out under the BBC Video logo in North America.

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