Death And Diplomacy

Death And Diplomacy
Death And Diplomacy


Three mightly empires poised for war!

In the far-off Magellan Cluster, the savage Dakhaari, the militaristic Czhans and the evil backstabbing Saloi are at each other’s respective throats over the tiny, peaceful planet of Moriel. The Hollow Gods have decreed that a satellite be built in which they must settle their differences or else. But just who has the tact and diplomacy to arbitrate these talks?

Meanwhile, Roz and Chris are on Moriel with the Czhanist army, knocking seven bells out of the native populace. Why have they launched this sneak attack? Will it wreck the talks completely? Are they participating in the Hollow Gods’ hidden agenda – a plan that will result in the death of billions?

And While the others are otherwise occupied, Benny is stranded, lost and alone, facing the most terrifying challenge of her life – someone who will haunt her for the rest of her days. He’s called Jason.


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  • Death and Diplomacy is the forty-ninth Virgin New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester.
  • Jason Kane has slept with at least fourteen humans (male and female) and at least six aliens.
  • The Citadel of Unending Delights is the closest thing on Jaris settlement to a tourist trap. It is a three-levelled warehouse.
  • This was originally titled Summit and then Tact and Diplomacy before settling on Death and Diplomacy.
  • Roz reads The All-Consuming Fire by Dr John Watson.

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