Jackie Tyler


Jackie Tyler as in Army Of Ghosts


Played By: Camille Coduri
Tenure 30 March 2005-1 January 2010 
First appearance 
Rose (guest)
Last appearance Doomsday (guest)
Last appearance Journey’s End (guest)
Last appearance The End of Time (guest)
Appearances 15 stories


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Jacqueline Andrea Suzette “Jackie” Tyler (née Prentice) is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, played by Camille Coduri. A resident of present-day London and the mother of the Ninth and Tenth Doctor” href=”10thdoctorpage”>Tenth Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler, she was a recurring character on the programme from 2005 to 2006. She first appeared in the 2005 series episode “Rose” and lived with Rose in a council flat on the Powell Estate. Jackie is a single mother, her husband Pete Tyler having died in 1987 when Rose was “six months old” (according to The Doctor in “Rise of the Cybermen“) and does not seem to have any form of steady employment. An article written by the programme’s chief writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, published in The Doctor Who Annual 2006 by Panini Books in August 2005, states that Jackie works from home as a hairdresser. According to “Rise of the Cybermen,” her birthdate is February 1, apparently in 1967 (a parallel universe version of Jackie claimed she was born “the same year as Cuba Gooding Jr.”, which would be 1968, but Rose and Pete both implied she was 40 instead of 39).

She appears in Journey’s End and also in The End of Time Part Two

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