The Master

The Doctor Falls
The Doctor Falls
Missy and the Master as in The Doctor Falls
Spyfall Part 2
The Master in Spyfall part 2


Actor Tenure First story Last story Notes
Norman Stanley 1971 Terror of the Autons Terror of the Autons Stanley, credited as “Telephone Mechanic” in episode three of Terror of the Autons, portrays the Delgado Master disguised by a mask while he infiltrates UNIT and installs a Nestene telephone.
Peter Pratt 1976 The Deadly Assassin The Deadly Assassin Peter Pratt was the first actor to portray The Master’s cadaverous body.
Geoffrey Beevers 1981 The Keeper of Traken The Keeper of Traken Geoffrey Beevers became the primary vocal performer of the Master for Big Finish
Anthony Ainley 1981-1989 The Keeper of Traken Survival Anthony Ainley also appeared in the specially shot full motion video that accompanied 1997’s Destiny of the Doctors
Gordon Tipple 1996 The TV Movie The TV Movie Tipple played The Master whom the Daleks exterminate at the start of the 1996 telemovie. Virtually all of his footage was cut from the finished film.
Eric Roberts 1996 The TV Movie The TV Movie The first and, so far, only American actor to play the role.
Derek Jacobi 2007 Utopia Utopia Derek Jacobi had earlier played another version of the Master in the Scream of the Shalka webcast.
John Simm 2007-2010 Utopia The Doctor Falls John Simm’s version of the character was the first incarnation of the Master to ever be shown as the product of a proper regeneration shown onscreen, and was also the first Master to return to the role on television after being replaced by another performer.
William Hughes 2007 The Sound of Drums The End of Time William Hughes was The Master as a child in a dialogue-free flashback which was repeated in The End of Time.
Michelle Gomez 2014-2017 Deep Breath The Doctor Falls Michelle Gomez was a character introduced as Missy, later revealed to be short for “Mistress” in Dark Water, as she could no longer be known as “Master”. Michelle Gomez is notable for being the first female performer to portray the character, and marked the first time in a TV story that a Time Lord had been seen to change gender due to regeneration, though the actual regeneration was not shown.
Sacha Dhawan 2020 Spyfall The Timeless Children Sacha Dhawan is the first non-white actor to play The Master.


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“The Master” – known in female form as “Missy”, short for “Mistress”, and at times by various other aliases – was a renegade Time Lord, serving as both a friend and an opponent of the Doctor.
Though they had been friends from childhood and schoolmates at Prydon Academy, The Master’s lust for power would eventually pull the two apart. While The Doctor and the Master would remain close friends despite their rivalry, The Master developed an intense hatred for and often sought to kill The Doctor. Despite this enmity, however, the two would on occasion act as allies.
Like The Doctor, The Master would also flee from Gallifrey in a TARDIS of his own, and fully embrace his darker nature after escaping a black hole he had been trapped in by the Second Doctor. The Master then went on to fight various battles against the Third Doctor and UNIT during The Doctor’s exile on Earth, even spending a short period also trapped on the planet after his dematerialisation circuit was briefly stolen by The Doctor and when he was imprisoned on Fortress Island after being arrested by UNIT, until he was able to orchestrate his escape with the aid of the Sea Devils.
Following an incident that resulted in his body being badly disfigured, The Master began searching for a way to restore his Time Lord body, with only his intense hatred and burning anger keeping him alive. After spending years on Traken manipulating events to gain the powers of the Source through the Keeper of Traken, The Master was able to regenerate into a new body after possessing Consul Tremas, and resumed his crusade to conquer the universe and kill The Doctor.
Eventually landing on the Cheetah World, The Master became infected with the Cheetah virus, which increased his aggressive behavior. According to some accounts, The Master would continue to be plagued by the virus for some time until he overcame the effects and was either taken prisoner by his enemies, or was regressed back to his cadaverous form by the Warp Core. Another account claimed that, immediately following his escape from the Cheetah World, he was cured by Tzun nanites and regenerated after being shot by Ace.
After being sentenced to death on Skaro, The Master was able to survive his execution using a Deathworm Morphant, and would continue to survive by possessing various bodies, until he was killed by the Ravenous. However, The Master was swiftly resurrected by his other incarnations on the instructions of the Time Lords in preparation for a potential war with the Daleks.
After working with the War Doctor in the body of a child during the Last Great Time War, The Master regenerated into an older body that tried to manipulate the conflict to suit his own goals. However, after his failure to properly use the Heavenly Paradigm, The Master was driven to such a state of terror that he fled to the end of the universe and turned himself into a human baby with a Chameleon Arch to escape the Time Lords and wait out the conflict. After spending many years living as a humble human scientist on Malcassairo, The Master’s personality was reawakened by Martha Jones, and he made to steal The Doctor’s TARDIS from the Tenth Doctor, but was fatally shot by Chantho and forced to regenerate into a younger body.
Using the alias “Harold Saxon”, The Master engineered his election as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 2008 elections, and then sought to use the Earth to create a new Gallifrey. When his plan was foiled, he was shot by his wife, Lucy, and decided not to regenerate and die to spite The Doctor. Following a faulty resurrection by the Disciples of Saxon, The Master used the Immortality Gate to create The Master Race and attempted to free Gallifrey from the Time lock of the Last Great Time War, but instead entered the last day of the war to get revenge on Rassilon.
After Gallifrey returned to the universe, The Master left, and eventually ended up on a Mondasian colony ship, where he came face to face with a future female incarnation of himself, who stabbed him to ensure his regeneration into her. Now female, The Master began to call herself Missy, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Evil”. She embarked on a scheme to rekindle her friendship with the Doctor, believing she could convince him they were the same by offering him the power to end tyranny with an army of Cybermen, but The Doctor refused to submit to the temptation.

Eventually, Missy was captured and imprisoned inside a Quantum Fold Chamber which was moved into a vault at St Luke’s University by the Twelfth Doctor and Nardole. Although she claimed she could leave the Vault anytime she wanted to, she chose not to because she wanted to become good. So The Doctor tried to rehabilitate her and rekindle their friendship on his terms. Just as she was about to make a breakthrough, Missy joined with her previous incarnation, only to then betray and kill him to join The Doctor, but was killed herself before she could.
Despite this, The Master returned again in a new body, travelling to Gallifrey to learn that its entire history had been”built on a lie” of the Timeless Child. Embittered by this secret, he took revenge on his home-planet, leaving it in ruin. He next turned to plague the Thirteenth Doctor and Team TARDIS, this time working with tech billionaire Daniel Barton and a race called the Kasaavin in a plot to wipe out humanity. His plan was thwarted and he was imprisoned in the Kasaavin’s realm.


The Master grew up on Gallifrey in the House of Oakdown, (Divided Loyalties) though he would later comment to Wilfred Mott that growing up on Gallifrey was not something one could call childhood, but “more a life of duty”. (The End of Time) The name he was born with was unknown and apparently consisted of thirty-two letters. (Lords and Masters)
Like all Time Lords, The Master was taken from his family at the age of eight for the selection process. (A Brief History of Time Lords) During the ceremony in which he gazed into the Time Vortex through the Untempered Schism, he went mad, (The Sound of Drums) due to a rhythm of four beats being implanted into his head. (The End of Time) This malady manifested itself as the constant drumming he heard ever after, worsening with time. (Utopia, The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords)


The Master and the First Doctor became friends on their first day at the Academy, (World Enough and Time) with both being tutored by Borusa, (Masterplan) and the Doctor quickly developing a crush on his new friend, (World Enough and Time) which The Master was partially aware of. (The Bekdel Test) The duo also made a friend in the War Chief on their first day at the Academy. (Divided Loyalties)
Sharing the same heritage and upbringing, (Dominion) The Master developed a strong bond with the Doctor, (The Sea Devils, The Sound of Drums, World Enough and Time) with UNIT scientist Osgood even describing The Master as The Doctor’s “childhood friend”. (Death in Heaven) the Second Doctor recalled that he and the Master had everything in common, except that The Master enjoyed being scared of the dark “a little too much”, (The Menagerie) while the Third Doctor told Jo Grant that the two were “inseparable” due to their shared interests, such as a desire to break the non-interference policy. (Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils) the Twelfth Doctor recalled how he and the Master had a pact to explore every star in the universe together. (World Enough and Time) The Master and the Doctor enjoyed building “time flow analogues” to disrupt each other’s experiments. (The Time Monster)
The two youths would play in the fields near The Master’s father’s estates, with pastures of red grass near Mount Perdition. (The End of Time) they would also sneak out of the Capitol and drink with the Shobogans, (The Eight Doctors) with The Master picking a fight with six drunken Shobogans during one of these outings. (UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce) The Master also taught his friend hypnotism, and would often hypnotise people as a joke, (The Dark Path) but would go unpunished for it, as well as other misdemeanours, always finding a way to avoid his comeuppance. (First Frontier)
During their childhood, The Master and the Doctor were mercilessly and viciously bullied by a boy called Torvic, The Doctor was eventually forced to kill the bully to save his friend’s life. The Doctor was later confronted by the personification of Death, who insisted he become her disciple, but The Doctor refused and suggested Death make The Master her champion instead. Death agreed, and the Doctor subsequently forgot about their deal. (Master)
According to a dream the Fifth Doctor had under the control of the Celestial Toymaker, The Master went by the name “Koschei” at the Academy and belonged to a clique of ten young Time Lords with the collective name of the Deca. (Divided Loyalties) He was also part of the “Gallifrey Academy Hot Five” band, in which he played the drums. (Deadly Reunion) The Master was in charge of organising end of term parties, although the Eighth Doctor later noted that they weren’t very good. (The Glorious Dead)
The Master chose his title while he was beginning to “hone his talents” at the Academy. (The Destination Wars) The Doctor chose his around the same time. The Master felt that the name The Doctor chose was “sanctimonious”, (The Sound of Drums) While The Doctor thought The Master’s new name was a sign of his ambition and arrogance. (The Destination Wars) the Tenth Doctor once stated that it would be a”psychologist’s field day” understanding why he chose to call himself”The Master”. (The Sound of Drums)
Whilst at the Academy, The Doctor and the Master travelled into Gallifrey’s past in search of Valdemar. They found nothing of the Old Ones except for warnings. The Master was fascinated by the power that Valdemar represented, while the Doctor was horrified. (Tomb of Valdemar) The Master also showed a fascination with the Necronomicon. (The Nameless City)
at the Academy, The Master was a”teacher’s pet” and won gold stars, while the Doctor was the class dunce, (Time and Relative) though The Doctor was Borusa’s favourite. Ultimately, The Master did not perform well at the Academy. Despite being better at metabolic control, (Masterplan) and earning a higher degree in cosmic science than The Doctor, (Terror of the Autons) The Doctor’s grades were overall better. Because of this, The Doctor received the prizes and praise that The Master so desperately wanted. The Seventh Doctor theorised that this may have been the cause of the Master’s hatred towards him, (Survival) with Eighth Doctor believing that his jealousy over Borusa was the cause of the Master’s hatred towards him. (Masterplan)
When the Time Lords created the Consolidator to conceal various dangerous historical secrets from the rest of the universe, unwilling to destroy the items or races in the ship in case they proved useful later, The Doctor and the Master were assigned to come up with a solution where their peers had failed. The Master had the idea of using a black hole to tear a rift in time and send the Consolidator into the distant future, where the future Time Lords could deal with it, but The Doctor declined to have his name put down on the calculations as he questioned the ethics of the assignment. However, when the experiment was actually attempted, the Consolidator was apparently destroyed by a mistake in the calculations when it struck the edge of the black hole, leaving the Time Lords to hush the matter up. (Harvest of Time)
As The Doctor grew up, he came to understand that he and his friend were not the same. (Death in Heaven) Following an incident at the Academy in which The Master did not keep his word, he and the Doctor had a falling out, (Last of the Gaderene) eventually leading The Doctor to realise that The Master stood against everything he believed in. (The Destination Wars)
The Master was on an Academy research project when The Doctor was expelled from the Academy. (Divided Loyalties)


Still maintaining a “friend[ship] of sorts”, The Master and the Doctor were pioneers and inventors among their people. (The Destination Wars)
Missy claimed she had a daughter and that, while still on Gallifrey, The Doctor gifted The Master a dark star alloy brooch, after an event which involved his daughter occurred. (The Witch’s Familiar)
On Gallifrey, The Master had the job of truant officer, and he performed his job with punctuality, self-discipline, and meritorious conduct. (Time and Relative) He once attended a ritual in Arcadia where he gave Susan a toy that was actually a disguised communication node that would locate The Doctor if he ever left Gallifrey. (The Toy) Susan was afraid of him. (Time and Relative)


On the day that The Doctor left Gallifrey, The Master was desperate to know where he went. (Celestial Intervention – A Gallifreyan Noir) He used the node he gave Susan to locate The Doctor, but found that the node had established a connection with Nyssa, a companion of the Fifth Doctor. The Master tried to take control of Nyssa but was stopped by the intervention of the Doctor. (The Toy) When retired CIA agent Maris was hired to find The Doctor, The Master, helped by the Rani, used a chronal mine to kidnap her. They interrogated Maris on the whereabouts of the Doctor, and were displeased when she told them she didn’t know. They were about to kill her when her employer extracted her from the area. (Celestial Intervention – A Gallifreyan Noir)
The Master ultimately left Gallifrey on the same day The Doctor did, (The Glorious Dead) in a Type-45 TARDIS, (The Dark Path) that he had also stolen (The Glorious Dead) when the Quadriggers were still working on it. (The Destination Wars) One Time Lord stated that The Master left Gallifrey because, like The Doctor, it was “too peaceful for [him], [with] not enough happening”. (Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon) the Fifth Doctor believed that The Master left Gallifrey because he was also leaving. (The Toy)
According to one account, when The Doctor escaped Gallifrey, The Master was in line for a promotion to Head Truant officer, but his career depended on catching The Doctor and Susan and preventing any violations of the non-interference policy. (Time and Relative)

According to another source, during a period of civil unrest on Gallifrey, The Master led many students of the Time Lord Academy in a revolt against the corrupt Lord President, Pundat the Third, and attempted to recruit The Doctor and convince him to take the position as President, but he decided not to interfere with the current constitution. When Pundat died of stress soon after the revolt, his chosen successor was the evil Chancellor Slann. The students had found the last of Lord Rassilon’s descendants, Lady Larn, a seven-year old child adopted by Councillor Brolin, who was being groomed as a future president. They decided on a second coup, but were overheard by the authorities when trying to convert The Doctor again, and bloody reprisals against the students followed. The Doctor and Larn escaped from Gallifrey after this. Believing the students ready for another coup, The Master assassinated Lord President Slann. However, the students weren’t ready and he took this opportunity to steal a TARDIS and flee Gallifrey as a renegade. (Birth of a Renegade)


Because his TARDIS was broken when he stole it, it fell apart around him almost instantly, stranding The Master on the furthest arm of a galaxy in the “earliest Segments of Time”. He took charge of the planet Destination, becoming its hero. He assumed the title of “the Inventor “, and developed the planet’s technology for his own ends. He pitted the human colonists against the Dalmari, saving them each time, yet urging them to pursue an arms race should they come back. Wanting the colonists to develop nuclear technology, he planned to use the energy to refuel his ship’s engines. When the First Doctor arrived, he changed his plans and tried to steal The Doctor’s TARDIS to escape. He was briefly able to trick Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright into leading him to the ship, but the two were able to work together and overpower The Master, subsequently using the fast return switch to take the TARDIS back to Destination. The Master ultimately became trapped in his own laboratory after The Doctor had rerouted its power to help Destination to rebuild. He told The Master that one day he might come back. (The Destination Wars)
At some point, The Master regenerated for the first time and his new incarnation found himself at the Scoundrels Club during the Great Fire of London. Becoming a member of the club so that he could recover from the regeneration in comfort, The Master organised fireworks on the roof to celebrate the occasion. He visited the Scoundrels Club after each regeneration to recover as a tradition. (Dismemberment) the Seventh Doctor recalled that The Master frequently used regeneration as an effective disguise during his exploits. (Original Sin)


At some point, The Master regenerated into an incarnation with a swarthy complexion, brown eyes, and a goatee beard with white skunk stripes. (Terror of the Autons) He visited the Scoundrels Club to recover from the regeneration in comfort. (Dismemberment)
Having begun calling himself “Koschei”, The Master had a Time Lady named Ailla planted on him by the Celestial Intervention Agency to monitor his unstable obsession with order, Ailla posed as a human so Koschei would take her on as his companion during a stopover in the 28th century. Koschei caught up with the Second Doctor at the Darkheart colony in the early years of the Galactic Federation. The temptation posed by the Darkheart device, capable of altering timelines without causing paradoxes or attracting the attention of various “higher beings”, proved too much for Koschei, and the revelation that Ailla was a spy killed the last traces of good in him, and he became “The Master”. After The Doctor trapped him in a black hole, The Master swore that he would take revenge. (The Dark Path)
The Master penetrated Gallifrey, and gained access to the Matrix via a console in the old Capitol. This gave him a backdoor into the Matrix, which he used to collect classified information for his many devious schemes, (The Quantum Archangel) including the Time Lords’ files on the Doomsday Weapon, (Colony in Space) the Sea Devils, (The Sea Devils) the Chronovores, and the Dæmons. (A Brief History of Time Lords)
The Master then put his TARDIS in orbit of the homeworld of the Archons and made a deal with them that would result in the Archons acquiring The Doctor’s TARDIS for themselves. Posing as “Professor Thascalos”, The Master gave the Necronomicon to The Doctor’s companion Jamie McCrimmon, so that Jamie would give the book to The Doctor and lure the TARDIS to the Archon homeworld. (The Nameless City)
According to one Time Lord, before arriving on Earth, The Master was responsible for several interplanetary wars, but always managed to disappear before he could be brought to justice. Though the Time Lords managed to catch him, The Master escaped before his TARDIS “could be de-energised.” (Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons)


The Master was imprisoned on Shada by the Time Lords at the time when The Doctor was exiled to Earth. However, the Time Lords decided to keep The Doctor busy whilst he was trapped on Earth by releasing The Master. (Prisoners of the Sun)
The Master was present at the first Auton invasion of Earth, and heard about Channing’s attempt to capture the Third Doctor. He contacted journalist James Stevens by phone, whose article he had read in the Daily Chronicle, and told him about the near-kidnapping. He called Stevens again during the Silurian attacks on Wenley Moor, informing Stevens that Edward Masters had been the first to die from the plague sweeping London. Shortly after the Inferno Project incident, The Master once more contacted James Stevens, this time to check up on his work on his UNIT article. He promptly hung up when Stevens mentioned C19 and the Glasshouse. (Who Killed Kennedy)
Under the alias “Emil Keller”, The Master captured a psychic parasite and trapped it within the Keller Machine, and spent many months establishing”Keller” and the machine’s credentials. (The Mind of Evil)
The Master first infiltrated the headquarters of UNIT While the Brigadier and the Doctor had gone to meet with government officials. He hypnotised The Doctor’s assistant, Liz Shaw, and, through her, learnt of the failed Nestene invasion and the awakening of the Silurians. This inspired him to ally himself with the Nestene and to locate more Silurian colonies. (Reconnaissance)


The Master appeared at the International Circus, with his TARDIS in the form of a horse box. He hypnotised the circus troupe and plastic factory manager Rex Farrel to obey his orders as part of his plan to assist the Nestenes in their latest bid to conquer Earth. A Time Lord emissary alerted The Doctor to his rival’s presence on the planet, and before the radio telescope could be used to bring the Nestene invasion force to Earth, The Doctor convinced The Master that the Nestenes would not distinguish between The Master and anyone else in their takeover, and the two worked together to fling the Nestenes back into space by “chang[ing] the polarity” whilst the radio telescope’s transfer shift was still open. Afterwards, The Master fled. The Doctor, however, had already taken his dematerialisation circuit, preventing The Master from leaving Earth in his TARDIS. (Terror of the Autons)

The Master returned again, posing as the scientist who had “developed” the Keller Machine. He used prisoners as a plan to hijack the Thunderbolt, a missile containing nerve gas and use it to destroy the World Peace Conference, which would trigger a nuclear war. The Doctor, with the help of Barnham, stopped The Master with the Keller Machine, and the Doctor reactivated the missile’s abort mechanism. UNIT also destroyed the missile along with the Keller Machine, but The Doctor later discovered he had lost The Master’s dematerialisation circuit in his altercation with The Master. Shortly after, The Master telephoned to let it be known that he had found the circuit and was free now to come and go as he pleased, while the Doctor had to remain in exile. (The Mind of Evil)
Shortly after The Master regained control over his TARDIS, he tried to gain control of a cult so he could harness the power of the Immortals. He convinced the real cult leader, Hadley, that he could serve the cult loyally, by supplying them with sarg. Unfortunately for the Master, Hadley only intended to keep The Master alive while he was still useful. With no other options, The Master formed a temporary truce with the Doctor to stop Hades’ plan. After the crisis was resolved, The Doctor allowed The Master to depart unmolested in the name of their temporary truce. (Deadly Reunion)
The Master brought Axos to Earth, hoping to ally himself with them. Instead, he became the prisoner of Axos, and only escaped by saying that he would help it. The Doctor tricked The Master into thinking he was going to betray Earth. Instead, he trapped The Master with Axos in a time loop. (The Claws of Axos) Posing as an Adjudicator, The Master travelled to a human colony on the planet Uxarieus in the year 2472. There, the Time Lord records indicated he would find the Doomsday Weapon created by a near-extinct native species. Once again The Doctor defeated his plans and the weapon was destroyed. (Colony in Space)

Posing as a vicar named “Victor Magister” in the village of Devil’s End (The Dæmons, Who Killed Kennedy) after murdering the old vicar, (The Eight Doctors) The Master summoned the ancient Dæmon Azal, but he failed to understand the power and control that was necessary following summoning him. Following Azal’s confrontation with Jo Grant’s selflessness, Azal destroyed himself through Jo’s illogical actions. The Master was captured by UNIT following a failed attempt to escape in The Doctor’s car, Bessie. (The Dæmons)


Prior to his trial, The Master was sent to Stangmoor Prison. During his captivity, an army of hypnotised salespeople stormed the facility and attempted to rescue him, but the ploy failed and the Master was sent to another secure holding facility. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Jo were trapped in an extra-universal prison by the Freedom Corporation, so the Brigadier was forced to strike a deal with The Master to save them. But The Master double-crossed him and used time travel technology to regress the Earth backwards in time. However, with help from the Time Lords, The Doctor was freed and was able to stop The Master’s plan and restore everything to normal. (Freedom)
At his trial, the government used The Master as a scapegoat for all the alien attacks which had recently occurred. (Who Killed Kennedy)
The Master was held at Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre. Demanding The Doctor visit him, he engaged The Doctor in conversation, insisting he had changed. However, The Doctor refused to believe him, and the Master reluctantly revealed that he had drawn The Doctor to the facility as part of an escape attempt and that The Doctor was speaking to a hologram. The Master nearly escaped but was stopped by UNIT soldiers accompanying The Doctor, who revealed he had been a hologram as well. (The Man in the Ion Mask)
In another escape attempt, The Master created a device that switched his mind with the Doctor’s. He went to The Doctor’s TARDIS, where he learned that the Time Lords had made the TARDIS ineffective to The Doctor’s piloting. Before returning to his own body, he asked the Brigadier to move him to a new holding facility with a good view, and also encouraged Mike Yates to ask Jo Grant out on a date. (The Switching)
While in custody, with the Doctor on Peladon, (The Curse of Peladon) The Master collaborated with UNIT to prevent an invasion by a fascist version of Earth, travelling with the Brigadier, Ian and Barbara Chesterton to the alternate universe and encountering Koschei, the alternate version of himself. Koschei was imprisoned and tortured by order of the Leader of the Republic of Great Britain. The Master killed his other self, claiming it was an act of mercy. Before he was imprisoned by UNIT again, The Master hid his TARDIS back in the church crypt in Devil’s End. (The Face of the Enemy)

The Master was imprisoned inside a castle prison on Fortress Island as the only prisoner. The Master convinced his jailer, Colonel George Trenchard, to help him steal electronic parts from HMS Seaspite, telling Trenchard that this was intended as a lure for enemy agents. With these parts, The Master instead made contact with the reptilian Sea Devils, an aquatic species similar to the land-dwelling Silurians, and planned to cause a war between humans and Sea Devils, making the Sea Devils rulers of Earth again. Because the reactivation machinery of the Sea Devils’ hibernation units deteriorated during millions of years of hibernation, The Master saw it necessary to construct a sonar device to awaken the remaining reptiles.
The Master captured The Doctor and forced him to help create this device, but to prevent the device from reactivating further Sea Devil bases and stop the war, The Doctor blew up the Sea Devil base by reversing the device’s polarity, creating a massive reverse feedback. The Master escaped in a hovercraft when the officer guarding him, CPO Myers, was hypnotised and framed as The Master’s corpse, (The Sea Devils) and the Master returned to the church crypt in Devil’s End to retrieve his TARDIS. (The Eight Doctors)


Sometime after his escape, The Master took control of the Glasshouse, a facility for traumatised UNIT soldiers, taking particular control of Private Francis Cleary. He planned to use a Time Ring to have Cleary go to 1963 to prevent the Kennedy assassination, thereby altering Earth’s history to make it more vulnerable to invasion. The plan failed. (Who Killed Kennedy)
On another occasion, The Master made a deal with the Odobenidans to help them invade Earth, but accidentally trapped both them and himself in a time loop whilst undertaking some temporal mechanics on their behalf. He was trapped in the time loop beneath Greece for months. The Doctor, sent to Greece by the Time Lords to deal with the time loop, released The Master and foiled his plan. (The Seismologist’s Story)
The Master discovered the mind parasite known as the Nurazh on a desolate planet. Weakened, the creature failed to take control of him, and begged him to take it off the planet. The Master agreed, taking it to the UNIT hospital Kenstone Hall, where he planned to have it take control of the invalids, healing their injuries in the process, in order to give him an army of brainwashed slaves. The Nurazh, secretly planning to devour the Earth, eventually turned on The Master, who was last seen ducking into his TARDIS after releasing Jo Grant from the Nurazh’ s control. (The Touch of the Nurazh)
After being double-crossed by the Voords, (The Quantum Archangel) The Master posed as “Professor Carl Thascalos” and constructed a machine known as TOMTIT at Cambridge’s Newton Institute to summon the ancient chronovore Kronos, whom he wished to control. He hypnotised the institute’s director, Dr Charles Percival, but accidentally killed him by releasing Kronos from the Crystal of Kronos. The Master summoned the Atlantean priest Krasis for instructions on how to control Kronos While meddling with the flow of time to obstruct The Doctor from getting in his way.
After knocking out Sergeant Benton, The Master retreated to his TARDIS, but The Doctor tried to trap him in a time lock using his own TARDIS, accidentally creating a space loop when both TARDISes were materialised within the other. When the TARDISes were separated during their negotiations, The Master ejected The Doctor into space, but The Doctor survived by using the telepathic circuit of his TARDIS to help Jo return him to safety.
The Master travelled to ancient Atlantis and failed to hypnotise King Dalios, who easily resisted his influence. Confronting The Doctor there, The Master tried to manipulate Queen Galleia into betraying her husband, since she had taken a romantic liking in his charm compared to Dalios’ dull personality. Galleia, however, was enraged when The Master caused Dalios to die in the coup they staged in Atlantis. Before he was arrested, The Master commanded Krasis to use the Crystal of Kronos housed in Atlantis and brought forth Kronos, who destroyed the entire civilisation.
Fleeing Atlantis with Jo as his hostage, and with Kronos under his control, The Master was in a position to cast destruction unto the entire cosmos, however, The Doctor threatened to time ram The Master’s TARDIS with his own, which would take everyone’s lives in the process if he did not give up his plans for chaos. The Master did not believe The Doctor would earnestly carry out his warning because he knew endangering Jo’s life was not an option for him. In response to The Doctor’s hesitation, Jo tried to complete the time ram before The Master could release Kronos again. Instead, Kronos spared everyone from death, and captured The Master for the crime of trying to control it, but allowed him to go free at the request of the Doctor. (The Time Monster)
The Master set up a talent show called Make a Star, based on the anagram”AKA MASTER”, which he used to disrupt the timeline by making the contestants cover songs that weren’t yet written. He intended to use the relatively minor disruption caused to allow him to take control of Earth, but this plan was foiled by the Third Doctor and Jo Grant. (Hidden Talent)
Following The Doctor’s TARDIS to 25 December 2006, The Master learnt that the Earth was being invaded by the Sycorax, whom he intended to ally with so he could enslave the planet himself. Arriving at 48 Bucknall House at the Powell Estate, The Master was trapped by tinsel controlled by the Roboforms after stepping out of his TARDIS. After an hour listening to The Twelve Days of Christmas played by a broken snowman ornament, The Master was found by The Doctor, Jo, Yates and Jackie Tyler. Deeming that The Master had suffered enough, The Doctor set him free to take his leave in his TARDIS. (The Christmas Inversion)
The Master planned to release a fog in Tadcaster by using Sarkan mist-flowers to generate a fog that would engulf the Earth in a dense fog. Attempting to catch up with The Master, The Doctor commandeered a pier train that crashed into The Master and the mist-flowers, sending all of them into the ocean, where the flowers were destroyed and the Master disappeared. (Fogbound)
Reappearing again, The Master took control of the Brigadier’s mind and instructed him to kill The Doctor. However, the Brigadier attacked The Master, but he escaped, restoring the Brigadier to his senses. (Smash Hit)


The Master travelled to the Land of Fiction, where he intended to steal an advanced piece of technology from the Land, and defeated Professor Moriarty, (Character Assassin) and became involved in “a galactic fracas” relating to “a number of large tortoises”. The Doctor and Jo put a stop to this scheme. (The Last Fairy Tale) He attended Bonjaxx’s birthday party at Maruthea. When a fight broke out, The Master was seen crouching to avoid the confrontation, evidently annoyed. (Party Animals)
The Master used time-displaced Scottish warriors to seize a nuclear submarine and threaten Britain with obliteration if he wasn’t given The Doctor’s TARDIS, he ended up temporarily trapped in the 18th century. (The Glen of Sleeping)

For a short while, The Master adopted the identity of “Duke Dominus”, a gangster on early 20th century Earth, but his plan was foiled by the Fourth Doctor without either realising the others’ involvement. (The Duke of Dominoes)
The Master travelled to a Sontaran-occupied planet and convinced several of the locals that he was a deity. This would form a new sect of proud, beard-toting column-worshipping Sontarans, which would decades later lead to the destruction of the entire planet by Sontaran command. The Master left decades before this, delighted simply by the idea of the chaos he had created. (The Judas Goatee)
Having had enough of Earth, and having other plans to set in motion on Skaro, The Master employed the assistance of a being called Verdigris to impersonate him. (Verdigris) On Skaro, The Master forged an alliance with the Daleks, acting as their agent to provoke warfare between the Earth Empire and the Draconian Empire in the 26th century. To achieve this, he employed a force of Ogrons who, through the use of hypnosound, made themselves appear human or Draconian, thus provoking the other side. When The Doctor revealed the true perpetrators, the plot was abandoned. (Frontier in Space)


According to one account, some time after his alliance with the Daleks against the Draconians fell through, The Master used files he had uncovered from the Daleks to go undercover on Earth following the 22nd century Dalek invasion, seeking a matter transmuter the Daleks had built during the course of the invasion in their base DA-17. As his scheme took a while to mature, The Master decided to stave off boredom by meddling in local politics under the name of “Estro”. Making himself the trusted advisor of Lord Haldoran, he schemed to create a war between Haldoran’s forces and Lord London’s.
As he finally prepared to seize the matter transmuter, he found that Susan Foreman, who had been living on Earth for thirty years with her husband David Campbell, had gotten there before him and was trying to destroy the device. Though he failed to recognise her as The Doctor’s granddaughter, he got the impression that she was at least one of the Doctor’s former companions, and took her with him as a hostage back to his TARDIS. During a confrontation with the Eighth Doctor, who was foiling the Daleks’ plan and discovered The Master’s presence in the process, he shot at The Doctor, but instead hit David, who threw himself in front of the Doctor to save him and died.
The matter transmuter still in hand, The Master fled in his TARDIS, and took Susan with him, still unaware of her Gallifreyan heritage. As his TARDIS materialised on Tersurus, Susan awoke from her shock-induced torpor and, with her mental abilities amplified by telepathic circuits of the Master’s TARDIS, used her telepathy to focus all of her hatred and grief into a force that “burned away” at The Master’s mind, chipping away at his personality until she revealed the “utterly unrepentant, inhuman core of it “. Though reduced to a”trembling creature” by the experience, The Master did not lose his force of will nor his hatred for The Doctor, focusing the former on the latter and thereby hanging on to consciousness and a semblance of sanity.
Believing she had weakened him into harmlessness, Susan forced The Master out onto Tersurus’s surface, planning to strand him there. Having seized the Tissue Compression Eliminator, she planned to use it to destroy the Daleks’ matter transmuter. The Master furiously clung to the device, refusing to let go even when she warned him that she would shoot it whether or not he was still holding it, and ended up doing so. The blast that resulted from the TCE hitting the matter transmuter nearly killed The Master and left his body as deformed as his mind. Susan knew that the matter transmuter’s nature, combined with The Master’s weakened mind, left him in no state to regenerate. Believing him dead, Susan departed in his TARDIS.
Susan’s use of his TARDIS, however, alerted the Time Lords to The Master’s presence on Tersurus, as Susan, in fear that The Master had programmed them to kill anyone other than him trying to pilot the ship, had switched off the TT capsule’s defence systems. Investigating the materialisation of an unauthorised TARDIS, the Time Lord Chancellor Goth arrived on Tersurus, where he found The Master in a wasted condition – that of a decaying animated corpse. The Master sensed that Goth wished for power and offered it to him, whilst Goth, seeing The Master as a dying “creature”, thought he could control The Master for his own means. (Legacy of the Daleks)

According to another account, The Master decided to return to Earth after the affair with the Daleks and the Draconians and detected a massive discharge of temporal energy. He watched as the Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS exploded (Doorway to Hell) in 1972 after it was overloaded by its efforts to rewrite a mutated plague. (The Pestilent Heart) The Master wrongly speculated this was the cause of the Doctor’s third regeneration. (Doorway to Hell) When The Doctor moved in with Jess Collins’ family in Brixton and brought the TARDIS into the back garden to repair itself, (Moving In) The Master plotted to use the artron energy given off by the regenerating TARDIS that now lay in the bodies of the Collins family to create a portal to a time locked dimension he learnt about in the Dalek databanks. When the TARDIS had healed in 1973, The Master utilised the efforts of Katya Dabrowski to bring the Collins family to an apartment in central London, while creating a diversion for the Twelfth Doctor in Barking with glass mosquito creatures. Warning the Collins family that The Doctor was a dangerous and deceitful alien, The Master tricked them into being scanned for damage, when he actually used them to create a portal to the dimension which they were also sent through. The Master also stole The Doctor’s TARDIS and had the Doctor escorted from the Collins family’s home to The Master’s apartment. The Master linked The Doctor’s TARDIS to his own, in order to aid The Doctor through the time lock, so he could be reunited with the Collins family. The Master had Katya accompany The Doctor there.
Travelling to the locked dimension, The Master met Kiadine, a being who once split the chronon. The Time Lords locked him away for this, and he hated them for it ever since. He gave The Master his powers so that he would conquer Gallifrey on his behalf. His exposure to the chronon storm gave him god-like powers, and he began to fight with the Doctor for mastery of them. The Master fired one final attack as The Doctor stood arm in arm with the Collins family, and found that his attack had been repelled back at him with the same artron energy in the bodies of the Collins family that had brought The Master to the dimension. Though battered from the attack, The Master was able to escape in his TARDIS and regenerated While declaring his intent of revenge on The Doctor. (Doorway to Hell) Shortly after his regeneration, the new Master visited the Scoundrels Club to recover. (Dismemberment)


The Master eventually regenerated into his thirteenth incarnation at an accelerated rate due to living a life “more rackety than The Doctor’s” (A Brief History of Time Lords) that had constant pressure and danger, in addition to using some bodies as disguises. (Doctor Who and the Deadly Assassin) Soon after regenerating, he travelled to the Scoundrels Club to recover from the regeneration process. (Dismemberment)


The Master arrived on a Time Lord base on Tersurus with the intention of infiltrating their database. There, he encountered a future version of himself, who burned his body, leaving him a fraction above death. The future Master then signaled Gallifrey for Goth to arrive. Before Goth could arrive, the Cult of the Heretic switched The Master’s mind with that of his future self. (The Two Masters) while he remembered being in great pain, the process left gaps in The Master’s memory. He returned to a prison in the south of England, where a former incarnation had lured a Carmentine Mind Leach. He set up the Dominus Institute in order to lure The Doctor to him, planning to absorb his intellect. The Sixth Doctor made a deal with the mind leech, one which had the leech only take The Doctor’s short term memory. This was enough to sustain The Master, but ruined his overall plans. The Master fled from the prison in his TARDIS. (Vampire of the Mind)
Regaining his memory of what had happened to him, the “Decayed” Master hired the Transhuman Sisters of the Unholy Protocol and the Dragonhunters to kill his future self. The act of having a Time Lord inhabiting the body of his past self led to the universe beginning to break down. Realising this, the Seventh Doctor encountered both of the Masters and and persuaded them to return to their rightful bodies. Abandoning The Doctor on a ship that was set to crash into a hypergate, the two Masters stole his TARDIS and helped them get back into the right bodies.
The two Masters then returned to the Cult’s headquarters and killed all of the members. They then plotted to use the anomaly cage to remake reality in their image, but were stopped by The Doctor, who had escaped the crash in The Master’s TARDIS. The Doctor then used the cage to restore the universe, leaving it practically unchanged by its regeneration, apart from erasing The Masters’ memories of the events and sending them back to their proper points in history. After this, history was allowed to run its normal course, and Goth collected the “Decayed” Master and took him to Gallifrey. (The Two Masters)


Whilst on Gallifrey, The Master made Goth, in line for the position of Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords, into his slave, continuing to promise him power until Goth could no longer fight his mental dominance. The Master also took over the Matrix, and realised that the Eye of Harmony resided beneath the Panopticon. He believed he could use the Sash of Rassilon to protect himself from the raw power of the Eye and channel that energy to renew himself.
With a telepathic summons and a vision of the future created by the Matrix, The Master lured the Fourth Doctor to Gallifrey, seemingly to prevent the murder of the then-serving Lord President. The Doctor failed and ended up on trial for the President’s murder.
After Goth died, The Doctor defeated The Master in physical combat and, as a result, The Master fell into a crevice created by a localised earthquake. He gained access to his TARDIS in the confusion and escaped, (The Deadly Assassin) having been able to convert the energy from the Eye of Harmony and partially heal himself. (Trail of the White Worm)


The Master followed The Doctor’s TARDIS from Gallifrey, but was knocked off course passing through the transduction barrier and landed in London during the 1890s. (Masterpiece) He asked the locals if he could speak to someone in authority, and Inspector Quick was the first on the scene. The Master wasted no time in hypnotising Quick for his goals, (The Museum of Curiosities) giving him several tasks to carry out on his behalf. (Jago &, Son)
The Master walked the streets of London, concealing himself with a mask and walking with a cane. He spoke to Maurice Ravel, interested in a watch he carried with the Prydonian Seal on it. The Master later learned that Jago and Litefoot were The Doctor’s contacts in the time period, and intended to visit them. (Maurice) The Master had Quick bring him a sample of Jago and Litefoot’s DNA, planning to poison them so that they would summon The Doctor to help them. (The Woman in White)
As he became more frail, The Master planned to use The Doctor’s artron energy in order to heal his form. He travelled to the Red Tavern and spoke to Ellie Higson, hypnotising her so that he could learn of Jago and Litefoot, and reverted her metabolism to its natural state, causing her to lose control of her vampiric hunger. Jago and Litefoot learned of the location of the Master’s lair with the help of Madame Sosostris and encountered The Master there. Sosostris’ assistant revealed himself to be the Sixth Doctor. The Master activated a machine to drain the life energy of Jago and Litefoot, before absorbing The Doctor’s artron energy. The Doctor reversed the flow of the machine and the Master’s life began to be drained. After The Doctor smashed his equipment, The Master slipped into his TARDIS and escaped. (Masterpiece)


With his TARDIS still in the form of a clock, The Master attempted to steal Iris Wildthyme’s body, (The Scarlet Shadow) and was captured by the Sild. (Harvest of Time)
Still looking a little “putrescent”, (The Abominable Showmen) the “Decayed” Master was greeted by a female incarnation of himself known as “Missy”, who had developed a plan to form a band to hypnotise viewers of the Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars. His next incarnation, an incarnation possessing the body of a man named Bruce and an incarnation going by the name “Saxon” all joined in the plan, and the team spent”decades” practicing. (The Five Masters) After unveiling their presence to the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, (The Abominable Showmen) The Masters prepared for their performance. However, the “Tremas ” Master began to fight with Missy over the control of her device, believing that he alone could hold the universe in his grasp. The “Decayed” Master joined in the struggle, declaring that his future selves were idiots. The five were quickly disqualified, seemingly destroying them. (The Five Masters)


The Master plotted to capture the Z-battery that the Third Doctor left on Earth to repair his TARDIS during his exile. The Master’s plan was to use the Z-radiation within the battery, combined with the O-radiation which permeated Oseidon, to create powerful ZO-radiation which The Master could use to renew himself. For his plot, The Master entered into an alliance with the Kraals, and created two robot duplicates, one to pose as Kraal Chief Scientist Tyngworg, (The Oseidon Adventure) and a second to search for genetically engineered alien worm in Derbyshire. In Derbyshire, he spent his time living underneath Hugh Spindleton’s house. He offered Leela to the worm, but the worm didn’t want to eat her. Knowing that The Doctor was near, he advanced his plans and wanted to capture him. He mused why the worm wanted The Doctor. He activated the worm by generating a lightning storm. (Trail of the White Worm)
The Master wanted to kill The Doctor with his TCE. He was arrested by Grimnal, but rescued by Leela, and they both went to Oseidon. The duplicate that stayed on Oseidon destroyed the one from Earth. The Doctor defeated The Master by using a Master android duplicate that he had constructed to kidnap the real Master, and take him away in his own TARDIS before his plan could be fulfilled. (The Oseidon Adventure)
The Master then posed as Inspector Efendi of the Intergalactic insurance agency so that he could find spaceships full of gold bullion. He then employed the Salonu to steal this gold, which attracted the attention of the Doctor and Leela to investigate. The Master then used the telepathic abilities of the Salonu to influence Leela into thinking that she was The Master’s assassin and that he was the great Xoanon who desired the death of the Doctor. The Salonu Prime, with the help of the Doctor, noticed The Master’s influence and undid the conditioning. (The Evil One)
Shandar of the Rocket Men invited The Master on his ship the Asteroid, where The Master saw The Doctor was Shandar’s prisoner. When he confronted The Doctor, The Master used his Tissue Compression Eliminator on him, and apparently killed him, but he realised he had only destroyed a duplicate. The real Doctor was in fact pretending to be Oskin, and used that guise to bring down the force field around the ship, and used K9 Mark I to stall The Master’s TARDIS once it had passed the force field so that the slaves on board the Asteroid could be freed. The Master overrode K9’s tampering and kidnapped Leela after she had left The Doctor. (Requiem for the Rocket Men)
Charming the participants’ owners with fine dining, The Master became the huntmaster of the Death Match, and used Leela as his champion. The Master said all that he was doing was reviving an old Gallifreyan past-time and sent The Doctor into the Game. He then set the endgame protocols which meant every contestant had an hour to live. Kastrella worked out that his plan was to wipe out the heads of major armies using his game to do this. He indulged her in killing all her rivals. After The Doctor reversed the command Matrix, he was to be killed as part of the endgame and would only live if he killed Kastrella. (Death Match)
The Master attempted to rend asunder the constellation of Mandus using a segment of the Key to Time, but was defeated by The Doctor. (Cold Fusion) On Kendrax, The Master attempted to ally himself with the Daleks and the Cybermen, but his plan was foiled by Romana II. (Special Occasions: 1. The Not-So-Sinister Spong) He also entered a pact with the Embodiment of Gris, but found himself again bested by The Doctor. (Cold Fusion)


The Master was drawn to and became stranded on the planet Traken, the centre of the Traken Union, in a TARDIS configured into the sculpture-shaped Melkur. He plotted to take over the Source also located on the planet Traken, the power behind the Traken Union, and use it to restore himself. To this end, over a period of years, he won over Kassia, who later married Tremas and became a stepmother to Nyssa. His plans were thwarted by The Doctor and Adric when the Keeper of Traken summoned them, having sensed something of his machinations. With the help of Tremas and Nyssa, The Doctor removed The Master from the Source. However, with some of the Keeper’s powers lingering, The Master was able to merge with Tremas, (The Keeper of Traken) regenerating himself into a new body. (The Light at the End)


After he visited the Scoundrels Club to recover from changing bodies in comfort, (Dismemberment) The Master trapped The Doctor’s TARDIS in a gravity bubble, and killed Tegan Jovanka’s aunt Vanessa and a police constable with his Tissue Compression Eliminator. He then went to Logopolis, where he pretended to be Tremas to gain Nyssa’s cooperation, giving her a bracelet that allowed him to control her arm. Using her as a hostage, he perverted the Block Transfer Computations and held the planet for ransom until its secret was revealed. This made the causal nexus unravel and also broke the Logopolitans’ blockade of entropy, allowing it to swallow several galaxies, including the entire Traken Union.
The entropy wave was so threatening that The Master agreed to work with the Fourth Doctor to stop it. They travelled to the Pharos Project on Earth to do so, using the last theorem of Logopolis to reopen Charged Vacuum Emboitments. His true plan was revealed however when he sent a message to the peoples of the universe that he would stop the entropy only if they submitted to his rule. While The Doctor stopped The Master’s signal to shut down the CVE that would halt the entropy wave, The Master caused him to fall off the Pharos Project’s radio telescope and regenerate, allowing The Master to escape. (Logopolis)


As the Fifth Doctor made his leave in the TARDIS, The Master reappeared and kidnapped Adric and held him in a hadron web to make him a part of his TARDIS. Using a projection of Adric, The Master sent The Doctor’s TARDIS hurtling to destruction at Event One, but The Doctor saved his TARDIS through the Architectural Configuration. The Master used Adric’s block transfer computations to create Castrovalva in the Andromeda Galaxy, where The Doctor would recover from his regeneration. He escaped from the recursion trap and tried to kill The Doctor, but was attacked by the enraged citizens, with the city itself due to collapse. (Castrovalva)
The Master remained trapped in Castrovalva for some time, but was able to find a way to project himself in England in the 1920s. In an attempt to capture and kill The Doctor and his companions and escape Castrovalva, The Master manipulated Harry Houdini to send a psionic distress call to his old friend. When The Doctor answered the call, Houdini claimed that he needed help to stop a fortune teller. However, when The Master’s plan was uncovered, The Doctor managed to stop his revenge plan. (Smoke and Mirrors)
The Master eventually escaped from Castrovalva, (Time-Flight) but in the attempt, it caused damage to the dynamorphic generators, making it difficult to continue piloting his TARDIS. (The Quantum Archangel) He travelled to Earth in 140, 000, 000 BC, where he disguised himself as the magician Kalid, hoping to use the Xeraphin gestalt to replace his dynamorphic generators. He brought two Concordes to his Citadel via a time contour. The second held The Doctor, his TARDIS and companions. He originally planned to use the captured passengers to break into the Sanctum and take control of the Xeraphin and add him to his TARDIS, but then he acquired The Doctor’s TARDIS in a trade with him for a part The Doctor needed for his own TARDIS. The Xeraphin contacted Nyssa and let Tegan and her enter the Citadel, where The Master revealed his true form. The Master held the passengers hostage for parts from The Doctor’s TARDIS. The second Concorde was returned to its own time and the Master ended up on Xeriphas with the freed and angry Xeraphin. (Time-Flight)
On Xeriphas, The Master found and acquired Kamelion, a shape-changing android that could be easily controlled by a strong mind. Managing to elude Xeraphin, The Master escaped to England in 1215. (The King’s Demons) Killing the French knight “Sir Giles Estram” to assume his identity, (Sanctuary) The Master made Kamelion impersonate John of England to prevent the signing of Magna Carta. However, the arrival of the Doctor, Tegan and Vislor Turlough caused interference with his plans. After The Doctor defeated him in, first, a sword-fight and then a mental battle of wits over the command of Kamelion, The Master fled in his TARDIS. (The King’s Demons)

When the High Council of the Time Lords discovered that the first five incarnations of the Doctor had been time scooped and taken into the Death Zone on Gallifrey, they asked The Master for help and offered him a new cycle of regenerations as a bargaining tool. He agreed and was given a copy of the Seal of the High Council by the Castellan to prove his credentials. However, the Third Doctor did not believe The Master and blamed him for their being there, taking the seal from him on the pretense that he would return the “stolen property” to the High Council.
The Master soon after encountered the Fifth Doctor, who also had trouble believing him, especially when he claimed that the Third Doctor had taken his only proof. Before he could further attempt to gain his trust, however, a group of Cybermen ambushed them, The Doctor using The Master’s recall device to escape and meet with the High Council when The Master was knocked out. Upon waking up, he formed a temporary alliance with the Cybermen to guide them to the Dark Tower, although it was clear they would kill him once he was no further use. After he let the Tower’s traps slaughter the Cybermen, he hinted to the First Doctor how to get past security, but then grew power-hungry at the mention of immortality, and prepared to kill the first three incarnations of the Doctor, still angry at the Third Doctor for refusing his help when he was genuinely there to lend assistance. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart knocked him unconscious and Sarah Jane Smith and Tegan Jovanka bound him with rope. After Borusa was encased in Rassilon’s tomb, Rassilon sent The Master back to his own time, promising that “his sins [would] find their punishment in due time”. (The Five Doctors)
For failing to help The Doctor in the Death Zone, the Time Lords destroyed his body. In an attempt to trap The Doctor, and steal his remaining regenerations, The Master faked his own death, ensuring The Doctor would attend the funeral at the nursing home where he supposedly spent his final days. But The Doctor was saved by Turlough, and the Master’s plan was foiled yet again. The Master was, however, able to steal some energy from one of the Doctor’s previous incarnations, giving him back his form once more. (The Velvet Dark)
The Master arrived in Camelot just after the coronation of King Arthur, and became the new Merlin after the old one died. He planned to make Arthur believe Mordred was dead so Mordred would grow up to kill Arthur at the battle of Camlan. When The Master saw that The Doctor and Tegan had arrived, he left the court and hurried to his TARDIS to retreat, while the Doctor suggested Arthur create the Knights of the Round Table to prepare for when Mordred came. (The Creation of Camelot)
The Master developed a more powerful version of the Tissue Compression Eliminator and accidentally shrank himself and his lab, without the ill effect of death. Using a device to boost his telepathy, The Master made contact with Kamelion once more, directing him to use The Doctor’s TARDIS to land on Sarn. With Kamelion acting as his physical proxy, The Master had him pretend to be the locals’ god and order The Doctor’s death. When this failed, he had Kamelion take the small box his lab had become and take it to the lab on Sarn that used Numismaton Gas, hoping it could restore him.
As The Master stood in a gas vent and returned to normal size, The Doctor used the gas to apparently burn him to death. (Planet of Fire) However, the Numismaton Gas increased the power of the Source of Traken still remaining in The Master’s body, enabling The Master to survive. (The Quantum Archangel) Horrifically burned, The Master went in search of the Fountain of Youth to restore himself. (A Town Called Eternity)
Using his link to Kamelion, The Master attempted to psychically interfere with the Doctor’s fifth regeneration, (Winter) urging The Doctor to die from the spectrox toxaemia poisoning in the TARDIS, (The Caves of Androzani) but was foiled by Nyssa. (Winter)


The Master allied with his old Academy classmate, the Rani, in Killingworth against the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown, The Master hoped to hasten the advancement of Earth’s technology for his own nefarious reasons, while the Rani wanted the brain chemical that induced sleep in humans. The Doctor trapped The Master and the Rani in The Rani’s TARDIS, which The Doctor had sabotaged, with the time spillage putting them in danger of being eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex. (The Mark of the Rani) The Master separated The Rani’s console room from the rest of her TARDIS, freeing himself While leaving The Rani to drift aimlessly through the vortex. (State of Change)
Recovering his own TARDIS and learning of the Valeyard, The Master materialised in the Matrix and observed The Doctor’s trial on Space Station Zenobia while examining the Matrix footage himself to see what was tampered with. Learning that The Valeyard was an “amalgamation of the darker side of [The Doctor’s] nature”, The Master decided that The Valeyard was a threat to himself and rescued The Doctor by supplying The Doctor with witnesses in the form of Melanie Bush and Sabalom Glitz, and revealing himself to the court as a surprise witness. Using Glitz as a tool, The Master tried to steal secrets from the Matrix, but was beaten by The Valeyard, and imprisoned in the Matrix by a limbo atrophier with Glitz. (The Ultimate Foe) The Time Lords released The Master and Glitz from the Matrix, whereupon The Master killed the technicians and fled in his TARDIS. (Mission: Impractical) After escaping, The Master could regenerate his body because the Source of Traken still existed within him. (The Quantum Archangel)
After escaping from an unsuccessful alliance with the Krotons, The Master was attacked by the Chronovores looking for revenge for his torture of Kronos, and discovered that the last remnants of the Source of Traken were fading, reducing him to his previous cadaverous form. The Master devised a plan to destroy the Chronovores and achieve omnipotence by trying to access the Lux Aeterna using the son of TOMTIT, the TITAN Array. He stole the equipment and used it on a woman he hypnotised, Anjeliqua Whitefriar, expecting it to destroy her before he used it. However, she absorbed the Lux Aeterna, achieved omnipotence and became the Quantum Archangel.
Using her power, she filled the universe with too many alternate timelines, leading the Chronovores to feast upon them, eventually leading to the end of the universe. The Master and the Doctor teamed up to rectify The Master’s mistake by defeating the Quantum Archangel. They discovered that the Quantum Archangel had allied itself with the Mad Mind of Bophemeral so it could have infinite knowledge of the Universe. The Doctor and the Master encountered Kronos, who claimed to have been the one who attacked The Master’s TARDIS, so he would come up with his plan, and would eventually lead to The Master’s destruction as well as allowing Anjeliqua to survive, causing Kronos’ plan for revenge to go wrong. They succeeded by draining the Lux Aeterna out of her, although not before The Master escaped using the TITAN equipment to harness the Lux Aeterna to restore his Trakenite body. (The Quantum Archangel)
At some point, The Master discovered the Parallel Sect, where he possessed the body of Keith Potter, wanting to dominate the dimensional nexus. He found The Valeyard, and encountered The Doctor and Constance Clarke. After The Doctor defeated him, The Master was confronted by The Valeyard, who threatened him, forcing The Master to both leave the nexus and never return and to leave The Doctor alone, as The Valeyard had a plan to deal with him. (The End of the Line)


The Master was greeted by a female incarnation of himself known as “Missy”, who had developed a plan to form a band to hypnotise viewers of the Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars. His previous incarnation, an incarnation possessing the body of a man known as Bruce and an incarnation who went by the name”Saxon” all joined in the plan, and the team spent”decades” practising. (The Five Masters) After unveiling their presence to the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, (The Abominable Showmen) The Masters prepared for their performance. However, the “Tremas ” Master began to fight with Missy over the possession of her device, believing that he alone could hold the universe in his grasp. The other incarnations joined in the fight, and the five were eventually disqualified, seemingly destroying them. (The Five Masters)


After meeting Adam Mitchell, a companion who had betrayed the Ninth Doctor, The Master began working to help him take revenge on their common enemy. (The Choice) Together, they set up an asylum in 7214 with Autons as staff as a trap for the Sixth Doctor, Peri and Frobisher. The Doctor broke out of his cell thanks to Peri and Frobisher and melted the Autons. The Master escaped by tripping up The Doctor, leaving Adam to capture Peri. (Façades)
Using a group of Aeroliths to further his alliance, The Master syphoned their life force, to transmit to Adam, using a Gulwort. However, when they were freed by the Seventh Doctor, they chased after him. (Cat and Mouse) After being tortured by the Aeroliths, The Master escaped, and, reunited with Adam, encountering the Eleventh Doctor. Discouraging Adam from listening to The Doctor, The Master watched in satisfaction as Adam prepared to kill the captured companions, (The Choice) but was prevented when The Doctor summoned his earlier incarnations and revealed that he had arranged for Frobisher to infiltrate the plan by allowing himself to be captured While posing as Peri.
The Master and Adam released an Auton army, but The Doctors were able to keep them occupied long enough for Frobisher to release the other companions as reinforcements. However, unbeknownst to Adam, The Master planned to destroy reality itself, using the merged TARDIS that brought The Doctors there to channel chronon energy in a massive backlash that would unmake history. Convinced by The Doctors, Adam stunned him, but The Master stabbed him with a hidden knife. The injured Adam managed to foil The Master’s plan but died in the attempt. The Master, still pleased by his role within all the chaos, teleported away. (Endgame)


After trying to start a war between Antari Two and Antari Three, (First Frontier) The Master went to the Cheetah World, where he took control of the Cheetah People and the kitlings. (Survival)
The Master used the Cheetah People to ambush the Seventh Doctor and Ace by kidnapping some friends of the Doctor, but he was entombed in an avalanche caused by The Doctor when he came to save his friends. (Dr. Seventh)
As exposure to the planet began changing The Master into a Cheetah Person, he sent the kitlings to Ace’s home in the London suburb of Perivale to hunt for human recruits. Eventually, he found a pliable young man called Midge and used him to escape. Using Midge as his “hunting dog”, The Master recruited a gang of Perivale youths to defeat The Doctor and Ace. The Master killed Midge and teleported The Doctor to the Cheetah World, which had begun to break up. The Doctor escaped, but The Master was trapped on the dying world. (Survival)


How exactly The Master escaped the Cheetah World and what occurred next was a matter of debate.
The Master was seen multiple times after somehow escaping the Cheetah World, still in Tremas’s body and infected by the Cheetah Virus. (Stop the Pigeon, Prime Time) However, he himself contradictorily claimed that he was immediately stranded on Earth after escaping, and was then was cured by Tzun nanites and regenerated. (First Frontier)
No longer infected by the virus, The Master either lost Tremas’s body and reverted to his previous cadaverous form, (Dust Breeding) or regenerated into a new body. (First Frontier) Ultimately, however, he was once again in a stolen body by the time of his execution on Skaro. (The Eight Doctors)


In the year 2067, The Master tried to stave off the effects of the Cheetah virus by posing as a”Dr Howard Chithros” and draining the life from his elderly patients. (Stop the Pigeon)
The Master attempted to gain a new body from a legendary race known as the Fleshsmiths, claiming that the Cheetah virus would kill his Trakenite body within a year, but his plan was stopped by The Doctor, who ejected the new body from the Fleshsmith vessel into space. (Prime Time)
No longer affected by the Cheetah virus, and wanting to find a way to survive beyond his final regeneration, The Master tried to steal the body of a mouse-turned-boy named Callum, but his plan was foiled by The Doctor. (Omegamorphosis)
Looking much older with greying hair, The Master captured the first seven incarnations of the Doctor and put them into a void called the Determinant. However, the Graak successfully freed The Doctors and the Master was captured and imprisoned by one of the races involved in his game. (Destiny of the Doctors)
On a desert planet on the fringes of Mutter’s Spiral, The Master obtained and swallowed a Deathworm Morphant from the Morgs. He then surrendered himself to the Daleks. (The Eight Doctors) According to this account, The Master was then tried and executed by the Daleks, making a request for The Doctor to return his remains to Gallifrey, only to use the Deathworm Morphant to take The Doctor’s TARDIS to 1999 San Francisco, where he possessed the body of an ambulance driver. (The TV Movie)


According to one account, The Master became trapped on Earth without his TARDIS in the year 1957 after escaping the destruction of the Cheetah Planet by using a kitling named Shadow to transmigrate just as the planet exploded.
The Master interrupted the first Soviet satellite launch and sent a distress signal to the Tzun Canton on Zeta Reticuli Four. He offered to help assimilate Earth into the Tzun Confederacy. In return, The Master asked for passage off Earth and the use of the Tzun’s genetic engineering to cure his Cheetah virus infection. The Tzun accepted and prepared nanites for him that broke down the corrupted Trakenite DNA in his cells and restructured it. This was meant to restore The Master to being a”full” Time Lord, giving him a new regenerative cycle and curing the Cheetah virus. Shortly after being restored to his full Time Lord heritage, he was shot in the back by Ace to avenge his murder of Joe Manco, causing him to regenerate. Following the regeneration, he was able to make his escape, summoning his TARDIS using a Stattenheim remote control built from Tzun technology. After leaving a booby-trap for The Doctor in a nuclear warhead, The Master fled (First Frontier) to the Scoundrels Club to recover from his regeneration. (Dismemberment)
Later, The Master laid a trap for The Doctor in one of the Doctor’s homes using a device which would release the energy from a time fissure once The Doctor’s TARDIS materialised, destroying it. The plan failed when Sarah Jane Smith, Mike Yates and K9 Mark III destroyed the device, causing The Master to flee. (Housewarming)
The Master later obtained the Loom of Rassilon’s Mouse in order to make himself a sturdier and indestructible body. However, his plan failed when a Fortean Flicker caused Bernice Summerfield’s wedding to occur in the same place, exposing his scheme to her guests, with the Doctor being amongst them. However, The Master managed to escape by hypnotising Kitai into posing as a decoy. (Happy Endings)
Like all of his other attempts at extending his life, The Master’s Tzun-made body eventually reverted back to a decayed husk. (Planet of Dust)


In another account, The Master, still in Tremas’s body, learned of a device known as the Warp Core, a sentient powerhouse of mental energy designed as a weapon to safeguard the planet Duchamp 331. He tracked the Warp Core to Earth, intending to use it to power his TARDIS. Unprepared for its power and underestimating its outside awareness, he was attacked by the Warp Core, which stripped his Trakenite body from him and reduced him to his previous decaying form. Afterwards, The Master collected four Krill eggs with the intention of awakening the Warp Core from its slumber and exhausting it, so that he could draw it into his TARDIS to be his slave. The Master then used a mask to disguise his deformity and followed the Warp Core as it arrived on Duchamp 331. Under the alias “Mr. Seta”, The Master funded Madame Salvadori’s trip to Duchamp 331.
There, The Master unleashed the Krill upon the passengers, hypnotising Salvadori’s aide, Klemp, in the process. Revealing his true identity, The Master kept Salvadori alive, before encountering the Seventh Doctor. When the Core arrived, The Master tried to ally with it, but it dismissed him, leading him to ordering Klemp to kill Salvadori, but Klemp’s loyalty was too strong, so The Master killed him. The Doctor escaped to his TARDIS, and attempted to gain control of the Warp Core through his TARDIS’s telepathic circuits, while the Master used his TARDIS to fight of the Doctor’s influence, and gain control of it. After it and the planet was destroyed, The Master was flung through time and space. (Dust Breeding)
The Doctor later made a deal with Death for the Master to have ten years of peace and sanity, at the end of which The Doctor had to kill him. To this end, Death transformed The Master into “John Smith”, an ordinary physician on the colony world of Perfugium with no memory of his past. Smith was taken in by Wolstonecroft, and inherited his house when Wolstonecroft died, and became emotionally involved with Jacqueline Schaeffer. The Master remained active in Smith’s subconscious, but was unable to influence the world around him.
at the end of the allotted time, The Doctor arrived to kill Smith, but strove to avoid fulfilling his side of the bargain. Death herself was present at these events, disguised as Smith’s maid, and manipulated events so that The Master would become dominant once more. Her endgame was for Smith to make a decision that would ensure he remained in control, to kill Victor Schaeffer or allow Jacqueline to die by her husband’s hand, but Smith was unable to kill Victor, (Master) and became The Master again as a result. (The Tramp’s Story)


Now in his “final” incarnation, (The TV Movie) The Master arrived in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and was captured by the Daleks to be placed on trial, (Mastermind) for his attempts to destroy them and usurp their place as “the supreme creatures of the universe”. (The Novel of the Film) After he was tried and executed by the Daleks on Skaro as part of a Time Lord-Dalek treaty (Lungbarrow) called the “Act of Master Restitution”, (A Brief History of Time Lords) he made a final request: for the Seventh Doctor to transport his remains back to Gallifrey. However, his essence survived his physical death in a fluid-like form resembling a snake. (The TV Movie)
Although the Eighth Doctor mentioned that he could do the same as The Master, but only when he died, (The TV Movie) other accounts stated that this ability to survive as a Deathworm Morphant was not inherent in Time Lords, but the product of the Master having purposefully ingested a Morphant in advance, already intending to then have his body destroyed by the Daleks so he could use the Morphant’s form to find a new and better one. (The Eight Doctors, Mastermind) The Master’s survival broke the peace treaty President Romana started under the Act of Master Restitution and was one of the causes for the Last Great Time War. (A Brief History of Time Lords)
The Doctor stored The Master’s ashes in a casket and set his TARDIS on course for Gallifrey. However, en route, The Master’s consciousness escaped from the casket and interfered with the TARDIS, causing a timing malfunction that resulted in an emergency landing in San Francisco during the final days of 1999. While The Doctor lay wounded after being caught in the crossfire of a gang war and was picked up by an ambulance, The Master exited the TARDIS via its keyhole, and, (The TV Movie) deciding that The Doctor was too injured, and the nearby boy, Chang Lee, too young, (The Novel of the Film) he hid inside a bag belonging to the ambulance driver, Bruce. After Bruce had gone to home and bed, The Master forced his way into Bruce’s body through his mouth, killing him and taking over his body. The next morning, The Master awoke, now inhabiting Bruce’s body, but realised that the American’s body had started decaying and would not last long and launched his scheme to steal The Doctor’s remaining regenerations, with his first act being the murder of Bruce’s wife, (The TV Movie) and then used Bruce’s memories to track The Doctor to Walker General Hospital. (The Novel of the Film)

Learning from Bruce’s colleagues that The Doctor had died on the operating table and that his body had apparently been stolen, The Master was also informed by Nurse Curtis that the young gang member who had been present when The Doctor was shot, Chang Lee, had also stolen The Doctor’s possessions, including the TARDIS key. (The TV Movie) Heading to the TARDIS, The Master found Lee already inside, (The Novel of the Film) and regaled him with stories of the Doctor’s supposed villainy, claiming that The Doctor had stolen his lives and home, and was also Genghis Khan. With Lee’s help, The Master was able to open the Eye of Harmony, and discovered that The Doctor had regenerated into a new body, and that The Doctor was apparently half-human. (The TV Movie)
Stealing Bruce’s ambulance by murdering his paramedic partner, The Master and Lee answered Dr. Grace Holloway’s request for an ambulance to collect The Doctor, (The Novel of the Film) and agreed to take them to Professor Wagg’s atomic clock at the Institute for Technological Advancement and Research and repair the timing malfunction The Master caused with the clock’s beryllium chip, when he was really planning to bring The Doctor back to the TARDIS. Realising The Master’s true identity, The Doctor and Grace escaped, but before they could do so, The Master secretly possessed Grace’s mind. When The Doctor got back to the TARDIS to fix the timing malfunction, The Master had Grace knock The Doctor out and put him in restraints.
Having donned more traditional Gallifreyan robes, The Master boasted his plans to the restrained Doctor, accidentally letting it slip that he had lost his lives trying to destroy The Doctor, exposing his earlier lies to Lee. After killing Lee for refusing to follow his orders, The Master forcibly opened the Eye using Grace’s retina so that he could steal The Doctor’s regenerations. Although The Master was able to initiate the transfer process that would give him access to The Doctor’s remaining regenerations, Grace was able to prevent this by rerouting the TARDIS’ power and sending the ship into a temporal orbit. Grace released The Doctor from his restraints, but The Master threw Grace off of a balcony inside the Cloister Room, killing her. With The Master’s body dying as The Doctor’s regenerations were returned to him, the two Time Lords fought near the Eye of Harmony, culminating in The Master falling into it when he leapt at The Doctor and misjudged the angle. (The TV Movie)
There were many rumours on Gallifrey concerning what happened to The Master after he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony in The Doctor’s TARDIS. Some rumours stated that he was saved from inside the Time Vortex by the mythical Esterath, others said that he remained trapped in the TARDIS with his mind transferred into an android body to become The Doctor’s”companion or pet”, still others claimed that this was the death that he would later be resurrected from by the Time Lords to fight in the Last Great Time War. (A Brief History of Time Lords)


While his essence was left wandering the Time Vortex, (The Glorious Dead) an “echo” of the Master remained imprisoned inside The Doctor’s TARDIS. In the singularity of the Eye of Harmony, The Master commanded infinite power, but could only wield it from within the confines of the Eye. (The Gallifrey Chronicles)
Shortly after his defeat, The Master laid a final trap for The Doctor, leaving a crystalline structure on the Eye that would give The Doctor amnesia. However, The Doctor was subconsciously guided by Rassilon to recover his memories by visiting his previous seven selves. (The Eight Doctors) Whilst exploring the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS, River Song thought she heard an American screaming from within the walls. (The Eternity Clock)
During his imprisonment, The Doctor came to speak to The Master where he dwelled in a room with his face on a screen. The Master spoke to The Doctor in the room on several occasions, telling him that he was an “old friend”. After the defeat of the Council of Eight, The Doctor spoke to him about the death of Miranda Dawkins and if it was worth the cost of him saving the universe. (Sometime Never…)
The Master later appeared to The Doctor within a mirror in the TARDIS, where he asked The Doctor what was going on inside his head. The Doctor was unable to answer the question before the image in the mirror returned to that of the Doctor’s reflection. (The Deadstone Memorial)
The Master had a longer conversation with the Doctor from within the Eye of Harmony. The Master showed The Doctor a vision of Marnal’s investigation of the Shoal. When The Doctor pressed him about what happened to Gallifrey, The Master teased him with offers to bring it back and to return his memories. The Master then became angry over the circumstances of his imprisonment. He threatened to use all of his power to detonate a fusion device and have his revenge. The Doctor sealed up the Eye of Harmony before he had the chance to carry out his plan. (The Gallifrey Chronicles)
During the War in Heaven, Father Kreiner killed and decapitated either the original Master or a clone created as part of the Time Lords’ War-time hatchling projects. (Interference – Book One)


As the Eye of Harmony tried to break him down into pure energy, The Master managed to ride the energy into a spare room, which The Doctor’s TARDIS then ejected into the Time Vortex to protect The Doctor. The Master would remain stranded in the vortex for hundreds of years, rooting through The Doctor’s possessions in search of something to help him escape.
Inspired by a he found in the TARDIS’ spare room, The Master brainwashed and disguised “Alison”, a child of the Vormatoda, as his daughter. He ended up on a vortex ship posing as “Daniel”, where he encountered River Song. After his true identity was discovered and his plan failed, The Master managed to escape the vortex with Kaliopi Mileska in a stasis pod. (The Lifeboat and the Deathboat)
Still in Bruce’s body, (The Abominable Showmen) The Master was greeted by a female incarnation of himself known as “Missy”, who had developed a plan to form a band to hypnotise viewers of the Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars. His decaying thirteenth incarnation, an incarnation possessing the body of Tremas and an incarnation going by the name “Saxon” all joined in the plan, and the team spent “decades” practising. (The Five Masters) After unveiling their presence to the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, (The Abominable Showmen) The Masters prepared for their performance. However, the “Tremas ” Master began to fight with Missy over the control of her device, believing that he alone could hold the universe in his grasp. The “Decayed” Master joined in the struggle, followed rapidly by the “Deathworm” Master, and the group soon became involved in a full on brawl. The five were quickly disqualified, seemingly destroying them. (The Five Masters)
The Master eventually found himself on Kolstan, where he met Artron, and posed as an assistant sent by the Time Lords. When the Eighth Doctor arrived in the future Master’s TARDIS, The Master inflicted a fatal wound on The Doctor and used this to force Artron to operate a machine that would transfer the energy of the native Kolstani into him. However, Artron was able to adjust the machine so that he would absorb the power of the Kolstani, although this unintentionally turned them into the Ravenous. When Artron absorbed the power of the Kolstani and disappeared with the Doctor, The Master used his future TARDIS to escape to the Time Lord station that all his incarnations used as a base.
Meeting with the “War” Master and Missy, the “Deathworm” Master worked with them to stop the Ravenous’s alliance with the Eleven, the “Deathworm” Master acting as the group’s negotiator due to the Ravenous’ inability to eat him in his current state. After undoing the Eleven’s scheme, the “Deathworm” Master had his memory of the events that had occurred wiped and was thrown back into the Vortex by his future selves to preserve their timeline, (Day of the Master) and was eventually drawn back into the Eye of Harmony. (Planet of Dust)


After The Master passed through the Eye of Harmony, his essence was left wandering the Time Vortex. Nearing his ultimate destruction, he was rescued from the Vortex by a being named Esterath, the controller of the Glory, the focal point of the Omniverse. The Master was told that it was time for the Glory to gain another controller, but the power had to be fought for. The Master assumed that the battle would be between himself and the Doctor.
After gliding over the many realities throughout the Omniversal Spectrum for what he described as seeming like “centuries”, The Master was resurrected into the body of a recently deceased vagrant on the streets of 2001 Brixton. Some weeks afterwards, due to a symbiotic link he had formed with the Doctor’s TARDIS when it consumed part of his essence after he passed through the Eye of Harmony, The Master was transported onto the Moon during one of the Doctor’s adventures. The symbiotic link between The Doctor’s TARDIS and the Master had also given the latter the ability to influence the flight of the TARDIS, which he used to send the craft to times and places which would weaken The Doctor’s self-belief and confidence. The Master subsequently used this link to trail The Doctor for some time without his enemy suspecting. (The Glorious Dead)
He was present in London during the crisis resulting from Grace Holloway’s attempt to merge human and Time Lord DNA but was using the alien DNA of a Morphant by mistake. He killed Duncan, an MI6 agent, with his TCE. (The Fallen)
The Master later made contact with Sato Katsura, a Japanese samurai unwillingly rendered immortal as a result of his involvement in The Doctor’s adventures. The embittered warrior became The Master’s follower. At his behest, Sato adopted the identity of “Cardinal Morningstar” and became the leader of the Church of the Glorious Dead, instigator of a holy war that altered the history of Earth, a planet now renamed “Dhakan”. After revealing his plot to The Doctor, The Master won a sword fight with the Doctor by stabbing him, but then learned that the true battle for the Glory was between Sato and the Doctor’s companion, the Cyberman Kroton, of which Kroton was the victor. Amongst his first acts as the controller of the Glory were to cleanse Earth’s history and the TARDIS of the Master’s influence. Kroton sent The Master away to parts unknown, who declared he would survive and return. (The Glorious Dead)


Trapped in the Eye of Harmony, The Master eventually escaped the Eye of Harmony by influencing the dreams of Edward Grainger to unravel The Doctor’s timeline, by killing Edward Grainger whilst he was an infant in 1906. (Forgotten) However, The Master, in the body of Sir George Steer, was stopped by an older Edward Grainger from 2006 and Violet after being hit with a rolling pin and being removed from the body he possessed. (Prologue) The Master then managed to evade The Doctor’s detection and possessed the body of a human native named Richard. (Forgotten)
After possessing Richard, The Master killed Violet out of revenge. However, The Master discovered his possession had caused the host body to decay at an accelerated rate, so he was forced to steal more bodies to prolong his survival. Realising that the First World War was rapidly approaching, The Master decided to migrate to America to avoid the conflict and boarded a ship to go there in 1912. Ironically, he had boarded the RMS Titanic, unaware of its eventual fate, and escaped in a lifeboat when it sank.
Arriving in New York City, The Master took possession of a member of the Hudson Dusters, quickly becoming the leader of the gang and calling himself”Don Maestro”. After twenty years of living in his current body, he occupied the body of his host’s son, Michael, and moved to Las Vegas where he owned a casino. He accumulated money to fund experiments towards the elongation of the lifespan of his host body. Fearing the eventual decay of his body, The Master used his money to buy a penthouse to isolate himself from infection. After years living in isolation, his host’s son confronted him with the knowledge that he had possessed both his father and his grandfather in some way. He then trapped The Master in the penthouse.
After UNIT were alerted to the presence of penthouse, they discovered The Master in a comatose state. He was imprisoned in the UNIT Vault, awakening every five years for one hour, before returning to a coma. After fifteen years living in the Vault, The Master awoke for a third time and was interrogated by UNIT officers Ruth Matheson and Charlie Sato. However, he managed to hypnotise both of them and escape his imprisonment. Discovering that UNIT had recovered his TARDIS from a sealed tomb in the Valley of the Kings, he used it to escape from the Vault. (Mastermind)


After arriving on the planet Parrak in search of the tomb of one of Rassilon’s leading engineers named Artron, The Master used his TARDIS to extract all water on the planet’s surface throughout its history to use as an incentive for his workforce to keep obeying his rule. His overall plan was to use the Tomb of Artron to revive himself, using the unlimited regenerative energy Artron had discovered on Kolstan.
Nearing the end of his life and getting increasingly more desperate, The Master allied himself with the Eleven, with the intention of betraying him once the tomb was opened. However, the Eleven had used The Master to gain access to Artron’s matrix brain, which he used to lead the Ravenous to The Doctor. Upon the Ravenous’ arrival, they took great interest in The Master, believing that the flavour of all of his lives was superior to that of the Doctor’s. The Ravenous feasted on him and the Master died, his body being left on Parrak. (Planet of Dust)
However, when the Celestial Intervention Agency sent a younger version of the “Deathworm” Master, the “War” Master and Missy to return Artron’s brain print to Parrak to help fuel the technology to grant new regenerative cycles to Time Lords, The Masters used the technology for themselves as part of the deal, and resurrected the corpse of the dead Master, giving him a new body and regeneration cycle in the process. (Day of the Master) With his new body, The Master visited the Scoundrels Club. (Dismemberment)


Working against the Time Lords, The Master infiltrated a Time Lord base which contained two dimensional nodes, products of technology developed by “the Dimensioneers”, and stole them. Attempting to control the dimensional energies of the entire universe, The Master planted one on the planet of the Tolians, allowing it to drain all the energy that was available before giving the Tolians a communicator as a way of drawing the Seventh Doctor to their planet, enabling The Master to steal the only node activator still intact from The Doctor’s TARDIS. Having successfully tricked The Doctor into restoring the Tolians’ source of dimensional energy for them using his Node by manipulating him and using a form of reverse psychology, he allowed the Tolians to force him to open a dimensional rift, causing a catastrophic imbalance to the flow of dimensional energy in the process so great that it threatened the structure of reality itself.
Aiming to infiltrate UNIT, The Master assumed the guise of the Doctor, modelling his TARDIS’ exterior on the form of a police box. Successful in his deceit, he began to work alongside UNIT’s current scientific advisor, Elizabeth Klein, under the command of Colonel Lafayette and Major Wyland-Jones. He assisted UNIT in defeating a number of interdimensional alien incursions, including attacks by Mind Leeches, Lava Spiders, Skyheads and the Nexus.
Rescuing The Doctor and his companion Raine Creevy from becoming trapped on the other side of a dimensional rift caused by the dimensional instability, The Master stole The Doctor’s node activator and sent all the alien invaders back to their own dimensions, fleeing Earth with the Doctor in his TARDIS. Revealing his true identity to The Doctor, he detailed his plan: he intended to use the activator in conjunction with the two nodes to add even more dimensional energy to the Tolians so he could use them to conquer the Earth and other planets and dimensions beyond. However, The Doctor managed to convince the Tolian leader Arunzell that The Master would betray the Tolians, giving him the opportunity to capture The Master in return for recalling the rest of the Tolians. However, The Master revealed that he had locked the dimensional doorway, prompting him to abandon him to Arunzell. However, the restoration of the dimensional energies reduced Arunzell to his regular size, enabling The Master to kill him with his TCE and escape, intending to try his scheme all over again. (Dominion)


The Master made a deal with the Cult of the Heretic to regenerate the universe using their anomaly cage. The Cult manipulated The Master into coming into contact with his thirteenth incarnation, whom he disfigured with a staser. The Cult then betrayed The Master by switching the minds of the “Decayed” Master and the “Bald” Master. The paradox of having a Time Lord inhabiting the body of his past self led to the universe beginning to break down. The Cult intended to execute the “Bald” Master to make the paradox unbreakable, but the “Bald” Master was able to escape. The Cult hired the Transhuman Sisters of the Unholy Protocol and the Dragonhunters to kill the “Bald” Master and make the paradox permanent, but The Master was able to drive the assassins off with the “aid” of the Fifth Doctor. (And You Will Obey Me)
the Seventh Doctor encountered both of the Masters and helped them get back into the right bodies. The two Masters then returned to the Cult’s headquarters and killed all of the members. They then plotted to use the anomaly cage but were stopped by the Seventh Doctor, who made sure that the universe remained practically unchanged by its regeneration. (The Two Masters)


Eventually, The Master was recruited by Coordinator Narvin to fight against the Daleks in a possible war, (The Devil You Know) due to the belief that he would be the perfect warrior due to his savagery. (The Sound of Drums) The Master was instructed to use the Eminence, which posed the greater threat, to fight the Daleks. The Celestial Intervention Agency gave The Master all the information he needed for his mission, (Eyes of the Master) such as an update on The Doctor’s activities. (Masterplan)
The Master travelled to the Nixyce system and stole a teleportation casket of the Eminence, integrating it into his TARDIS console. He then tried to use the casket to gain influence over the Eminence, and take control of its Infinite Warriors, calling them his “finite warriors”. (Eyes of the Master) After saving Sally Armstrong from being hit by a taxi, he recruited her and began to work for the Ides Scientific Institute in the 1970s. (Time’s Horizon) He tried to discover why some humans were immune to the Eminence’s influence, experimenting on them in an attempt to eliminate it so that the Daleks could not exploit it.
Encountering the Eighth Doctor in London, The Doctor managed to defeat The Master by reopening the link to the Eminence located in his mind, teaching it how to pilot a TARDIS. The Eminence then used the teleportation casket located in The Master’s TARDIS to pilot it, taking The Master and Sally with it. The Master managed to isolate the Eminence inside his TARDIS through the telepathic circuits, enabling Sally to expel it into the Time Vortex.
The Master and Sally then kidnapped Molly O’Sullivan from her home in 107 Baker Street, (Eyes of the Master) and took her to a world on the edge of humanity’s war with the Eminence. There, The Master ran an experiment, using the retro-genitor particles in Molly to fight the Eminence’s breath of forever. (The Death of Hope) The Master then destroyed Ramosa, kidnapping all of the planet’s human colonists on board his TARDIS. (The Reviled) The Master infected the human colonists of Ramosa with retro-genitor particles, planning to expose them to the Eminence, and gain control of all of them using the fragment of the Eminence contained in his mind. (Masterplan)
The Master unleashed his plans for humanity on Earth. He allied himself with the Eminence and allowed them to conquer Earth. He subsequently activated the retro-genitor particles in the humans and asserted his psychic influence over them. The Doctor escaped The Master’s clutches and helped a group of humans overcome The Master’s influence and stop his plans. Whilst the Celestial Intervention Agency erased his work from history, The Master escaped in his TARDIS, which was disguised as a palm tree. (Rule of the Eminence)


Forming an alliance with the Dalek Time Controller, The Master aided him in creating a new Dalek army in return for control over a number of conquered worlds. Setting the Controller up in Montmartre within the Red Pagoda, he returned to the future and aided the Daleks in their occupation of Earth. (Master of the Daleks)
When The Doctor absconded in time, The Master returned to the Pagoda to help repair it. (The Monster of Montmartre) With the amount of convertible humans still available dwindling, he decided to start converting Sontarans into Daleks. Liv stole his Tissue Compression Eliminator, and then travelled with him to Moscow. He created a mutiny with the Daleks, knowing that the Time Controller would betray him. The Doctor stole his TARDIS, leaving The Master stranded in the midst of a Dalek-Sontaran war. (Master of the Daleks)


Though he was able to write out most of his involvement in the Last Great Time War, (The Judas Goatee) The Master fought in the battle over Keetol and helped the Time Lords make one of their first victories. (The Heavenly Paradigm) He was also present at the Siege of the Chronotide, and found himself screaming for the General’s mercy when the Multiform closed in. (Lords and Masters)


At some point, The Master regenerated into his sixteenth incarnation. (Girl Power!) Now in the body of a small child, (The Organ Grinder) The Master, as he always did after a regeneration, visited the Scoundrels Club. (Dismemberment)
The Master made a deal with the War Doctor to end their old ways of fighting and to become allies. (Kill God) He teamed up with the Doctor and his companion, the Squire, for a time, during the period of the War in which the Cyclors allied themselves with the Daleks. (The Organ Grinder)
The Doctor and the Master travelled to Veestrax, where they saw a broken wall with”Exterminhate” written on it. The Master told The Doctor that he hadn’t written it. The Doctor then asked for the Master’s help with destroying the planet. (Outrun)
He arrived on Golgauth with the Doctor, asking what he intended to do, to which The Doctor said “what [he] [had] to “. (The Then and the Now, The Organ Grinder) The duo soon encountered the Volatix Cabal, together killing one of its members. They then encountered Alice Obiefune, who had travelled in The Master’s TARDIS from after the War had ended. The Master set about tethering his future TARDIS to The Doctor’s While the Squire set about saving Alice from the Volatix Tendrils.
With both TARDISes in tow, they travelled beneath the surface of Golgauth, where an Overcaste rebel base was located. The Master and the Doctor revealed a Volatix spy in the group and neutralised him. The spy revealed that he had called for help and moments later a Cyclor tore off the roof of the base. (The Organ Grinder) The Master used a device to summon a squadron of Gallifreyan ships to attack the Cyclors. He used this distraction to flee, sneaking into his TARDIS that Alice had brought from the future. He inadvertently created a paradox when attempting to fly the machine, realising too late that he was erasing a timeline that brought his future TARDIS into being. (Kill God)

The chronal tumour began to react with the Psilent songbox, which had been activated by Alice. Realising that it would result in a temporal bomb, The Master deactivated it. The Master was too late, however, and the resulting paradox caused his body to regenerate (Fast Asleep) into his seventeenth incarnation. (Girl Power!) Horrified by this, he swore revenge on The Doctor and his companions, but ultimately his memory of Alice’s intervention in the War was erased. (Fast Asleep) The Master’s TARDIS recorded that The Master fled the event horizon in his TARDIS before The Doctor’s plans were carried out, deeming them too insane even for him. (The One) The Master then went to the Scoundrels Club to better recover from the regeneration process. (Dismemberment)


At some point, The Master designed a laser screwdriver for his own personal use. (The Heavenly Paradigm)
The Master was employed by Narvin to go to the planet Callous to find the rare metal Swenyo. The Master went to Callous and began manipulating Elliot King, and eventually his daughter Cassandra, to mine the Swenyo. Eventually, due to his extreme guilt and the effects of the Swenyo, Elliot committed suicide. (Call for the Dead) Cassandra King and her wife, Martine King, went to Callous to rebirth the mining process, with aid from Ood miners and the Master in disguise. Due to The Master’s aid, the mining process was a success, and Cassandra found an extremely concentrated amount of Swenyo, which The Master managed to aquire for himself by contacting the Teremon, the people that the King family worked for. (The Glittering Prize)
With Martine, The Master took the Swenyo to an asteroid, but Martine was driven mad by the physic properties of the Swenyo, and jumped off the asteroid to her death. (The Persistence of Dreams) After being captured by the Teremon, The Master escaped and weaponized the Ood to prevent the further mining of Swenyo. The Master then collected his Swenyo and gave it to Narvin, who gave The Master a Chameleon Arch in exchange. (Sins of the Father)
While “exploring possibilities”, The Master became stranded in a parallel dimension. When this dimension was invaded by Cybermen seeking to conquer the multiverse, The Master used the opportunity to obtain technology to repair his TARDIS and followed the Cybermen back to his home universe. The Master landed his TARDIS, urgently in need of repairs, on Earth during the 2010s and saw the Cybermen proceed to invade the universe of the Time War via virtual reality technology spread by the Auctioneers. The Cybermen, under the influence of Petronella Osgood, took his TARDIS and attempted to cyber-convert him. The Master collaborated with Kate Stewart and Sam Bishop to destroy the Cybermen by overloading them with power from infinite dimensions, syphoning some of it off to give his TARDIS enough energy to return to “the fray” of the war, (Master of Worlds) leaving behind a Wirrn egg as a parting gift to UNIT. (Hosts of the Wirrn)
During the Time War, The Master fought the Supreme Dalek on the slopes of the Never Vault, (The Witch’s Familiar) and considered it a worthy opponent, even showing disappointment when the Dalek Emperor didn’t send it to locate him on Arcking. (The Good Master)
Responding to a distress call from his secret base, The Master encountered Liv Chenka, posing as a Time Lord agent while she told him about the alliance between the Eleven and the Ravenous. Investigating events at the Crucible of Souls, The Master realised that the Eleven had used the Crucible and the Matrix print of the Gallifreyan scientist Artron to give the entire universe the ability to regenerate, making them all potential food for the Ravenous. Working with Missy and their “Deathworm” incarnation, the “War” Master was able to give the Eighth Doctor the opportunity to “heal” the Ravenous While The Masters used the Crucible to restore the rest of the universe to mortality. Although the Time Lords requested Artron’s Matrix print to give them the ability to grant new regeneration cycles to Time Lords, The Masters first used this to restore a past version of themselves to life with a new regeneration cycle. (Day of the Master)
After becoming separated from his TARDIS, The Master agreed to work with the Daleks and was sent to Gardezza. There he posed as The Doctor, using his reputation to gain the trust of the Gardezzans. The Master located his TARDIS on the planet and betrayed both the Daleks and the Gardezzans to retrieve it. Inside, he received a call to return to Gallifrey and left to answer it. (Beneath the Viscoid)
Arriving on Gallifrey, Romana II and Narvin sent The Master alongside Leela to interrogate Finnian Valentine, and said that they would pardon him for his crimes. On the planet, he used his laser screwdriver to stun both of the Finnians to get them back to Gallifrey. He hypnotised and killed the various Finnians until he learnt that Arcking had a power source that could fuel the Time Lords energy banks. On the way back to Gallifrey, The Master expelled Leela into the time vortex and headed to Arcking after he received a signal that originated from there. (The Devil You Know)


Travelling to hospital planet Arcking multiple times, The Master, under the alias “Dr Keller”, attempted to possess an ancient power, known as the Heart, that had resisted the ravages of the Time War, and even prevented unnatural death. On Arcking, The Master met Cole Jarnish, a pilot who suffered from survivor’s guilt as he was the sole survivor of an incident that had killed the rest of his crew. Intrigued by his desire to help the innocent people affected by the Time War, The Master hinted to Cole that he would be able to help him realise this idea. When Arcking was eventually overrun by a Dalek invasion force, The Master saved Cole’s life by bringing him along in his TARDIS as he made his escape. (The Good Master)
After travelling with him for a while, The Master was accused of being too disengaged towards the Time War by Cole, and was challenged to play a more active role in assisting the people suffering under the destructive effects of the war. While The Master deflected this accusation by referring to his status as a Time Lord, and how it forbade him from interfering directly, he in turn offered Cole a challenge, he would allow Cole pick out a planet in peril and take him there, so he could try and save its people from destruction with whatever means he saw fit. Cole’s choice fell on a primitive farming planet. Upon landing on the planet, The Master reminded Cole that he was not allowed to meddle directly, and so decided to take some time off to build his own vineyard and try his hand at cultivating grapes while he left Cole to his own devices.
As several months passed, The Master met with Cole to hear about his progress on several occasions, and, though he mostly kept to himself inside his vineyard, he would”accidentally” leave various supplies and tools to covertly help Cole in his endeavours. However, Cole’s attempt to save the peaceful population of the planet backfired when he inadvertently turned them into a race of warlike semi-robotic creatures. The Master and Cole escaped the planet, with The Master assuring Cole that he would help him to undo his mistake. (The Sky Man)
The Master and Cole travelled to Stamford Bridge in the 1970s, where they located a Time Lord repository, and the Master revealed the reason he saved Cole’s life and supported his attempt to save the people of the farming planet was to turn him into a paradox powering a paradox, with the resulting temporal energy collected in Cole to be used to power the Heavenly Paradigm. Despite Cole’s pleas, The Master killed sacrificed him to the machine, wanting to use it to create a new and better timeline, and thus end the War. The plan backfired, however, when The Master’s direction to make a”better” timeline, simply proved both far too big and far too vague for the Paradigm to handle, and the changes soon spun out of control. The Master watched in horror as his meddling unintentionally resulted in both the Time Lords and Daleks to win several battles they had once lost, and vice versa, completely altering the state of the Time War to one that was ultimately more favourable to the Daleks. Because of this, he then saw the Dalek Emperor take control of the Time Lords’ Cruciform, which frightened him into fleeing from the war, which he now considered”lost”.
For a time, The Master corrected and observed changes made to the Time War by the Paradigm. But, still scared and tired of the fighting, he fled to the far end of time and sent his TARDIS away to Gallifrey without him and used a Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human baby, intending to eventually resume control of his body once the Time War had ended. (The Heavenly Paradigm) The baby would come to be known as Yana, growing into a benevolent absent-minded scientist who attempted to help humanity stave off its impending doom on Malcassairo via the Utopia Project. (Utopia)


As the Project neared completion, Yana met the Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness and Martha Jones when they were rescued from the Futurekind. Overhearing conversation between The Doctor and Jack about things such as time travel, Daleks, and regeneration, Yana became visibly upset. Martha, recognising the fob watch Yana had in his possession as a chameleon arc, inadvertently drew his attention to it, breaking the perception filter placed on it. Hearing voices of his Time Lord self’s past incarnations up to the War Master himself, all of them commanding and entreating him to remember who he really was, a mesmerised Yana opened the watch and turned back into The Master. (Utopia)


The Master then locked The Doctor out of Yana’s lab, and opened the gate keeping the Futurekind at bay to keep The Doctor occupied as he ravaged Yana’s lab. After Chantho threatened him with a gun to stop him destroying their work, The Master electrocuted her with a loose set of power cables, angered that she was never curious of the fob watch during their decades of working together, and left her for dead. However, Chantho used the last of her strength to pull a laser gun on The Master While his back was turned, and shot him in the chest before she died.
Fatally wounded, The Master slithered into The Doctor’s TARDIS While The Doctor watched on and deadlock sealed the door shut to keep The Doctor out. Finding the idea of dying by the hand of “an insect and a girl” undignified, The Master decided to regenerate into a form that was as young and strong as The Doctor was. (Utopia)


Now in his eighteenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) The Master left The Doctor, Martha and Jack on the planet Malcassairo with the Futurekind about to burst in the laboratory door, taking the TARDIS and the Doctor’s DNA template via The Doctor’s hand, which Jack had taken with him to Malcassairo. (Utopia) Because of the Doctor’s last-minute intervention, the TARDIS would only take The Master to Earth in the 2000s, (The Sound of Drums) with his first stop being to the Scoundrels Club to recover from the regeneration process. (Dismemberment)


The Master took on the alias “Harold Saxon” and set about fabricating”Saxon’s” past to gain political support, making his first public appearance shortly after the downfall of Harriet Jones on Christmas Day 2006.”Harold Saxon” released his autobiography, Kiss Me, Kill Me, and, while writing the book, met the Honourable Lucy Cole, who was working in publishing, they were married in 2007. He also cannibalised and converted The Doctor’s TARDIS into a paradox machine to change history, and took Lucy to see the universe. (The Sound of Drums)
Travelling back to the end of the universe, The Master contacted the Toclafane, the childlike, vicious cyborg remnants of the humans who had never found Utopia. He made an agreement to allow the Toclafane to escape extinction and live anew in the past, with the paradox machine preventing them from changing their own history. (The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords)
Under the guise of “Harold Saxon”, The Master entered the government as Minister for Communications, an office under which he designed the Archangel Network which was hailed as a telecommunications breakthrough. This telecommunications network, tied to mobile phones, carried a mind control signal which made humans trust him. The network affected The Doctor so he had no suspicions as to The Master’s presence as “Harold Saxon”, as he would have normally noticed the presence of another Time Lord. To those few humans conscious of it, the signal was a persistent drumbeat, the constant drumbeat The Master always heard, that only they could hear.
By 2007, “Saxon” had become Minister of Defence of Great Britain, and had been a driving force in designing the Valiant, UNIT’s air carrier. (The Sound of Drums) He went on to campaign for the general election as Prime Minister of Great Britain (Love &, Monsters) with the slogan “Vote Saxon”. (Captain Jack Harkness) On Christmas Eve, he gave orders for British Army tanks to destroy the Empress of the Racnoss’s webstar. (The Runaway Bride)
The Master visited”Saxon’s” old high school during the campaign, using the Archangel Network to brainwash the staff into having false memories of “Saxon” to gain political support. One teacher, James Curtis, was resistant to the Network, so The Master used his laser screwdriver to implant the appropriate memories into his mind. (Speech Day)
“Saxon” asserted that extraterrestrial life did exist and Britain had to do something about it. This made him popular in early 2008, after the Judoon had taken the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon. (Smith and Jones)
“Saxon” also funded the rejuvenation experiments of Richard Lazarus, presumably revealing at least in part the biological processes involved in a Time Lord’s physical regeneration, its similarities were noted by The Doctor on observing the process. (The Lazarus Experiment) With the results from this and the Doctor’s DNA, The Master could use the laser screwdriver to age The Doctor. (The Sound of Drums) After Martha had left with the Doctor, “Saxon” had a mysterious man meet with Martha’s mother, Francine, (The Lazarus Experiment) and then had an agent tap into a conversation between Francine and Martha through the superphone. (42)
Before The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack arrived back from the end of the universe, The Master had sent Torchwood Three on a wild-goose chase to the Himalayas, (The Sound of Drums) and, along with all other incarnations of the Master, was kidnapped by the Sild. (Harvest of Time)


With his election a sure thing, politicians from other parties flocked to his side. Harold Saxon was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May 2008, and visited Buckingham Palace soon after to give a victory speech.
He gathered his Cabinet for a meeting in the re-built 10 Downing Street and accused them of being traitors for abandoning their political parties to jump on his political ticket. He rigged the desk phone speakers on the Cabinet Room table to release a lethal gas that killed the Cabinet ministers While using a gas mask to protect himself and mock his victims. He later unleashed the Toclafane on Sunday Mirror reporter Vivien Rook, who threatened to expose his fabricated past to the public.
“Saxon” told the public that the Cabinet had gone into seclusion, and soon afterwards announced first contact with the “friendly” Toclafane who could protect Earth against alien threats. The Master then had Francine, Tish and Clive Jones arrested and taken to the Valiant, Leo Jones, however, had received a warning from Martha and gotten away in time. During a telephone conversation with the Doctor, The Master had the Doctor, Martha and Jack framed as terrorists responsible for the Cabinet’s murder and forced them into hiding. (The Sound of Drums)


The Master moved to the Valiant, which the governments of Earth considered neutral territory and therefore fitting for formal first contact with alien life. The Master had the Toclafane murder the American President Arthur Winters and captured The Doctor, Martha and Jack, who had come to the Valiant earlier that day. Using the results from Professor Lazarus’s experiment, along with the DNA in The Doctor’s hand, The Master used his laser screwdriver to age The Doctor into an old man, and then ordered the Toclafane to kill one tenth of humanity and commence their invasion as Martha escaped. (The Sound of Drums)
While ruling the world for a year, The Master discovered that the Drast had secretly invaded before he arrived. Furious, he ordered the Toclafane to burn Japan, where the Drast were situated. (The Story of Martha) By 2009, The Master had converted Earth into a slave camp which he ruled from the Valiant. The Master aged The Doctor even further and planned to expand his New Time Lord Empire into space. He built an army of warships to take his war across the universe.
Martha used the legend of the Doctor, which she had spread, and the thoughts of Earth thinking Doctor” at the same time. Their psychic energy was channeled through the Archangel Network, which The Doctor had spent the year infiltrating telepathically. The psychic energy restored The Doctor and gave him telekinetic powers. After cowering from The Doctor’s forgiveness, The Master used Jack’s vortex manipulator to teleport him and the Doctor to Earth, where he threatened to use the black hole converter to detonate the rockets, but was foiled by The Doctor’s knowledge that The Master could not kill himself.
Jack destroyed the Paradox Machine and reversed time one year, although this did not affect anyone aboard the Valiant. Lucy shot The Master. Defeated, he refused to regenerate to spite The Doctor, and died in his arms. The Doctor burned The Master’s body on a pyre, (Last of the Time Lords) but, long after he had left, Miss Trefusis, one of the warders of Broadfell Prison, (The End of Time) retrieved The Master’s ring from his funeral pyre. (Last of the Time Lords)
As far as the general public were aware, Harold Saxon”went mad” and disappeared, along with President Winters. (The End of Time) Among all ex-Prime Ministers, Saxon was on file by UNIT, who noted him as one of the Master’s incarnations. (Death in Heaven) By the year 2119, Saxon was well-remembered enough that Alice O’Donnell referred to 1980 as “pre-Harold Saxon”. (Before the Flood)


On Christmas Eve 2009, the prison governor of Broadfell Prison brought Lucy Saxon to a chamber where most of the staff were members of the Disciples of Saxon, who had been working ever since The Master’s death to bring about his resurrection. With the help of the ring and a biometric imprint taken from Lucy, the nude Master reappeared in a swirl of energy, but Lucy and one other warder had prepared for this. To stop his resurrection, Lucy hurled a Potion of Death at The Master. His followers and Lucy were killed in the resulting explosion.
The Master survived the blast, but his physical form was flawed: his once-brown hair was now bleached blond, and he was unshaven and unkempt. Moreover, his life force was left in a state of constant depletion, forcing him to consume huge quantities of food and drain the vitality of humans to stay alive. As a side effect of the botched resurrection, he could expend his life force for enhanced agility and send bolts of energy from his hands. The Master’s body would even fluctuate between a fleshy form and a half-skeletal state.
The Master led The Doctor on a wild goose chase after banging the beat of the drums in his mind to lure The Doctor to him and escaped when Wilfred Mott interrupted the chase.
Encountering The Doctor soon after, The Master and the Doctor discovered the drumming in The Master’s head was real, not just a symptom of insanity. The Doctor also told him of the prophecy told to him by the Ood, but The Master quickly dismissed it, assuming that it was referring to him. Billionaire Joshua Naismith then captured The Master and enlisted his assistance to mend the malfunctioning Vinvocci medical machine, which he had christened the “Immortality Gate”. The Master co-operated for his own purposes. He broke out of a straitjacket and flew into the gateway, which he had working a billion fold on the human template. The gateway sent out an energy pulse that transformed every human on Earth, except Wilf, whom The Doctor protected with a radiation shield, and his granddaughter, Donna Noble, who was unaffected due to her part-Time Lord physiology, into The Master Race – identical copies of the Master subservient to him.
After The Doctor and Wilf were rescued from The Master by two Vinvocci, The Master used the combined mental powers of the Master Race and a White-Point Star that had fallen on Earth to trace the origin of the drumbeat in his head. Receiving contact from the Time Lord High Council on the last day of the Time War, The Master tore open the time lock on the war, bringing back the Time Lords.
As the Lord President Rassilon and his council arrived through the Immortality Gate, The Master announced he intended to transplant himself into the entire Time Lord race, just as he had done to the human race. Rassilon, using his gauntlet, reversed the effects of the Master’s transplantation, and watched as Gallifrey returned to the universe on a collision course with Earth. The Doctor berated The Master for breaking the time lock, warning him that it wouldn’t just be the Time Lords and the Daleks, and that he had just opened up”Hell”.
Rassilon revealed his plans for the Ultimate Sanction, The Master asked if he could also”ascend into glory”, but Rassilon rebuffed him, calling him”diseased” and revealed that he was responsible for the drumming that The Master had experienced all of his life, and prepared to execute him, but The Doctor stepped in with Wilfred’s pistol. After some hesitation on whether to shoot Rassilon or The Master, he shot the White-Point Star, destroying the link. Enraged, Rassilon prepared to kill The Doctor, but The Master unleashed his bio-electric blasts at the President, roaring that the Time Lords had manipulated him and made him the monster he had become, counting the beat of the rhythm that had resounded in his head and tormenting him all his life. The Time Lords, Gallifrey, and the Master then vanished in a burst of white light, and were sent”back into [the] hell” of the final day of the Time War. (The End of Time)
While the Moment foresaw the battle as ending with The Master and Rassilon both regenerating, (Pandoric’s Box) The Master was able to survive his encounter with Rassilon, though Rassilon still regenerated after The Master choked him with several White-Point Stars. (Lords and Masters) After his “condition” was cured by the Time Lords, (The Doctor Falls) The Master escaped Gomer’s Asylum, blowing up the War Room in the process, (Lords and Masters) and left Gallifrey in his TARDIS, seeing his departure as “a mutual kicking [him] out.” (The Doctor Falls)


Still possessing blond hair and stubble, (The Abominable Showmen) the “Saxon” Master was greeted by a female incarnation of himself known as “Missy” who had developed a plan to form a band to hypnotise viewers of the Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars. His decaying thirteenth incarnation, the incarnation possessing the body of Tremas and the incarnation possessing the body of “Bruce” all joined in the plan, and the team spent”decades” practising. (The Five Masters) Much to his appreciation, he was allowed to play the drums. After unveiling their presence to the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, (The Abominable Showmen) The Masters prepared for their performance. However, the “Tremas” Master began to fight with Missy over the control of her device, believing that he alone could hold the universe in his grasp. The other Masters soon joined in the fight for power as well, while the “Saxon” Master joined seemingly for the fun of it. The five were quickly disqualified, seemingly destroying them. (The Five Masters)


Eventually, The Master landed on a Mondasian colony ship which was experiencing time dilation due to pulling itself away from a black hole, and took over the city on Floor 1056, where he “lived like a king until they rebelled against [his] cruelty”. Attempting to escape, but being”too close to the event horizon”, The Master burned out his TARDIS’s dematerialisation circuit, stranding him on the colony ship. (The Doctor Falls) Disguising himself as “Razor”, The Master oversaw the “genesis of the Cybermen” with Operation Exodus.
While working for a hospital hosting the Conversion Theatre, The Master found Bill Potts, who had been given a cybernetic chestpiece after being shot on Floor 0000. (World Enough and Time) The two of them spent ten years on the lower decks, (The Doctor Falls) where The Master learned that the Twelfth Doctor was at the front of the ship. Studying the woman travelling with the Doctor, Missy, The Master eventually deduced that she was a future incarnation of himself trying to turn good. Becoming”concerned about [his] future”, The Master lured Bill into surgery for full cyber-conversion, knowing that The Doctor would never forgive him for it. Watching as The Doctor, Nardole, and Missy arrived, The Master revealed his identity to Missy, and the two of them gloated to The Doctor about the fate of his companion. (World Enough and Time)
Restraining The Doctor before taking him to the hospital roof, The Master flirted and danced with Missy until the Cybermen turned on them due to The Doctor tinkering with the computers. Just as Nardole arrived with a stolen shuttlecraft, The Doctor was attacked by one of the Cybermen. The Master and Missy attempted to convince Nardole to leave without him, but their shuttle was stopped by the Cyber-converted Bill, who still retained her humanity. Crashing through 549 floors of the colony ship, the shuttlecraft gave out at one of the solar farms. (The Doctor Falls)
While The Doctor recovered from their escape, The Master, accompanied by Missy, ventured back down the colony ship to revert The Doctor’s tinkering and regain control of the Cybermen, though they were followed by Alit. Ultimately, however, The Master was unable regain control of the Cybermen. (Alit in Underland)
After two weeks of searching, The Master and Missy found disguised lifts, but Missy accidentally summoned the Cybermen in her attempt to escape. Unable to return to The Doctor’s TARDIS due to how quickly time was moving on the floor of the Cybermen, The Doctor insisted that they had to prepare for a confrontation.
As The Doctor prepared to fight, The Master explained to Missy how he had blown the dematerialisation circuit in his TARDIS, which was surrounded by Cybermen on the bottom floor. Missy, recalling an instance where a very scary woman had pushed him up against a wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, pushed The Master against the wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, revealing the spare dematerialisation circuit she kept on her person. Before departing, however, the pair asked what The Doctor’s plan was, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to save everyone on the ship. As The Doctor explained that he wanted to save these people simply because it was the right thing to do and tried to implore The Master to stand with him in the battle, The Master made his refusal of the offer known, and he left with Missy. (The Doctor Falls)


As they prepared to depart, Missy offered to hug The Master and, after stating her enjoyment for being him, she stabbed The Master in the back, mortally wounding him in order to force his regeneration into her. However, Missy made the wound precise so that The Master would have time to reach his TARDIS before the regeneration occurred. As he was helped into the lift, The Master asked Missy to explain herself, and she told him she planned to stand with the Doctor, believing they had been leading towards it their entire lives. Furious, The Master declared that he would never stand with the Doctor, and shot Missy in the back with his laser screwdriver at full blast, mortally wounding his future incarnation past the point of regeneration. Laughing, The Master declared that their perfect ending was always going to be “shoot[ing] [them]selves in the back.” Still laughing and in pain, The Master returned to Floor 1056 in the lift, leaving Missy to die alone. (The Doctor Falls)


After returning to his TARDIS, The Master regenerated into his nineteenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) the same incarnation that had fatally wounded him. (The Doctor Falls) Due to the presence of her older self during the events surrounding his regeneration, she was left unable to recall the exact specifics of it due to their timelines being out of sync, (The Doctor Falls) recalling only that she woke up in a female body, (The Bekdel Test) and also lost all knowledge of his time on the Mondasian colony ship, (World Enough and Time) save only that a”very scary lady” advised him to always carry a spare dematerialisation circuit. (The Doctor Falls)


As with her previous incarnations, The Master went to the Scoundrels Club to recover from the regeneration. After she was ousted from the Club by Harrison Mandeville for being a woman, Missy went on to systematically kill specific members for her revenge, and recruited an 18th century slave at the Mandeville sugar plantation named Saffron.
While Saffron infiltrated the Club through the kitchens, (Dismemberment) Missy was brought to the Bekdel Institute, where she encountered River Song. After Missy taunted her, and killed a few of the other prisoners, River realised she could help her escape. To throw off the Director, she created two sets of solidograms, similar to him, one to be placed in the detention cells, while the other set to be caught in the sewers. It was around this time they figured out that the prisoners were in fact solidograms, generated by the main computer. While Missy and River meddled with the systems, they figured out that they were brought to the prison to check if the Eleventh Doctor was really dead after his assassination. They finally escaped after Missy tricked the computer into thinking that the inside was the outside and vice versa. Missy and River were transported to a planet, where Missy got back to her TARDIS. She told River that she knew something about her future, but that she couldn’t tell. Missy also explained that she couldn’t kill River because she was a complicated space-time event. Missy then teleported River back to Stormcage, just for the fun of it. (The Bekdel Test)
Missy decided to manoeuvre Clara Oswald into becoming The Doctor’s companion, believing that Clara was just the right companion to attract The Doctor’s interest and make it easier for Missy to emotionally manipulate him, (Death in Heaven) showing him”the friend inside the enemy, [and] the enemy inside the friend.” (The Witch’s Familiar) Ashildr believed that Missy placed the two together so that that The Doctor and Clara in tandem would become the Hybrid of Gallifreyan myth. (Hell Bent) In 2013, Missy gave Clara The Doctor’s phone number, claiming that it was a tech support line, leading Clara to meet the Eleventh Doctor. (The Bells of St John, Death in Heaven) She then kept The Doctor and Clara together into The Doctor’s twelfth incarnation by placing an ad in a newspaper for Mancini’s Family Restaurant. (Deep Breath, Death in Heaven)
After killing Clara’s boyfriend, Danny Pink, by running him over with a milk float, Missy returned to the Scoundrels Club to finalise her revenge by having Saffron poison the last remaining members with a temporary paralysing agent. After stranding the majority of the members in the past to act as slave labour, Missy taunted Mandeville a final time by permanently paralysing him and propping him up as furniture, while she made plans for Dr Skarosa. (Dismemberment)
Under unknown circumstances, Missy managed to acquire a vortex manipulator. (The Magician’s Apprentice) After being separated from her TARDIS by unknown circumstances, Missy began relying on the vortex manipulator to travel. (Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated)


Working with the Cybermen, Missy founded the 3W Institute, in order to create a Cyberman army of the dead. (Dark Water) Needing to collect matrix slices that she had acquired in her previous incarnation, Missy travelled to London to meet her former wife, Lucy Saxon, who had been sent to sell three matrix data slices to another incarnation of the Master. Missy spoke to Lucy about her husband and told her that one day she would have to kill him with a gun. Lucy listened to her story about what would happen to her, and how it would all work out, though she did not tell Lucy that these events would also result in her death. Lucy agreed to the terms and gave Missy the three matrix slices. (The Unwanted Gift of Prophecy) Missy used the matrix data slices to create the Nethersphere, where she uploaded dying minds to. This reality changed and rewrote the minds, removing their emotions before re-downloading them into their Cyber-converted bodies. (Dark Water)
Missy went along The Doctor’s timeline and greeted people who died in connection with him, (Death in Heaven) such as the Half-Face Man (Deep Breath) and Gretchen Carlisle. (Into the Dalek) Finding this made her “a bit busy”, (The Caretaker) Missy began to secretly monitor the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, (Flatline) as she did when Earth was saved from a solar flare by a forest that grew overnight. (In the Forest of the Night)
Missy finally met the Twelfth Doctor and Clara at one of 3W’s mausoleums, which was hidden inside St Paul’s Cathedral (Dark Water) with dimensional engineering. (Death in Heaven) Initially posing as an android, Missy revealed her true identity to him as the Cybermen marched out onto the streets of London. (Dark Water) Missy was quickly captured by UNIT, having anonymously tipped them off on the Cybermen’s presence. She watched as Cybermen flew into the sky and exploded above major population centres, creating clouds that rained Cyber-pollen, turning the dead into Cybermen. Taken onto Boat One along with the Doctor, she sent out a signal to the Cybermen, to attack the plane before freeing herself, (Death in Heaven) and disintegrating the Zygon Osgood. (Narcissus) Missy then ordered the Cybermen to remove a piece of the fuselage, causing Kate Stewart and the Doctor to be sucked out before ordering the Cybermen to destroy the plane, and teleporting away. In the Nethersphere, Missy and Seb watched The Doctor free falling and saving himself by using his key to summon the TARDIS. When Seb got overexcited at this dramatic turn of events, Missy casually disintegrated him.
After The Doctor found out from the Cyber-converted Danny Pink that she planned to have the Cyber-pollen fall again so that humanity would be reborn as Cybermen, Missy then arrived to give The Doctor control of the Cybermen, wanting him to use them as his army, in the hopes of proving the similarities between them. However, after pondering the idea, The Doctor proclaimed himself to be simply an “idiot with a box” rather than a general or any sort of leader. He turned control over to Danny, who ordered the army into the sky to destroy themselves, dispersing the threatening rain clouds.
After the threat of the Cybermen had ended, Missy gave The Doctor coordinates to the current location of Gallifrey, lying to The Doctor that the planet had returned to its original location and that she and the Doctor could travel there together. However, Clara, using Missy’s own weapon, decided to kill her. The Doctor wouldn’t let Clara kill Missy, and decided to kill his old friend himself to “save [Clara’s] soul”. Before he could fire the weapon, however, Missy was shot by the late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, who had been resurrected by the Cyber-pollen, (Death in Heaven) but Missy used the energy from the blaster to recharge her vortex manipulator and escape undetected. (The Witch’s Familiar)


While searching for a replacement power source for her TARDIS’s Eye of Harmony, Missy was forced into working for the High Council by the General, with Yayani being assigned her “companion” in her mission to investigate time experiments at the Kyme Institute. At the Kyme Institute, Missy and Yayani found that Doctor Kalub was keeping a pregnant creature confined in a bubble of time energy, constantly shifting between life and death. Having paralysed Kalub with her sonic umbrella, Missy goaded Yayani into killing him, and then killed Yayani with the Tissue Compression Eliminator, sending her remains back to the General with a warning not to bother her again, as she had jettisoned her Eye of Harmony, replacing it with Kalub’s creature. (Lords and Masters)
Enslaving a reality changing bear by the name of Teddy Sparkles, Missy arranged for herself to become governess at Queen Square, and used the innocence of the children to manipulate them and Teddy Sparkles into wishing for a future where they became influential entrepreneurs. When the time was right, Missy tried to threaten the children, having grown up to be very well connected, into handing her the means to dominate the Earth, but Teddy Sparkles was able to reverse the timeline to stop Missy, though he had to sacrifice his life to completely to fix the timeline afterwards. However, he was able to change reality enough to have Missy known throughout the world of 1925 as the nicest governess of all time, forcing her to leave in humiliation. (Teddy Sparkles Must Die!)


After she was given The Doctor’s confession dial from Ohila, Missy tried to find The Doctor to get answers, but was unable to locate him. Needing assistance, Missy got the attention of both Clara and UNIT by freezing all the airborne planes on Earth in time. Managing to arrange a treaty with Clara, Missy helped UNIT deduce that The Doctor was hiding in 1138 Essex, and used her vortex manipulator to transfer herself and Clara to the location, where The Doctor was throwing a party.
When Colony Sarff arrived to capture The Doctor, having been led there by following Missy and Clara, Clara volunteered herself and Missy as prisoners, and were taken to Skaro. While The Doctor was taken to Davros, Missy and Clara escaped their cell, but were soon captured by a Dalek. They were taken to the other Daleks and seemingly exterminated. (The Magician’s Apprentice) However, Missy and Clara had survived by using the Dalek blasts to recharge Missy’s vortex manipulator and the one she gave Clara, and teleporting from the Dalek city, burning them out in the process.
Missy and Clara entered the Dalek sewers, composed of rotting Daleks, with Missy using Clara to lure a Dalek there. She cut through its case using her dwarf star alloy brooch, enabling the rotting Daleks to kill it. She put Clara inside the case and pretended to be her prisoner, enabling her to re-enter the Dalek control room and propose an alliance with them. When the Daleks began to gain Time Lord regeneration energy, Missy used their incapacitation to find The Doctor. She used a Dalek gun to shoot Colony Sarff, saving The Doctor. She then watched as The Doctor toyed with Davros about the revived Daleks in the sewers and even tapped Davros’ Dalek eye as they made their escape.
With the city being destroyed by the regenerated sewer Daleks, Missy tried to trick The Doctor into killing Clara inside the Dalek. However, The Doctor realised the deception and told Missy to run. Trying to escape, she was surrounded by Daleks when the city crumbled in on itself, but purported that she had “a really clever idea”. (The Witch’s Familiar) One Gallifreyan believed that, after she escaped the Daleks on Skaro, Missy went back to Gallifrey and told Rassilon that The Doctor knew about the Hybrid. (A Brief History of Time Lords)


After eluding the Daleks, Missy was forced into the Time Vortex, where her TARDIS collided with a Gryphon time ship. Caught in a temporal embrace, the Gryphons attacked Missy’s TARDIS, and Missy was forced to land in St Mark’s Square in Venice. With her dematerialisation circuit damaged from the attack, Missy walked through the market to get her bearings, and had the circuit stolen by pickpockets Mario and Antonia. Pursuing Mario, Missy saw him being absorbed by a temporal shift with her circuit, and later found it in a museum.
Knowing she would need to venture into the temporal shift to retrieve her circuit, Missy met with a local museum curator to find out where the circuit was located, and then travelled through the temporal shift to 14th century Venice with Antonia, where they found the Gryphons attacking. Separating from Antonia, Missy found Mario’s deceased body and retrieved her dematerialisation circuit. Telling Antonia that Mario had been sent back, Missy and Antonia returned to modern Venice, where Missy reverted the damages of the temporal shift by flooding Venice. (The Liar, the Glitch and the War Zone)
Hearing that The Doctor and Clara had been forced to enter The Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars, Missy came up with a new plan for universal domination. Travelling through her time stream, she recruited her decaying thirteenth incarnation, The Master in the stolen body of Tremas, The Master in the stolen body of Bruce and the “Harold Saxon” Master, and formed a band to compete on the show. The group planned to use the popularity of the program to hypnotise the audiences across the galaxy. According to Missy, the five spent”decades” preparing for the performance. (The Five Masters)
The group went on before Clara and the Doctor due to a shift in the program’s schedule, and the five revealed themselves to the pair. (The Abominable Showmen) Missy expected The Doctor to attempt to stop the five of them, or to at least esquire on their plans, but The Doctor refused to intervene or question their scheme. After much prying, The Doctor correctly predicted the group’s plan, but still refused to intervene as they started their song. As she prepared to hypnotise her audience, her previous incarnations began to fight with her over her device, as each wanted to control the universe without the others. During the fight, viewers began to turn off their sets and the group were soon all disqualified and were thus blown up, although neither Clara nor The Doctor believed that they had truly been killed. (The Five Masters)
Missy became a headteacher for the school Saxon Heights after she had done away with the previous one. She implemented new and strange rules, such as a school uniform that was almost identical to her own clothing, and getting rid of everyone’s mobile communication devices, with her excuse being that they were used too often. However, the real reason was because that she wanted to summon up a Daemon by hooking up her newly acquired devices to a transmitter. The Osgoods found this out and had UNIT stop her, although Missy managed to escape. (Yes, Missy)
Missy goaded The Doctor into following her through various time periods while she stole valuable items. The Doctor was too late to stop her each time. Finally catching up with her in the Stone Age, The Doctor revealed to her that he had discovered her true plan: to leave Cybermats behind where she stole each item. Missy expressed her desire to further reveal her plan to him. The Doctor instead refused to listen and boarded the TARDIS in search of some lunch. (Dr. Twelfth)
In 1963, Missy filled in as Coal Hill School’s supply room teacher. She added a ladder to the supply room which allowed the First Doctor and Shivani Bajwa to escape a pack of alien wolves. Shivani later described the incident to Missy and thanked her for the ladder. (Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill)


After she was captured by an unnamed species on an unnamed planet, Missy was sentenced to death. In accordance with their Fatality Index, The Doctor was chosen to carry out the sentence. However, he sabotaged the execution machine so that she was knocked unconscious instead of being killed. Swearing an oath to guard Missy’s”body” for a thousand years, The Doctor scared the executioners away and had Nardole place her inside a Quantum Fold Chamber. (Extremis) The Doctor and Nardole transported the vault to St Luke’s University, where they continued to guard it for several decades. (The Pilot) Missy would occasionally ask Nardole to order items for her, and the Doctor would have to approve her requests. (Girl Power!)
While inside the Vault, Missy began reading up on how women were treated by history, and decided to help inspire a select group of women to rise against their male oppressors with a Spacebook group chat. However, The Doctor, thinking Missy was plotting an elaborate escape by messing with history, infiltrated the chat with the username”Circe” and dismantled Missy’s leadership of the women. Missy then swore off ever trying to help the human race, and instead began a new campaign for the rats of Earth. (Girl Power!)
In 2017, (Knock Knock) after The Doctor began travelling with Bill Potts, (The Pilot) Missy began banging on the doors of the vault, only for Nardole to assert that he would stand guard and prevent her escape. (Thin Ice) When he later double-checked the locks, she started playing Für Elise on a piano The Doctor had given her. Once Nardole was dismissed by The Doctor, Missy started playing Pop Goes The Weasel when The Doctor told her about his adventure at 11 Cardinal Road. (Knock Knock)
After he received an email from a simulation of himself warning of an upcoming invasion, The Doctor became tempted to release Missy from the vault. (Extremis) When The Monks later occupied the Earth, The Doctor was kept prisoner for six months. After Bill helped him escape, he decided to consult Missy on how to defeat The Monks. Missy revealed she had dealt with them before, and that the only way to weaken their grip on power was to kill the psychic lynchpin being beamed to the whole planet. After The Monks had been driven off-world, The Doctor visited Missy in the vault again. This time, she claimed to be in deep regret of all the people she had killed throughout her lifetimes. The Doctor assured her she was making good progress on her redemption. (The Lie of the Land)
Nardole later released Missy from the vault so that she could help him return the TARDIS to 1881 Mars. However, as The Doctor reminded her, she was acting against their agreement and that he would put her back in the vault. (Empress of Mars)
Deciding Missy was worth trusting, The Doctor released her from the Vault to perform maintenance work on the TARDIS while he took Bill and Nardole to find the lost Roman legion. Missy finished the work, and then took to watching The Doctor until he returned some days later. Nardole was frustrated that The Doctor had freed her, but he brushed him off, preferring to see if Missy had learned anything. Missy later cried as The Doctor watched on, both wondering if it was possible for them to be friends again and whether Missy was finally becoming the person The Doctor had desired to make her. (The Eaters of Light)


To test Missy’s goodness, The Doctor recruited Bill and Nardole to be her “companions” and followed a distress signal to a colony ship While The Doctor monitored Missy’s progress from the TARDIS. However, Missy was ill-prepared to handle a frightened crewmember, Jorj, who subsequently shot Bill, she was carried off by passengers from Floor 1056. Missy accompanied The Doctor and Nardole in the lift to Floor 1056, (World Enough and Time) where a time portal appeared. A humanoid hand reached out of the portal, and a voice asked to “grab on”, before it disappeared. (The Road To…) After reaching Floor 1056, The Doctor left Missy in charge of gleaning information from the computers. She discovered that the colony ship originated from Mondas while being pestered by a man called”Razor “, who, upon confrontation, revealed himself to be her past self, who Missy appeared to join forces with for the “Genesis of the Cybermen”. (World Enough and Time)
However, when the Cybermen turned on them, Missy knocked The Master down and claimed to have been playing him While still on The Doctor’s side, but then admitted to being unsure of her allegiance. Just as Nardole arrived with a stolen shuttlecraft, The Doctor was attacked by one of the Cybermen. Missy entered the shuttle after The Master, as her younger self attempted to convince Nardole to leave without him. However, their shuttle was stopped by the Cyber-converted Bill, who still retained her humanity. Crashing through the floors, the shuttlecraft gave out at one of the solar farms on Floor 0507. (The Doctor Falls) While The Doctor recovered, Missy joined The Master in venturing into the lower floors of the ship to try and regain control of the Cybermen, but their efforts proved to be for naught. (Alit in Underland)
After two weeks of searching, The Master and Missy found disguised lifts, but Missy accidentally summoned the Cybermen in her attempt to escape. Unable to return to The Doctor’s TARDIS due to how quickly time was moving on the floor of the Cybermen, The Doctor insisted that they had to prepare for a confrontation.
As The Doctor prepared to fight, The Master explained to Missy how he had blown the dematerialisation circuit in his TARDIS, which was surrounded by Cybermen on the bottom floor. Missy, recalling an instance where a very scary woman had pushed him up against a wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, pushed The Master against the wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, revealing the spare dematerialisation circuit she kept on her person. Before departing, however, the pair asked what The Doctor’s plan was, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to save everyone on the ship. As The Doctor explained that he wanted to save these people simply because it was the right thing to do and then implored The Master to stand with him, something The Master rejected, but Missy, speaking with the Doctor in private, admitted that she too wanted to stand with the Doctor as an ally, but still left with The Master. (The Doctor Falls)


As they prepared to depart, Missy offered to hug The Master and, after stating her enjoyment for being him, she stabbed The Master in the back, mortally wounding him in order to force his regeneration into her, but made the wound precise so that he would have time to reach his TARDIS before the regeneration occurred. Missy then helped The Master into the lift, explaining that she planned to stand with the Doctor and that it was the inevitable end that they had been leading towards their entire lives. However, The Master, declaring that he would never stand with the Doctor, shot Missy in the back with his laser screwdriver at full blast, mortally wounding her beyond the point of regeneration. With both of them laughing, The Master declared that their perfect ending was always going to be “shoot[ing] [them]selves in the back.” As The Master departed for his TARDIS, Missy collapsed to the ground and seemingly died. (The Doctor Falls)


At one point, The Master returned to Gallifrey, where he learned the truth of the Timeless Child. Enraged that he had been lied to about who the Time Lords were as a species, The Master decided he had to “make them pay”, he ravaged Gallifrey and left the Citadel in a flaming ruin, having apparently killed all of the Time Lords. (Spyfall)


Wanting to send a message to The Doctor about what had transpired on Gallifrey, The Master found a species known as the Kasaavin from another dimension had embedded across the universe as sleeper agents. Brokering an alliance with them, The Master recruited Daniel Barton into his plan to trap The Doctor by proposing that Barton and the Kasaavin turn the human race into hard drives. As part of the plan, The Master arranged for “The Silver Lady” to be delivered to Charles Babbage, and that it was passed on to those who would influence the development of computers through history until it ended up with Barton. The Master used his Tissue Compression Eliminator to kill a newly-recruited MI6 agent on his first day, and took his place. He was put to work as an analyst known as “Horizon Watcher “, and given the codename”O” as a joke on how his superior, “C”, would react to his presence. During his time at MI6, The Master crossed paths with the Doctor in an unknown incarnation. Not recognising The Master, The Doctor stayed in contact with”O” via text messages.”O” was eventually sacked by C sometime prior to 2020, and the Master went into hiding in Australia, using his TARDIS as a hideout.
By 2020, the Kasaavin began to attack spies from different agencies all across the Earth once the intelligence services started to realise their presence, leading MI6 to track down the Thirteenth Doctor. While The Doctor was at MI6’s HQ, The Master personally assassinated C, and the Kasaavin forced The Doctor and her friends to flee to “O”‘s alleged location in the Great Victoria Desert. Upon their arrival, “O” greeted The Doctor and Graham O’Brien. He assisted The Doctor by sharing his findings and, after a staged Kasaavin attack, travelled with Team TARDIS to confront Barton.
At Barton’s party, “O” blended in with the other guests until Barton fled, making the team pursue him to an airport. As Barton was about to take off, the team ran to the plane, with”O” almost not catching up, using the excuse that he was terrible at sprinting. This triggered The Doctor’s suspicion, as “O”‘s file said he was a champion sprinter. After being confronted over the inconsistency, The Master revealed his true identity, even showing Team TARDIS the shrunken corpse of the real”O”. He then revealed he had been working with Barton and the Kasaavin, and left Team TARDIS on the plane as he detonated a bomb in the cockpit.
Alerted to The Doctor’s survival by Barton, The Master followed her to 1834 London, where he held a crowd at the Adelaide Gallery hostage to draw out The Doctor. However, after a brief conversation with her, The Master was forced to flee when attacked by Ada Gordon.
The Master next chased The Doctor and Ada to 1943 Paris, where he set himself up as German officer using a Tiny Teutonic psychic perception filter to hide his non-Aryan appearance from the Nazis. Once The Doctor made contact with him, The Master met her atop the Eiffel Tower, where he revealed his real plan had been to get The Doctor’s attention and persuade her to return to Gallifrey. However, The Doctor had had Noor Inayat Khan leak information to the Nazis of the Master being a double agent, and, as they came to arrest him, deactivated the perception filter to ensure his capture while she stole his TARDIS. After seventy-seven years of waiting, The Master finally caught up to Team TARDIS back in 2020, just as the Kasaavin were enacting their invasion. However, The Doctor thwarted The Master’s plot and exposed to the Kasaavin The Master’s plan to betray them and Barton. Furious, the Kasaavin captured The Master, trapping him in their reality. (Spyfall)
Despite his imprisonment, The Doctor later believed that The Master had escaped and was actively searching for him, partially motivated by her desire to learn more of what had driven him to ravage Gallifrey. (Fugitive of the Judoon)


* At some point before his first incarnation’s exploits on Destination, The Master claimed to have met Harry Houdini. (The Destination Wars)
* The Master travelled with Finsey, a woman who was fascinated by his evilness, until he saw no further use for her and tried to have her killed. (The Transcendence of Ephros)
* Missy claimed to have fought and defeated The Monks on a planet by pushing The Monks’ lynchpin into a volcano. (The Lie of the Land)
* While in the form of a”snake”, The Master visited the Scoundrels Club and sat in his favourite chair, taking notice how his snake form went unnoticed. (Dismemberment)
Other realities

The Sild captured all of the Master’s incarnations from every time stream. (Harvest of Time)


In an alternate timeline where the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, (COMIC, Supremacy of the Cybermen) The Master, while fighting the Third Doctor, was caught up in a time distortion which resulted in him being cyber-converted While pleading to The Doctor for help. (Prologue: the Third Doctor)


In the Inferno Earth, The Master was still a loyal Time Lord who went under the name Koschei. He was working for the Celestial Intervention Agency and travelled with a human companion called Ailla. They became stranded on Earth after defeating the Great Intelligence, and the Republic of Great Britain captured him for information. Ailla was killed and Koschei was tortured until all his regenerations were used up. Koschei died when he was confronted by The Master from N-Space, who turned off his life-support machine at his request. (The Face of the Enemy)
In an alternative universe created by the Quantum Archangel, The Master joined the Time Lords to fight in the War. However, he began aiding the Daleks by giving them temporal manipulation technology. The Sixth Doctor, who was Lord President Admiral of Gallifrey, activated the Armageddon Sapphire and destroyed the universe rather than letting the Enemy win. (The Quantum Archangel)
In a different alternative universe created by the Archangel, The Master cooperated alongside The Rani, The Monk and Drax to try to destroy the world using a DNA recombinator, turning the human race into a gestalt consciousness which could be used as a weapon to conquer the universe. (The Quantum Archangel)


In a future that never existed, (Fast Asleep) The Master became intent on manipulating events to remove many of his actions from the Last Great Time War, even as it was timelocked. (The Judas Goatee) The Master operated on the brain of his TARDIS during the Last Great Time War, which resulted in a chronal tumour protruding from one side of the console, (The One) though he never activated the tumour. (Running to Stay Still) The Master’s plan was a success, as his TARDIS was taken into the Time War by Alice Obiefune, (Running to Stay Still) where it was stolen by The Master’s younger self. This created a massive paradox, spiralling the time-ship out of control. (Kill God)


The Master was prone to betraying alliances, even and especially with versions of themselves from other points in time. (The Five Masters)
The Master was the polar opposite of the Doctorin almost every respect, condescending, arrogant, vain, and lusting for power. (Terror of the Autons, Colony in Space, The Sound of Drums) However, The Master’s insanity was in part due to the High Council from Gallifrey’s future sending a four-beat rhythm of drums into The Master’s mind, (The End of Time) with the Tenth Doctor recalling that staring into the Untempered Schism as a child caused The Master’s personality to change. (The Sound of Drums)
The Master had the ability to control their regenerations, with each face selected bearing an imprint of their mind, leading The Master to keep the same characteristics across various regenerations. (Harvest of Time) Comfortable with their villainous reputation, The Master took insults about their wickedness as compliments, (The Time Monster, The Five Doctors, The TV Movie, The Sound of Drums) and reacted with offence if someone asked them if they had turned over a new leaf, (The Magician’s Apprentice) to the point that they refused to even acknowledge The Doctor’s attempts to change them. (The Doctor Falls)
When introducing himself, or enthralling someone, The Master would usually say, “I am The Master and you will obey me.” (Planet of Fire) He also liked to say “my dear Doctor” when addressing his adversary. (Colony in Space, The Sea Devils, Time-Flight, The Caves of Androzani, The Doctor Falls)
Unlike The Doctor, who usually needed their companions to convince people that they knew what they were doing, The Master had no problem manipulating people into helping him with his evil plans. (The Time Monster, The TV Movie)
Extremely self-centred, The Master was willing to destroy Gallifrey to regenerate himself, (The Deadly Assassin) believed that the battle for the Glory was to be between him and the Eighth Doctor, (The Glorious Dead) thought that Carmen’s prophecy referred exclusively to him, (The End of Time) and viewed The Doctor’s saving Gallifrey as an attempt to save her. (Death in Heaven) So great was The Master’s ego that he was unable to work with his other incarnations, with the “UNIT enemy” incarnation being psychically attacked by his other selves when he took control of the Sild’s telepathic network, (Harvest of Time) and the Seventh Doctor defeating the “Decayed” and “Bald” Masters by tricking them into arguing with themselves over ownership of the universe. (The Two Masters) Though the “Harold Saxon” Master and Missy worked more amicably, their clashing views on helping the Twelfth Doctor eventually led them to killing each other out of spite. (The Doctor Falls)
The Master’s schemes usually fell into three categories, conquest, (Terror of the Autons, The Mind of Evil, Colony in Space, The Dæmons, The Time Monster, Logopolis, The Sound of Drums) survival, (The Deadly Assassin, The Keeper of Traken, The Five Doctors, Planet of Fire, Survival, The TV Movie, The End of Time) and the death of the Doctor. (Castrovalva, The Ultimate Foe) Similar to The Monk, The Master would also, on occasion, attempt to disturb the flow of history, (The King’s Demons, The Mark of the Rani) and, when imprisoned, would devote their energies to gaining their freedom. (The Claws of Axos, The Sea Devils, Time-Flight, Utopia, The Doctor Falls)
Throughout their lives, The Master would adopt many disguises and aliases, often to pursue their goals, (Terror of the Autons, The Mind of Evil, Colony in Space, The Dæmons, The Time Monster, Frontier in Space, Castrovalva, The Sound of Drums, Spyfall) though other times with no reason or explanation given. (Time-Flight, The Mark of the Rani) He even stated in his ‘Harold Saxon’ incarnation that he “loves disguises”. (World Enough and Time)
The Master’s disguises ranged from the providence of false qualifications, (Terror of the Autons, The Mind of Evil, Colony in Space, The Dæmons, The Time Monster, Frontier in Space, The Sound of Drums) to employing masks and heavy makeup (Terror of the Autons, The Mind of Evil, The Claws of Axos, Castrovalva, Time-Flight, The King’s Demons, World Enough and Time) or a change of clothing, (The Sea Devils, Logopolis, The Mark of the Rani, Spyfall) to even changing physical forms. (The Keeper of Traken, Utopia, Dark Water, Spyfall)
In a show of vanity, The Master’s choice of alias would often reflect their title of “Master”. (Terror of the Autons, The Dæmons, The Time Monster, The King’s Demons, The Sound of Drums, Dark Water,Doctor Who Fights Masterplan “Q”, Night Flight to Nowhere, The Time Savers, Legacy of the Daleks, Last of the Gaderene, The Quantum Archangel, The Duke of Dominoes, The Spear of Destiny, Yes, Missy, Dust Breeding, Trail of the White Worm, Mastermind, The Evil One, And You Will Obey Me, Masterpiece, The Two Masters, The Coney Island Chameleon)
Before their first battle, the Third Doctor called The Master a”jackanapes” and an “unimaginative plodder”, (Terror of the Autons) but later came to view him as the “personification of evil”. (The Sea Devils) the Fourth Doctor described The Master as both the “quintessence of evil”, (The Deadly Assassin) and a”vengeance fixated sociopath with megalomaniacal tendencies”. (Trail of the White Worm)
However, the Seventh Doctor recognised The Master as an “evil genius”, (Survival) with the Tenth Doctor sincerely calling him”stone-cold brilliant”. (The End of Time)
High Council President Borusa described The Master as “one of the most evil and corrupt beings [the] Time Lord race [had] ever produced” and that his “crimes [were] without number, and [his] villainy without end.” (The Five Doctors) Rassilon described The Master as the Time Lords”most infamous child”. (The End of Time)
Iris Wildthyme called The Master a”phallocentric dope”, (The Scarlet Empress) While Ashildr described Missy as the “lover of chaos”. (Hell Bent)


According to a dream the Fifth Doctor had under the control of the Celestial Toymaker, Koschei admired Magnus’ ability to command people, and wished that he could one day learn to do the same. (Divided Loyalties)
The Master was good friends with the First Doctor at the Time Lord Academy, and the two bonded over a mutual promise to someday explore the universe together. The Twelfth Doctor later recalled that he was “always so brilliant” from the first day at the Academy. The Doctor developed a”man-crush” on him during this time. (World Enough and Time)
Susan Foreman remembered The Master as a highly regarded man, as a”stickler for the rules” with”meritorious conduct”. (Time and Relative) the Fifth Doctor believed that his obsession with him was the driving force for him leaving Gallifrey. (The Toy)


The “Renegade” Master was very self-centred, willing to influence a whole planet’s development to refuel his craft, and equally willing to abandon his plans just to steal The Doctor’s ship. He found amusement in shaping a culture to his benefit. He looked down on others as his inferiors, claiming to have “longed for a mind equal to [his] own” when confronting The Doctor on Destination. He particular disregard humans as “ape descended primitives”.
He used his hypnotic abilities regularly, subjugating even adepts such as Susan Foreman with ease. (The Destination Wars)


As the rival of the Third Doctor, The Master was often arrogant and impatient, taken to be rude towards all and showing no tolerance for stupidity. (The Dæmons, The Sea Devils, The Time Monster, Frontier in Space) To sway others to his way of thinking, The Master acted as a suave and debonair gentleman, with a sardonic sense of humour. (Terror of the Autons, The Time Monster) When his own survival was at stake, The Master would not hesitate to betray his allies to save himself. (The Claws of Axos)
The Master was willing to play the long game, spinning a web of lies While maintaining several back-ups in his schemes. (The Mind of Evil) He seemed to truly believe his delusions of grandeur, proclaiming that he and the Doctor could “reign benevolently, ” ending”war, suffering [and] disease, ” (Colony in Space) and that, instead of “all this talk of democracy, freedom, [and] liberty”, the world needed”strength, power and decision.” (The Dæmons) When The Doctor accused him of being paranoid, The Master stated that everyone was paranoid, he was just honest about his paranoia. (The Time Monster)
The Master held himself in high-esteem, even believing himself immune to the mind parasite within the Keller Machine, when in truth, he was only able to resist its attack on him for a short time, and with great effort. (The Mind of Evil) He also demonstrated a strong confidence in himself when he walked into the UNIT HQ on the edge of London without fear of capture, instead hypnotising a handful of UNIT personnel. (The Claws of Axos)
The “UNIT enemy” Master also had a juvenile side to him, making blithely sarcastic comments about an impending nuclear meltdown, (The Claws of Axos) enjoying an episode of Clangers in his prison cell, (The Sea Devils) and reading The War of the Worlds While trying to instigate a war between Earth and Draconia. (Frontier in Space) He also had a sadistic side, taking particular pleasure in goading the Brigadier into attacking Axos when they both knew that it would put The Doctor and Jo Grant in danger. (The Claws of Axos) He also took considerable delight in blackmailing The Doctor and Jo on Uxarieus. (Colony in Space)
The Master often killed people, casually murdering those whom he could not control, (Terror of the Autons) or who were standing in the way of an item he required. (The Claws of Axos) He believed that those who died as a result of his schemes to be “necessary sacrifice[s]”. (The Sea Devils)
Unlike his following incarnations, the “UNIT enemy” Master was rarely resentful, instead accepting defeat with only a slight annoyance, (The Dæmons, Frontier in Space) though he once stated that destroying The Doctor’s favourite species would”be a reward in itself”. (The Sea Devils) The Master also learned from his mistakes, placing an alarm in his TARDIS (Colony in Space) after The Doctor stole his dematerialisation circuit. (Terror of the Autons)
Being a haughty psychopath, he regarded most beings as his inferiors, but had a mutual respect for The Doctor as a worthy opponent and his near intellectual equal, (Terror of the Autons, The Sea Devils) and even showed a certain respect to The Doctor’s companions, even if he still considered them inferior. (Frontier in Space) He often found himself unable to kill The Doctor, because that would rid him of the satisfaction of defeating him, (Legacy of the Daleks) and would only resort to killing The Doctor if he viewed him as an unmovable obstacle in his plans, (Terror of the Autons) considering his quarrel with the Doctor to be something of a game, [source needed] though he was willing to risk The Doctor’s life on the Keller Machine to satisfy his curiosity. (The Mind of Evil) However, The Master was not above working alongside The Doctor when necessary, (The Claws of Axos) and even offered to rule the universe with him. (Colony in Space)
While in Atlantis, The Master formed a relationship of sorts with Queen Galleia, remarking that she was beautiful and promising her power. Both Galleia and Lakis commented that The Master had “the bearing of a God”. (The Time Monster)
The “UNIT enemy” Master would occasionally smoke a cigar. (The Mind of Evil, The Time Monster)
A master manipulator, The Master knew how to use others’ greed and sense of duty as bargaining tools in his schemes, (The Claws of Axos, The Sea Devils) and how to use his authority as an adjudicator to manipulate and influence the human factions and their competing aspirations on Uxarieus. (Colony in Space)
The Master was also stronger than he appeared, as he was able to physically overpower Luigi Rossini, (Terror of the Autons) Harry Mailer, (The Mind of Evil) Smedley, (The Sea Devils) and John Benton. (The Time Monster) He was also able to make a small jump onto a moving lorry from a bridge, and then swing down to the driver’s cab to hypnotise the driver. (The Claws of Axos)
After an attack he made on the Twelfth Doctor was sent back at him, The Master, claiming he would get his revenge on The Doctor, proudly welcomed his regeneration, declaring that death was meaningless to him and that “all life [would] obey [him]”. (Doorway to Hell)


while he first approached a situation with youthful naivety, (The Two Masters) The Master later preoccupied his time with finding a way to regenerate following his disfigurement and the loss of his own ability to regenerate forcing him to face his imminent death. With his mobility and capabilities of camouflage decreased, he was often forced to hide his involvement in his plans until the very moment victory was within his grasp. (The Deadly Assassin, The Keeper of Traken)
The Master felt a stronger hatred towards The Doctor than before, specifically guiding the Fourth Doctor back to Gallifrey so he could be framed for the President’s assassination and executed in disgrace, (The Deadly Assassin) wished to personally kill a companion of the Doctor, (The Two Masters) and once hatched a plan that would have destroyed all The Doctors and unravelled the Web of Time simply for his revenge against The Doctor. (The Light at the End) He also disliked being compared to The Doctor. (Animal Instinct) Despite the animosity, The Master was able to have a civil conversation with the Doctor when it suited him, (Death Match) and showed shades of bitterness when he learned River Song was The Doctor’s wife. (Animal Instinct)
while he claimed that nothing he ever did”[was] ever pointless”, (The Light at the End) and that he only killed for “power”, (The Two Masters) The Master seemed more comfortable with killing people just for the sake of it, (The Light at the End) showing a sadistic pleasure when he resorted to killing, (The Keeper of Traken) and even destroyed the planet Raskalar for amusement. (Death Match) Despite this, the Seventh Doctor recalled how the “Decayed” Master was “generally a serious sort”, remembering how he was “cold and cruel.” (The Two Masters)
Leela claimed that the “Decayed” Master was “raw” and “honest”, as he “did not seem to hide [himself] away” and “disguise [his] hate”. (The Devil You Know)
In his degenerated state, The Master’s telepathic capabilities and willpower grew stronger, with The Master proclaiming that “only [his] hate [kept him] alive”. He was able to launch a telepathic message to The Doctor from Gallifrey to The Doctor’s TARDIS, (The Deadly Assassin) and, once he became the Keeper of Traken, The Master forced Tremas to kill Neman through sheer willpower, and also paralysed The Doctor to make him watch. (The Keeper of Traken) However, he was unable to hypnotise the Proto-Time Lord River Song. (Animal Instinct)
Meticulous in his schemes, the “Decayed” Master planned for every imaginable obstacle and putting in place a counter for it. (Trail of the White Worm, The Oseidon Adventure) He was willing to be patient with his plans, waiting inside his TARDIS for years to slowly seduce Kassia. (The Keeper of Traken)
“Tremas ” incarnation

After possessing Tremas’s body, The Master became a more flamboyantly evil, bombastic and sophisticated individual, (Logopolis, Castrovalva, Time-Flight, The King’s Demons, The Five Doctors, The Ultimate Foe) who only put trust in himself. (The Mark of the Rani) He was prone to laughing maniacally and reciting lengthy and verbose speeches, accompanied by melodramatic gestures and poses. (Time-Flight, The Five Doctors, The Mark of the Rani) the Seventh Doctor even recalled the “Tremas ” Master as having”a taste for melodrama.” (The Two Masters)
The “Tremas ” Master was unwilling to share any form of power with others, often betraying those he worked with to accomplish his own goals, (Logopolis, The Five Doctors, The Ultimate Foe, Survival) even when working with his other incarnations. (The Five Masters)
While in Tremas’s body, The Master became devoted to killing The Doctor, often employing elaborate gambits and strategies to this end. (Castrovalva, The Mark of the Rani, Destiny of the Doctors) However, he mused that a cosmos without The Doctor”scarcely bear[ed] thinking about “, and was willing to join forces with the Doctor if he viewed it as beneficial to himself. (Logopolis, The Five Doctors, The Ultimate Foe)
He showed a genuine disregard for life and was often uninterested in how many people died at his hands, (Logopolis, Castrovalva, The King’s Demons, Survival) and had a particular fondness for the Tissue Compression Eliminator. (Logopolis, Time-Flight, Planet of Fire, The Mark of the Rani) However, he showed an unusual level of moral standards when he apologised to Peri Brown for involving her in a battle that was originally supposed to be between him and the Sixth Doctor, and was genuinely horrified when The Rani’s contraption turned Luke Ward into a tree, although The Doctor considered it an example of how warped and callous The Master was if he thought that establishing that Luke’s death was an accident was any kind of excuse. (The Mark of the Rani)
The Master was delighted and satisfied when Lord President Borusa addressed him as “one of the most evil and corrupt beings [the] Time Lord race [had] ever produced”, but was surprised and outraged when his attempts to convince the Third Doctor of his sincerity was ridiculed and spurned. (The Five Doctors) He also thanked Mel Bush when she remarked on how “evil” he was. (The Ultimate Foe) When the Seventh Doctor questioned The Master’s decision to “act the villain”, The Master stated he was “famed for [the] role”, and claimed to enjoy the “typecasting”. (Crossing the Rubicon)

After he was infected by the Cheetah virus, The Master became more calm and calculating. However, as the virus took its toll, he became more animalistic and sadistic, taking satisfaction in murdering Karra and attempting to hit the Seventh Doctor’s head with a club during their fight. (Survival)
The “Tremas ” Master had various opinions of the first seven incarnations of the Doctor. He referred to the First Doctor as a”bore”, the Second Doctor as an “incapable comedian”, the Third Doctor as a”worthy foe”, the Fourth Doctor as “the bohemian, [and] the wanderer”, believed that the Fifth Doctor was “the nice one full of charm, innocence, and naiveté”, described the Sixth Doctor as “the blustering one with the stupid coat “, and that the Seventh Doctor was “too busy setting traps” to realise the ones”set for him”. (Destiny of the Doctors)
Unlike his predecessor, the “Tremas ” Master seemed unable to use natural hypnotism, instead using an Electro-muscular constrictor to enslave Nyssa, (Logopolis) causing misdirection to discreditedit the Fifth Doctor at Fitzwilliam Castle, (The King’s Demons) and took control of Luke Ward by combining hypnotic suggestion via a crystal necklace with The Rani’s mind parasites. (The Mark of the Rani) When his attempts to hypnotise Sabalom Glitz with a swinging silver pendant failed due to Glitz’s mind being occupied with calculating the wealth of the pendant, The Master resorted to offering Glitz a chest full of jewellery to ensure his cooperation. (The Ultimate Foe)
The “Tremas ” Master was able to accurately predict The Doctor’s movements, implementing multiple ways to kill him and manoeuvring him into them with relative ease. (Logopolis, Castrovalva, The Ultimate Foe) The Rani even believed that his plans were so overcomplicated that if he walked in a straight line he would get dizzy. (The Mark of the Rani) Unlike his other renditions, the “Tremas ” Master was able to improvise when things turned awry. (Logopolis, The Five Doctors, Survival)
After he was shot in the back by Ace to avenge his murder of Joe Manco, The Master withered in extreme pain that he tried to fight While complaining about how close he was to victory. Clawing at his wound and grasping his head, The Master regenerated While cowering from the pain in his TARDIS, begging to be “free”. (First Frontier)


In contrast to his previous incarnation, the “Tzun” Master was calmer, less emotional and flustered, with a proud bearing and an inscrutable demeanour, (First Frontier) though he would resort to a panicked state upon confronting the unexpected. (Happy Endings) Highly manipulative, The Master would maintain control of a situation, while making others around him think he was not, (First Frontier) though would lose this advantage when he knew he was overpowered, such as when at Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane’s wedding. (Happy Endings)
Unlike his immediate predecessor, the “Tzun” Master was aware that his theatrical plotting could be his undoing, but found amusement in the irony rather than bitterness. (Happy Endings)
He thought very highly of his hypnotic skills, finding it amusing when he made two guards believe he was Major Kreer. He looked down at humanity, treating them like children, and believed the concept of regeneration to be beyond them, (First Frontier) and showed a disdain for explaining things he did not have interest in. (Happy Endings) However, he showed some respect towards Ace, who had killed his previous incarnation, believing she would make a good enforcer and admiring her willpower. (First Frontier) He also enjoyed fencing with Mike Yates and Sarah Jane Smith. (Housewarming)
while he agreed with the Ice Lord Savaar that he lacked a degree of honour, The Master would only resort to harming others if he found an advantage in the act, opting to perform with”a considerable degree of leniency” when sabotaging Bernice and Jason’s wedding until he was forced to take Bernice hostage at gunpoint during the ceremony. (Happy Endings)
The “Tzun” Master was just as adept at winding The Doctor up as his predecessor was, claiming that the Seventh Doctor’s pacifism was pure hypocrisy, (First Frontier) and taking delight in his apparent inability to protect his friends from Bloom. (Happy Endings) However, he did hold The Doctor in some regard, believing the Tzun incapable of overpowering him on their own, and insisting he was a threat to be eliminated, though he felt bittersweet about it, admitting to himself that The Doctor was an inspiring adversary, (First Frontier) though reacted with horror when four variants of the Seventh Doctor confronted him at once. (Happy Endings)
Nonetheless, The Master pointed out that The Doctor preferred to kill and destroy from a distance, such as with the Sea Devils. To prove this point, The Master handed The Doctor a blaster and baited him to shoot him at close range, which The Doctor refused to do. (First Frontier)


After losing his body to the Warp Core, The Master became a far darker person, but was calmer and well spoken, which made him sound more sinister. (Dust Breeding, Master) He seemed to enjoy being mysterious about his true identity and enjoyed giving his enemies riddles as to who he truly was. (Dust Breeding)
When called evil by The Doctor, The Master objected that he “crave[d] power, dominion, [and] knowledge of the forbidden and the secret”. (Master) He voiced an enjoyment for The Doctor’s company, viewing him as a worthy opponent, and mused about keeping the Seventh Doctor’s corpse as a”memento “. (Dust Breeding)
As Dr John Smith, he was an amiable, charming, humble and scholarly gentleman who was somehow aware of his dark nature and troubled by it. When trapped in John Smith’s subconscious, The Master was aware of Smith’s activities, but was unable to influence them. He spent his time taunting Smith and trying to get him to indulge in his violent impulses. (Master)


The “Deathworm” Master was generally calm and sinisterly villainous but was also capable of terrifying rage. After being exterminated by the Daleks, The Master took possession of Bruce and, after finding that his new body was not stable, became determined to steal the remaining lives of the Doctorhimself. When his attempt to take the Eighth Doctor’s remaining regenerations was thwarted, The Master reverted to a more basic, brutal approach, attempting to smash The Doctor’s head in with a staff positioned around the Eye, proclaiming that life was wasted on the living and rejecting The Doctor’s aid when he was being pulled into the Eye. (The TV Movie)
The “Deathworm” Master viewed life as being”wasted on the living”, (The TV Movie) and boasted his satisfaction in killing innocents, even claiming that mere petty vengeance was enough motivation to do so. (Mastermind) He was also petty, snapping Chang Lee’s neck when he refused to follow an order, (The TV Movie) turning Earth into a religious dictatorship to spite The Doctor, (The Glorious Dead) and killing Violet solely because she foiled his attempt to kill Edward Grainger. (Mastermind)
Unlike previous incarnations, the “Deathworm” Master was extremely serious when there was work to be done, more focused on getting the task at hand completed than engaging in small talk and humour, (Doctor Who, (The Glorious Dead) though would enjoy the company of a likeminded individual if he was not in an immediate hurry. (The Lifeboat and the Deathboat) He was also quite literal, not understanding expressions such as killing someone to mean making them laugh. (The TV Movie)
In this rendition, The Master felt a pedantic need to correct people on bad grammar, such as when he corrected Grace Holloway’s”kiss as good as me” to “[kiss] as well as [me]”. As with his previous selves, he was also comfortable with his villainous reputation, thanking Nurse Curtis for playfully calling him”sick”, (The TV Movie) and was critical of people’s trust towards The Doctor. (The Lifeboat and the Deathboat)
During the period of his life when he was forced to possess various human bodies to survive, The Master would take on minor personality traits and quirks from the bodies he possessed, and, as a result, he started to fear that his “essence” would eventually become too diluted if he were to jump to another body too frequently, and began to go to great pains to make sure his bodies lasted as long as possible by only possessing members of the same bloodline. However, as he would later admit to Charlie Sato, The Master began to somewhat enjoy the experience of being human as the years went by, and even toyed with the idea of dropping his plans of restoring his Time Lord body and just remain in a human body. (Mastermind)
As his body began to shut down, The Master gained a sense of calm, due to the constant pain he felt in his decaying body being reduced by his body parts shutting down as he died. (Planet of Dust)
Behind the flamboyancy and brutal savagery, The Master still maintained his cunning, leaving a crystalline structure on the Eye that would give The Doctor amnesia in vengeance for his previous defeat, (The Eight Doctors) using his link to the TARDIS to send The Doctor to specific locations to later show him the folly of his worth, (The Glorious Dead) and acquiring a casino in Las Vegas to accumulate the money needed to fund the experiments to elongate the lifespan of his host bodies, while also becoming head of the Hudson Dusters, and controlling part of the mafia. (Mastermind)
A patient incarnation, the “Deathworm” Master simultaneously juggled a grand plan to achieve divine power with a pettier plan to morally humiliate The Doctor during the fight for the Glory, (The Glorious Dead) and also, while trying to remain undetected in the history books, possessed a line of men from the Maestro family to ensure he had a succession of bodies that he could adjust well to, passing from father to son once there was a grandson alive to inhabit later on. (Mastermind)
As he was being consumed by the Ravenous, The Master commanded the Eighth Doctor to save himself and ensure his death was avenged as he threw The Doctor his TARDIS key. (Planet of Dust)


The “Bald” Master was excitable, enthusiastic, theatrical, and attention seeking, (Dominion, The Death of Hope, Masterplan, Master of the Daleks, The Two Masters) but also held a cold and merciless attitude to his egotistical personality. (Eyes of the Master, Masterplan, Rule of the Eminence, The Two Masters) He took no offence when The Doctor called him”as nutty as a fruitcake.” (Masterplan)
Being a manipulative megalomaniac, The Master used his polite mannerisms to enhance how diabolical he was, (Dominion, The Reviled, Masterplan, Rule of the Eminence, Master of the Daleks, The Two Masters) but would drop all niceties the moment he was annoyed or in pain. (Dominion, Master of the Daleks, And You Will Obey Me, The Two Masters) He was also known for making quips and enjoying himself as he carried out his schemes, which allowed the Seventh Doctor to realise what had happened when the Cult of the Heretic caused the “Bald” Master to switch bodies with the “Decayed Master” as the “Decayed Master” was having far more fun than he usually would. In contrast with his decayed incarnation, who killed at the first opportunity, the “Bald” Master liked to build up to a pun when killing his victims. (The Two Masters)
Despite his more theatrical side, the “Bald” Master was as ruthless as his other incarnations, creating his own Infinite Warriors by replacing human eyes with fake ones that had Eminence substance in them, (Eyes of the Master) and manipulating an Eminence attack on Heron’s World for an experiment. (The Death of Hope) He was also unorthodox in his malice, being more interested in being cruel and spiteful, opting to humiliate and punish his opponents, even after he had bested them, and enjoyed”twist[ing] the knife into the wound” by adding personal tragedies for his enemies into his plans. (Dominion, The Death of Hope, Masterplan, Rule of the Eminence, The Two Masters)
The “Bald” Master was more willing to go into dangerous situations than his other incarnations, not only making deals with the Eminence and the Daleks for universal domination, but also showed signs of extreme anti-obedience and arrogance, openly mocking his allies While fully aware that they could kill him anytime they wanted. (Masterplan, Master of the Daleks)
His plans were meticulous, and like his decayed incarnation, the “Bald” Master liked to plan for every possible obstacle, but instead of waiting for the contingency to be activated by his opponents, he openly went out of his way to close off those obstacles beforehand. (Masterplan, Master of the Daleks, The Two Masters)
He preferred to let others believe they had defeated him before turning the tides and took great pleasure in emotionally humiliating them after he took back control. (The Death of Hope, Rule of the Eminence, Master of the Daleks, The Two Masters)
A slightly lazier incarnation, the “Bald” Master liked the idea of having an army, (Master of the Daleks) but didn’t enjoy the prospect of building one up himself. The Eighth Doctor even accused The Master of being unoriginal with his schemes, which inspired The Master to improvise a new plan after his old one failed. (Masterplan)
Seeing his subordinates as possessions instead of people, The Master had no compunctions towards demeaning, mind controlling or even killing subordinates who caught him the wrong way or had served their purpose, (The Death of Hope, And You Will Obey Me, The Two Masters) sparing only the most important ones to his plan until they were no longer of importance. (Masterplan) However, he praised hard work and good results. (The Death of Hope, And You Will Obey Me)
while he had a genuine rapport with Sally Armstrong, telling The Doctor that Sally was brilliant enough to fly his TARDIS on her own, he would assert his dominance over her when she disappointed him, (Eyes of the Master) and when she challenged him. (The Death of Hope) He even kissed her hand, (The Reviled) and briefly mourned for her after her death. (Masterplan)
The “Bald” Master would go to great depths to involve The Doctor in his schemes, (Dominion) with the Doctor believing he did so because he enjoyed the attention The Doctor gave him. (Masterplan) He also accused the Eighth Doctor’s attitude about a war with the Daleks of being hypocritical, noting that, while the Doctor claimed not to be fighting a war with them, he had battled the Daleks across time and space. (Eyes of the Master) He later belittled The Doctor for his emotional attachments. (Masterplan)
While The Master had always displayed a degree of disrespect for the laws and workings of time travel, the “bald” incarnation was especially brazen in this attitude, stating that he could simply use his TARDIS to cross his own timeline and attempt to achieve a failed plan without any concern for the paradoxes or personal dangers involved in doing so. (Dominion) So disregarding to paradoxes was he that he even attacked a past incarnation of himself to further his own agenda, (The Two Masters) and had no qualms about attempting to kill the Seventh Doctor, despite already being involved in the circumstances behind his regeneration. (Dominion)
He claimed that he never looked back to the past and was always focused on the future. He also stated that he wanted peace across the universe under his rule. (Masterplan)
He would often introduce himself by saying, “Hello, you!”, (Dominion, Eyes of the Master, Master of the Daleks) and had a flair for a Shakespearian dialect. (Dominion, The Death of Hope, Masterplan)
The “Bald” Master also had a habit of imitating The Doctor, such as tricking UNIT into believing him to be a future incarnation of the Seventh Doctor, (Dominion) taking on The Doctor’s role of a lone hero saving a group of innocents, (The Death of Hope) and even replacing The Doctor with himself in Molly O’Sullivan’s memories. (Rule of the Eminence)


While fighting in the Last Great Time War, The Master delighted in the prospect of committing genocide. He saw people as resources, and that teaming up with the War Doctor was a worthwhile option during wartime. He also had a fondness for paradoxes. (The Organ Grinder) The Master wanted to fight in the Time War, but seeing the hopelessness of his efforts with the Doctor he fled from their fight with the Cyclors. He concluded that he enjoyed death and chaos only when it was fun for him. (Kill God)
at the moment of his regeneration, The Master held contempt for The Doctor and Alice Obiefune, declaring that he would have his revenge on them. (Fast Asleep)


while he started his life declaring vengeance, (Fast Asleep) the “War” Master would put on a front of being kind and charming, but would drop the façade the instant it was time to act. (Beneath the Viscoid) When the telepathic entity, the Heart of Arcking, questioned him on whether he was truly as evil as he considered himself after reading his mind, The Master was briefly caught off-guard by the question, and hesitated momentarily in answering before he gathered himself and dismissed the notion, vehemently denying that he had any benevolent sides to his personality. (The Good Master)
He wished to save the universe from the Last Great Time War so that he could rule over it afterwards, (The Heavenly Paradigm) and “enjoy [his] victory”, (The Devil You Know) claiming that the only faction he fought for was his own person. (Beneath the Viscoid) Though usually calm and affable, The Master took the time to taunt a squad of Daleks when they were unable to harm him. (The Good Master)
while he would openly admit to allowing the destruction of individuals and places he found”dull”, The Master was adamant to ensure the things he found”beautiful” would be left unharmed, such as roses. (Sins of the Father)
The “War” Master was a misogynist, considering it an embarrassment to have been killed by a girl, even calling it “inappropriate”. (Utopia) Although, he equally held everyone in similar disregard unless it benefited him, even planets, stating he only had allegiance to himself. (The Good Master) He was unable to empathise with others, yawning at a mother’s drive to save her race being born from her dead husband and her son. On a large scale, he also had little to no regard for the other sentient species of the universe, dismissing the majority of them as lesser beings and primitives, and declaring in private that he did not care “one iota” for their plights under the Time War. (Beneath the Viscoid) His disregard for others was so great that he even secretly impregnated several woman with living weapons without a care for the consequences of his actions. (Concealed Weapon)
The Master found enjoyment in the death of others, even killing for his own amusement, believing the most pointless of murders to be the most”fun”, (Master of Worlds) and enjoyed tormenting his intended victims before their demise, citing an enjoyment for a”ticking clock”. He would even give them a chance at survival for further torment. (Concealed Weapon) He also found amusement in the misery of the Time Lords, particularly when it came to Narvin. (Sins of the Father)
When comparing him to the “decayed” incarnation she was used to, Leela claimed that the “War” Master was “focus[ed]”, “making guesses”, and “plotting”. In comparison to his past self, The Master claimed he was now”civilised, pleasant, [and] reasonable”, which was denied by Leela. (The Devil You Know)
After his use of the Heavenly Paradigm caused the Dalek Emperor to take control of the Cruciform, The Master, driven by the fear of his failure, fled the end of the universe and used a Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human baby to hide from the Time Lords and wait out the war in a safe place. (The Heavenly Paradigm)
Under the Chameleon Arch, Professor Yana was a benign old man who had lost faith in the Utopia Project. His spirit was revitalised by the Tenth Doctor, and the two shared a mutual admiration. Yana was considered a genius by the Tenth Doctor. He was also somewhat scatterbrained and slightly lacking in self-confidence, at one point referring to himself as “a stupid old man.” Also, like the Tenth Doctor with Martha Jones, Yana was oblivious to Chantho’s feelings for him.
After returning to his true identity, The Master became cold, ruthless, and dignified, but also abusive and condescending, citing that he had the right to attack Chanto when she pointed a gun at him. He was extremely aggressive towards Chantho after regaining his memories, stating that her constant cultural ticks drove him”insane” during their time together. He also ferociously resented her for not thinking that she could set him free from the fob watch. The Master held his ‘human’ self in contempt, seeing it as merely a disguise so perfect that he forgot his own identity. (Utopia)
When given the chance to rest from the Time War, The Master spent his time cultivating wine. (The Sky Man)
Enjoying”slow-working plans” that gave him ample opportunity to study the small effects that resulted from his ploys, (The Sky Man) The Master would plan ahead with every scheme, preparing for every eventuality, even his capture. (Sins of the Father) He would also research his targets, and manipulate their history to his benefits. (Concealed Weapon) He also showed a great capacity for patience in the implementation of his schemes, being willing to wait for prolonged periods of time to find the perfect subject to manipulate, or for the right time to strike. (The Good Master, The Sky Man)
The Master was adept at manipulating individuals quickly in the heat of the moment, (Beneath the Viscoid) using his choice of words and tone of voice to break down their character with his assessment on their quirks and decisions. (Call for the Dead)
Though he thought”inappropriate” to have been killed by a female “insect”, The Master welcomed his regeneration in a grandiose fashion, declaring that “The Master [was] reborn.” (Utopia)


Immediately after his regeneration, The Master appeared to have gone more insane than ever, gleefully jumping around The Doctor’s TARDIS’ control console, while ecstatically laughing, and toying with his new voice. (Utopia) By this point in his life, The Master was tormented more than ever by “the drums” in his head, (The Sound of Drums) but, after his sabotaged resurrection, he admitted to seeing it as a central piece of his identity, convinced that something was calling to him through the drum beat. (The End of Time) So much was he obsessed with them, that, on one occasion, “the drums” was all he would say. (The Abominable Showmen, The Five Masters) On another occasion, however, The Master fearfully asked The Doctor if he thought”the drumming” would stop after he died. (Last of the Time Lords)
Much like his previous incarnations, the “Saxon” Master was ostentatious, offering out jelly babies and grits, (The Sound of Drums) opting to wear eyeliner in preparation for being a woman in his next incarnation, (The Doctor Falls) and dancing to the Rogue Traders, (The Sound of Drums) and the Scissor Sisters. (Last of the Time Lords) He also enjoyed watching the Teletubbies, believing that the televisions in their stomachs was true evolution, (The Sound of Drums) and thrived on chaos, describing the last day of the Last Great Time War as “[his] kind of world”, (The End of Time) and was excited about getting into fights. (The Five Masters,The Doctor Falls) He also admitted to loving disguises, (World Enough and Time) and was particularly outraged when he was “stuck looking like the old Prime Minister.” (The End of Time)
Behind his charismatic and charming demeanour, however, the “Saxon” Master was sadistic and childishly degrading, even going as far as to slip subtle and private jabs at The Doctor into his public speeches. When Francine, Clive and Tish were forcibly taken to the Valiant under armed guard, The Master shamelessly treated the ordeal like a school field trip, (The Sound of Drums) and, during the Year That Never Was, he kept them as slaves, taking every opportunity he could to belittle them, even goading Francine into murdering him, until The Doctor convinced her otherwise. (Last of the Time Lords) He also made Bill Potts aware of his part in her Cyber-conversion to upset her, and was disappointed when his remarks seemed to have failed, stating that she had “[taken] all the fun out of cruelty”. He was also alarmed and disgusted at the idea of his future self gaining empathy, (The Doctor Falls) and disliked being interrupted. (Alit in Underland)
He was extremely vain and narcissistic, with the Tenth Doctor noting that he would never destroy himself, even if he could destroy the Earth with him. During the Year That Never Was, he had monuments of himself built all over Earth, and, according to Martha Jones, had even sculptured himself onto Mount Rushmore. (Last of the Time Lords) He also used the Immortality Gate to turn the human race into duplicates of himself, which he dubbed the “Master Race”, and also threatened to do the same to the Time Lords, even asserting that Rassilon”[would] [look] better as [him].” (The End of Time) His vanity was so vast that when the Tenth Doctor forgave him for his actions, The Master collapsed and wept out of shame. After he expressed revulsion at being”kept” by The Doctor, The Master was shot by Lucy and, to spite The Doctor, decided not to regenerate and die. (Last of the Time Lords) After meeting his female successor, Missy, The Master admitted to being attracted to his future self, flirting and dancing with her. However, when he saw the possibility that Missy would aid the Twelfth Doctor, The Master killed her. (The Doctor Falls)
The “Saxon” Master also had an exceptionally heightened sense of his own brilliance, even reciting a Bible-style verse of his own making to The Doctor as the Toclafane invasion began. (The Sound of Drums) He also held Time Lords as the absolute superior race, automatically assuming the right to alter history on the principle of him being a Time Lord, (Last of the Time Lords) and was confident that he could beat an entire city of Cybermen While only being armed with his laser screwdriver. (The Doctor Falls) However, when his plans were foiled, The Master would turn cowardly, retreating at the first opportunity or allying with whoever could better protect him. (Last of the Time Lords, The End of Time, The Doctor Falls)
The Master still held the lives of others without thought, assassinating the Cabinet of the United Kingdom, setting the Toclafane on Vivien Rook, ordering Arthur Winters’s execution as a show of power, commanding the decimation of the population of Earth to emphasise his new dominion, (The Sound of Drums) destroying the islands of Japan when he learned that the Drast had been operating in Yokohama, (The Story of Martha) siphoning the life forces of the people who resurrected him, and unceremoniously consuming Sarah, Tommo and Ginger, leaving them as skeletons. (The End of Time) He also showed a sadistic glee when he resorted to murder, continuously listening in on Rook’s dying screams, being excited by the prospect of killing the immortal Jack Harkness a second time, (The Sound of Drums) and chuckling after casually killing Thomas Milligan. (Last of the Time Lords) He was also known to kill those who brought him bad news. (The Story of Martha)
The Master was somewhat misogynistic, believing that women had “a way of disappointing [him]”, and were”fickle” for being”lovey-dovey” at one moment and trying to kill him in an instant. (Alit in Underland)
The “Saxon” Master showed minimum affection for The Doctor. Even after he aged the Tenth Doctor to an elderly man, (The Sound of Drums) The Master continued to humiliate him by having him live in a makeshift tent aboard the Valiant during the Year That Never Was, and then furthered the humiliation by ageing The Doctor until he morphed into an ancient dwarf-sized body, and then kept him locked up in a bird cage. (Last of the Time Lords) When Missy told him of her plans to join forces with the Twelfth Doctor, The Master adamantly stated his refusal to stand with the Doctor and killed Missy with his laser screwdriver. (The Doctor Falls) The Master was even willing to die to spite the Tenth Doctor, (Last of the Time Lords) and claimed to prefer death than begging for the Twelfth Doctor’s help. (The Doctor Falls)
However, the “Saxon” Master was not without his reservations, considering Rassilon’s Ultimate Sanction to be suicidal, but was still willing to subject himself to it to appease Rassilon. He also had a sense of honour, as he sacrificed himself to save The Doctor from Rassilon after The Doctor chose not to kill either of them, also getting his revenge on Rassilon for implanting”the drumming” in his head, and for Rassilon trying to kill him for being”diseased”. (The End of Time)
while he originally avowed affection for his wife, Lucy Saxon, (The Sound of Drums) The Master’s vanity and overconfidence in his successful taking of Earth led him to forego such pretences, even teasing her with the possibility of replacing her with his masseuse. He was, however, unsurprised when she shot him, instead making a quip about it “always [being] the women”. (Last of the Time Lords)
After his sabotaged resurrection, The Master displayed a feral state that led him to act like a predatory animal, plagued by an insatiable hunger. Despite this insanity, The Master was capable of lucid conversation, nostalgically discussing his childhood friendship with the Tenth Doctor. He was also still a cunning strategist, allowing himself to remain Joshua Naismith’s prisoner so he could repair the Immortality Gate and use it to create his Master Race, all so he could turn the Earth into a warship, but then improvised a plan where he used his duplicates to locate the source of “the drumming”. (The End of Time) The insanity he developed due to his botched resurrection and the drumming was fixed when the Time Lords repaired The Master’s body back to normal. (World Enough and Time, The Doctor Falls)
Missy recalled an enjoyment for being in the “Saxon” incarnation, stating how he “burn[ed] like a sun, like a whole screaming world on fire.” (The Doctor Falls) Alit described the “Saxon” Master as being”an odd and frightening man “with a habit for “nasty comments and exaggerated gestures”. (Alit in Underland)
The Master made a habit of saying, “Oh, no you don’t”, saying it when The Doctor was locking the TARDIS’s coordinates, (Utopia) when avoiding a conversation with the Doctor, when The Doctor restored his youthful physiognomy with the Archangel Network’s telepathic link, (Last of the Time Lords) and when fending off a Mondasian Cyberman. (Alit in Underland)
The Master shared the Tenth Doctor’s technical knowledge, as he was able to construct his laser screwdriver from Earth components, cannibalise The Doctor’s TARDIS and turn it into a Paradox machine, miniaturise Richard Lazarus’ genetic manipulation technology, (The Sound of Drums) and was able to repair the Immortality Gate for Joshua Naismith. (The End of Time) He also designed the Archangel Network and the Valiant. (The Sound of Drums)
Like his previous incarnations, the “Saxon” Master had dangerous foresight and knew it was a mistake to give The Doctor hints about his plans while he could intervene. (Utopia) His methods for dealing with the Doctor during his reign as prime minister showed an efficient and simple mindset, framing The Doctor for murder to send the police after him, arresting Martha’s family for insurance, and luring Torchwood Three away to the Himalayas to prevent Jack from recruiting their aide. (The Sound of Drums) He was likewise straight to the point when explaining how the time differentials were affecting the Mondasian Colony ship to Bill Potts. (World Enough and Time)
The “Saxon” Master was also a decent fighter, having brawled with his other incarnations on equal footing, (The Five Masters) struck the Tenth Doctor down with a single punch to the face, (Last of the Time Lords) knocked down a partially-converted Cybermen with a blow to the back of their head, (World Enough and Time) and overpowered the Twelfth Doctor in unarmed combat. (The Doctor Falls)
After he was fatally stabbed by Missy, The Master admired how his death was “very nicely done”, and found that it was “good to know [she] [hadn’t] lost [his] touch.” Though he accepted his impending regeneration, The Master was unwilling to accept that Missy would stand with the Doctor, and shot her dead. He then began laughing at their”perfect ending” being them”shoot[ing] [them]selves in the back”, and continued to laugh as he made his way to his TARDIS. (The Doctor Falls)


Though he had previously preferred a male form, (The Novel of the Film) The Master was indifferent when he learnt he would regenerate into a woman, (The Doctor Falls) and, fully embracing her new gender, The Master changed her title to “Mistress”, shortening it to “Missy”. Considering herself to be “old fashioned”, she insisted on being addressed as a Time Lady, (Dark Water, The Witch’s Familiar) While nicknaming herself the “Queen of Evil”. (Death in Heaven) She also adopted a Scottish accent, claiming she would keep it after taking a liking to the Twelfth Doctor’s accent, (Deep Breath) occasionally utilising other accents when she felt the need. (Death in Heaven, The Witch’s Familiar)
while she claimed that she had the “body of a weak and feeble woman “, she maintained that she still possessed”the heart, and stomach, of a homicidal maniac” (The Bekdel Test) with”absolutely zero morals”, (Dismemberment) openly described herself as “bananas “, but took offence when Danny Pink called her a”lunatic”. (Death in Heaven) She also displayed tendencies of being a show-off, such as when vastly enlarging her face on a UNIT monitor in a comical manner to show UNIT that she could, (The Magician’s Apprentice) and enjoyed having information that others did not, such as having knowledge of the Doctor’s past that others could not argue with. (The Magician’s Apprentice, World Enough and Time) She was also something of a thrill-seeker, sometimes putting herself in danger simply for “fun”. (Lords and Masters)
Though she adopted a bubblier personality with a welcoming and sociable façade, (Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Dark Water, Death in Heaven) and more choreographic movements, (Deep Breath, Dark Water, Death in Heaven, The Witch’s Familiar, World Enough and Time) Missy was more open about her loneliness, and willing to show when she was afraid and remorseful, (Death in Heaven, The Magician’s Apprentice, The Lie of the Land, The Eaters of Light) and would abandon all sense of showmanship when her safety was at risk. (Lords and Masters)
In her own words, Missy was “especially spiteful”, and proved her word when she began murdering some of the Scoundrels Club’s members and enslaving the others after they refused to allow her to remain a member. (Dismemberment) Though she would admit that some retribution for her actions was justified, Missy still viewed the extremes of such action to be unfair towards her. (Lords and Masters) She identified herself as a Slytherin, claiming to “see a lot of Severus Snape in [herself]”. (The Liar, the Glitch and the War Zone)

Believing that The Doctor’s saving of Gallifrey was meant to rescue only her, (Death in Heaven) Missy’s affection for The Doctor became more conspicuous, telling the Half-Face Man that, while the Doctor could be mean to others, he would not be with her because he “loved [her] so much”. She openly referred to him as her “boyfriend”, (Deep Breath) tracked his movements across time and space, (Flatline, In the Forest of the Night, Death in Heaven) and mockingly professed that her hearts”belonged to [The Doctor]” after passionately kissing him. (Dark Water) Despite these implications of their relationship being romantic, Missy adamantly denied that she loved The Doctor, even showing disgust at the thought, insisting it to be a complicated friendship, though expressed jealous irritation when The Doctor called Davros his “arch-enemy”, (The Magician’s Apprentice) and would become upset and querulous when he did not show interest in her plans. (The Five Masters,Dr. Twelfth)
Viewing everything as being born to die, Missy held no regrets when it came to murder, describing her urge to kill as akin to a child wanting to pop a balloon, (Death in Heaven) and having a preference for killing”clever-clogs” because they “[made] the best faces”. (The Witch’s Familiar) When instructed not to kill, Missy would grow uninterested in the task given, (Lords and Masters) and once killed a bird for no reason other than she was feeling annoyed. (Teddy Sparkles Must Die!) When building up to a murder, Missy would insist that her victim”say something nice” to her, and would wait patiently for them to reply. (Dark Water, Death in Heaven, The Magician’s Apprentice) She also insisted that anyone aiming to kill her do the same with her, (Death in Heaven) and would take offence if a threat to kill her was not carried out. (The Witch’s Familiar)
Missy retained her predecessors’ sadistic tendencies, demonstrating cruel pleasure at taunting her victims before she killed them, such as telling Dr Chang she would miss him and promising to always keep a picture of him”looking so sweet” before she murdered him. (Dark Water) She also encouraged Osgood to have more self-confidence, while counting down to her death to torment her. However, she atomised Seb without a second glance for no reason other than that the AI was annoying her. (Death in Heaven) Missy also held no respect for the dead, using dead human bodies to create a Cyberman army, (Dark Water) as well as crushing Osgood’s glasses under her heel While posthumously thanking her for being”yummy”. (Death in Heaven)
Missy could be needlessly cruel in her interactions with others, such as taunting Clara Oswald about her dead boyfriend, (The Magician’s Apprentice) and pushing Clara down a hole to test its depth. (The Witch’s Familiar) She also ordered the death of Belgians for no reason, (Death in Heaven) vaporised UNIT personnel to prove she had “not gone good, ” (The Magician’s Apprentice) and was believed by Ashildr to have united Clara and the Doctor together just to see what chaos would result from their clashing personalities. (Hell Bent) She would sometimes act childish or ignorant so that others around her would drop their guard. (Dismemberment) However, when Missy learnt that The Doctor had departed Darillium to leave River Song to her fate, she offered her sincere condolences for his loss. (Extremis)
Missy liked apricot jam, (Dismemberment) but disliked birds and children. (Teddy Sparkles Must Die!)
During her imprisonment in the vault, Missy went”cold turkey” on being evil as The Doctor tried to rehabilitate her into being good, which first worked to the extent that she grew remorseful for all the people she had murdered, (The Lie of the Land) and then to the point that Nardole trusted her enough to retrieve The Doctor and Bill from Mars, (Empress of Mars) which in turn resulted in The Doctor trusting her enough to do”maintenance” on his TARDIS. (The Eaters of Light)
Though she continued to show progress with her rehabilitation and made an effort to do good on the Mondasian colony ship, when she was approached by her past incarnation, she relapsed back to being evil by allying with him, (World Enough and Time) but continued to be conflicted with her allegiance, admitting to The Doctor that she was “in two minds” about what she wanted. However, after being moved by The Doctor’s speech on kindness and request for her help, Missy stabbed her past incarnation so that he would regenerate into her and she could stand with the Doctor, only for the Master to shoot her beyond regeneration, leading to her death, though she shared the amusement in her “perfect ending” being shot in the back by her past incarnation. (The Doctor Falls)
Missy showed a liking for singing, substituting her name in the song”Mickey” While in UNIT custody, and singing a verse from”Happy Birthday, Mr President” when giving The Doctor control of a Cyberman army. (Death in Heaven) She pulled a similar stunt involving”Mickey” lyrics via text communication when she announced her presence to UNIT by halting all aeroplane traffic, and, when imprisoned by Colony Sarff, she passed the time by partaking in opera singing. (The Magician’s Apprentice) Missy was also good at playing the piano, and passed her time in the vault playing Für Elise, Pop Goes The Weasel, (Knock Knock) and the Entertainer. (The Lie of the Land)
She would regularly threaten to bring pain to individuals by threatening their internal organs, (World Enough and Time,Dismemberment, Lords and Masters, Girl Power!, (The Road To…) even once considering eating Clara Oswald if she had too. (The Witch’s Familiar) She occasionally fantasised about breaking the necks of those who annoyed her. (The Liar, the Glitch and the War Zone)
Missy was a devious planner and skilled manipulator, able to manoeuvre others into place with ease by exploiting their desires. (Death in Heaven) While trapped on Skaro with Clara Oswald, Missy demonstrated fluid planning as her desires changed from wanting to ally with the Daleks, (The Magician’s Apprentice) to wanting to help The Doctor, to then wanting The Doctor to unintentionally kill Clara, (The Witch’s Familiar) and she was capable of long-term planning, as she worked out a long plan to gain entry into The Monk’s TARDIS and steal a component after her Vortex Manipulator was damaged and she discovered the Monk was disguised as Henry VIII. (Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated) She was also a convincing liar, especially when using her talent for manipulative reasons. (Dark Water, Death in Heaven) However, Missy would often opt for one solitary scheme with virtually no contingencies or back-up plans in place to help steer events back towards her favour like her previous incarnations employed, instead opting to give The Doctor false hope of reaching Gallifrey after she was beaten, (Death in Heaven) and walking away with nothing but taunts to say when The Doctor didn’t kill Clara. (The Witch’s Familiar)
Sharing The Doctor’s observational skills, Missy could tell a man she had killed was a married father by the ring on his finger and the detection of “baby leakage” on his jacket, (The Magician’s Apprentice) and pick up on people’s personalities by the infliction of their voice. (Lords and Masters)


Believing”a little chaos [to be] wonderful thing”, the “Spy” Master could fall into unpredictable fits of rage, stating he could “relate” to a short-fused bomb, to the point that he attempted to strangle The Doctor with his bare hands. After taking a crowd hostage, he spontaneously focused on a cowering woman and demanded to know if she had moved, only to apologise for his “mistake” before killing her with the TCE.
The “Spy” Master enjoyed playing long games, like tricking the Thirteenth Doctor into believing he was “O”, gleefully clapping his hands at The Doctor’s inability to deduce who he was despite giving clues, and expressing he had had “a lot of fun” when she finally realised he had fooled her. While not above working with others to achieve his goals, The Master did not see his partners as equals, but as assets to use for his own gain and dismiss once they had served their purpose. His arrogance was so profound that he did not even attempt to conceal his TARDIS in 1943 Paris.
He had a passion for killing others, remarking how it gave him a”buzz”, and that it felt right in his hearts to do so. This passion, when infused with anger, was reawakened in him when he discovered the lies about the Timeless Child that the Time Lords had committed, driving him to commit genocide back on Gallifrey. Despite his love of killing, he showed remorse about the genocide.
Despite not wanting her as his enemy again, The Master loved playing mind games on The Doctor and treating her as an inferior, having her kneel before him when he was holding hostages. He chased her through time to force her to listen to him just to get a message across, but would express rage when she outsmarted him. He also looked down on her companions, likening his apparent killing of them to “swat[ting] flies”.
However, beneath his charismatic exterior, the “Spy” Master hid a melancholy pain, recounting his ravaging of Gallifrey with sombre calm, though he was still petty enough not to divulge the entire truth of the Timeless Child to The Doctor, reasoning it should be as difficult for her to discover the truth as it was for him. He was also unnerved by the sounding of a four-beat rhythm that resembled”the Drumming”.
The “Spy” Master held a flair for using elaborate disguises, even going as far as shaving his head While disguised as a Gestapo officer in 1943. He was also a convincing actor, being able to masquerade as O for years without arousing suspicion, with a performance convincing enough to fool The Doctor. (Spyfall)


As an eight-year-old boy, The Master had dark hair and bright blue eyes. (The Sound of Drums) As he matured, The Master swept his black hair back, and also grew a greying beard. (The Toy)
The Master was described by Maris as “pewter, [having] washed-out skin, and the beginnings of a goatee”. (Celestial Intervention – A Gallifreyan Noir)


When he met the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara on Destination, The Master had short hair and a beard, both of which were almost completely grey, save for some dark patches. His eyes were brown in colour. He wore an asymetrical black coat with a large white lined collar on the left-hand side. (The Destination Wars) He later adopted a black Nehru jacket by the time he met the Second Doctor. (The Home Guard)


The “UNIT enemy” Master resembled a mature, elegant man, with a swarthy complexion, brown eyes, and mild streaks of grey in his combed back thinning hair. He had a goatee beard, which also had white skunk stripes. He generally wore a black Cardin-Nehru jacket, with dark trousers, black leather boots and gloves, and a white cuff-linked shirt. (Terror of the Autons) On occasion, he would wear a suit, with either an orange, grey or blue tie. (Terror of the Autons, The Mind of Evil, The Time Monster)
While imprisoned on Fortress Island, The Master wore a black cape over a white turtle-neck jumper, with black trousers, but switched these for a naval officer’s uniform While secretly infiltrating HMS Seaspite. During his return and subsequent escape from Fortress Island, he changed back into his black Nehru jacket and trousers. (The Sea Devils)


Either because Susan Foreman used the TCE against him while he was holding a matter transmuter, (Legacy of the Daleks) or because he was burnt in an energy net by a future incarnation, (The Two Masters) The Master came to resemble a deformed corpse, (The Deadly Assassin) with brown eyes. (The Keeper of Traken) However, after absorbing some energy from the Eye of Harmony, (The Deadly Assassin) he became less”putrescent”. (Trail of the White Worm) With his decayed body, The Master would experience almost unendurable pain. (The Two Masters)
To hide his disfigurement, The Master took to wearing a rotting hooded cloak. (The Deadly Assassin) Whilst in Victorian London, he wore a mask in public to conceal his decaying appearance, and also used a cane to aid his frail body. (Maurice)
He was described by Spandrell as being”emaciated”, (The Deadly Assassin) with Bob Dovie describing him as looking”burned.” (The Light at the End) the Fourth Doctor described him as “a cowled cadaver”, (Requiem for the Rocket Men) While River Song described him as the “crispy-looking Master”. (Animal Instinct)


After The Master used the power of the Source to steal Tremas’s body, the Trakenite’s body was also rejuvenated, with his grey hair becoming a dark brown, and his white bushy beard turning into a black goatee beard. (The Keeper of Traken) the Fifth Doctor had a low opinion on the beard, calling it “rubbish” when he met his tenth incarnation. (Time Crash)
After The Master stole his body, Tremas’s robes inexplicably changed into a black velveteen high collared tunic with puffed sleeves and long tails, (The Keeper of Traken) black trousers, dark leather boots, and black velvet gloves. (Logopolis) The Master would also utilise a cloak with a large collar. (The Five Doctors)
While stranded on Cheetah World, The Master opted to change his usual attire for a black frock coat with a white collar, a navy blue shirt with an ivory collar, a midnight blue bow tie, black trousers and shoes, a silver waistcoat, and a belt with a dragon-shaped buckle. (Survival)
In an account that depicted the “Tremas ” Master with greying hair, he wore a red velvet jacket, a white waistcoat with a black jumper, and a pair of dark trousers, with leather gloves and shoes, with various rings decorating his gloves. Completing the ensemble was a black cloak with a huge collar and white lining, (Destiny of the Doctors) which The Master had also worn during his alliance with Adam Mitchell. (Cat and Mouse)
While combating the Graak in the Determinant, The Master adopted many costume changes to suit the situation he found himself in, wearing an a conductor hat with an “M”-insignia at a platform station, a bowler hat While on a train taunting the Graak, a Dalek Trooper helmet While commanding a rocker launcher, and a plastic crown at a medieval themed festival. (Destiny of the Doctors)


The Master had a high forehead, glossy moustache, neat beard, aristocratic nose and a lean face, and spoke in a rich cultured voice. (First Frontier) He wore a Van Dyke beard, a dark Italian-designed suit, a silk shirt, and a cravat with a silver bird-of-prey tiepin. (Housewarming)


When The Master was robbed of his Trakenite body by the Warp Core, he regained his disfigured appearance, which Ace described as resembling Freddy Krueger and “a dropped pizza”. To hide his disfigurement, The Master took to wearing a golden mask with diamonds encrusted inside it. (Dust Breeding)
After becoming John Smith, The Master did not hide his disfigurement and wore a suit instead. (Master)


When being exterminated by the Daleks, The Master had a full beard and snake-like eyes. He also wore a black high collared tunic with crimson lining. As a Deathworm Morphant, The Master resembled a snake. (The TV Movie)
While within Bruce’s body, The Master looked like a young American man, but his eyes appeared reptilian, forcing him to wear black sunglasses to remain inconspicuous. (The TV Movie) He decided to have his new hair gelled (The Novel of the Film) into a slick backcomb style, (The TV Movie) as opposed to Bruce’s messy style. (The Novel of the Film) While searching for The Doctor, The Master wore denim jeans and a check shirt with Bruce’s black leather jacket and light boots. When his plan neared completion, The Master changed into a black high collared tunic with crimson lining, similar to the one he wore during his Dalek extermination, with an extravagant Gallifreyan robes, citing that he “always dress[ed] for the occasion”. (The TV Movie)
Bruce’s body was breaking down, starting by losing his fingernails, (The TV Movie) but was reinvigorated by the Vortex when lost inside it. (Day of the Master)
After gaining a new body, The Master resembled a black street preacher with a balding head. (The Fallen) After revealing himself, he replaced his clothes with a more regal outfit. (The Glorious Dead)
When trapped on Earth in the 20th century, The Master wore whatever his hosts wore normally, to avoid detection. (Mastermind)
By the time of his death, The Master had continued to rot away, and had begun wearing a hooded cloak to conceal himself and was covered in bandages, with the Eleven comparing him to a mummy. (Planet of Dust)


The Master had brown eyes and was bald, (Dominion) with many commenting on his lack of hair. (Dominion, Eyes of the Master) He wore a plain suit with a charcoal velvet jacket, (Eyes of the Master) and a striped kipper tie. (Masterplan) On one occasion, he wore a white Stetson. (The Death of Hope)
The “Decayed” Master described his “Bald” incarnation as resembling a”low-ranking civil servant”, but the “Bald” Master argued that he more resembled a leader. (The Two Masters)
While posing as the “Other Doctor”, The Master wore a black overcoat, with black trousers, a dark blazer, white shirt and a forest green cravat. (Dominion)


In his sixteenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) The Master’s body was that of a small child with black hair and blue eyes. (The Organ Grinder) On Veestrax, he had short hair, and wore a white shirt with a black jacket. (Outrun) By the time he and the Doctor had arrived on Golgauth, The Master’s hair was longer, and he sported a scarlet shirt under his jacket. (The Organ Grinder)


In his seventeenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) The Master originally looked old, having white hair and blue eyes. Though he started his life clean-shaven, (Fast Asleep) he eventually grew a scruffy white goatee beard. (Beneath the Viscoid)
After use of the Chameleon Arch, he regressed into a baby. (The Heavenly Paradigm) When Professor Yana met the Tenth Doctor, he resembled a slightly younger version of his original self, having aged naturally. (Utopia)
He wore an ivory shirt, often with sleeves rolled up, (Beneath the Viscoid) a black cravat tie, (Call for the Dead) and black trousers. He also wore a waistcoat done in green-and-brown stripes cotton (Call for the Dead) or dark tan moleskin. (Day of the Master) He also wore a pale brown tweed jacket over this attire. (The Heavenly Paradigm) During his encounter with UNIT, he wore a burgundy moleskin trenchcoat. (Master of Worlds) When he was Yana, he wore the same shirt alongside a black ascot tie and a wine brocade waistcoat which housed a Chameleon Arch biodata module, disguised as an ordinary fob watch. (Utopia)
During his walks on Arcking, he wore a Grav-Suit over his clothes. (The Good Master)
In a timeline in which he altered the creation of the Daleks, The Master stole the black uniform of a Kaled Military Elite with embroidered white eye logos on the collars. (From the Flames)


In his eighteenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) The Master was young, with light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. (Utopia) According to the Twelfth Doctor, he had a”round face”. (The Doctor Falls) As”Harold Saxon”, The Master would wear a black blazer with a white shirt and black kipper tie. While meeting President Arthur Winters, he wore a black coat with a crimson lined interior. He wore a ring on his left ring finger, bearing the Lazarus Laboratories logo completed with circular Gallifreyan inside the disks on a green jewel background, while also wearing one on his left ring finger was a simple gold band. (The Sound of Drums)
After his botched resurrection, The Master’s hair was bleached light blond, and he gained some stubble. To remain inconspicuous, he wore a black hooded sweatshirt over a scarlet T-shirt with dark grey combat trousers and black boots. Due to the corruption of his life force, The Master’s outer skin would fade away and reveal the translucent blue life energy encasing his body, exposing his skeleton and internal organs, with each fluctuation making an unsettling primal roar. (The End of Time) After being”fixed” by the Time Lords, The Master no longer distorted into the translucent blue energy. (The Doctor Falls)
By the time he found the Twelfth Doctor aboard the Mondasian colony ship, The Master had aged somewhat, now having grey hair and a goatee beard. He also discarded his previous clothes for a black asymmetrical frock coat with a large crimson lined collar on the left-hand side, a sage green button up shirt, (World Enough and Time) dark trousers, and black zip-up boots. (The Doctor Falls)
When the Third Doctor saw the “Saxon” Master in Sild captivity, he described what he saw as “a young man in a business suit, beardless, with a mop of boyish hair, ” and that his face”seemed friendly and plausible”, overall thinking him”the kind of man people would find easy to trust.” (Harvest of Time)


In her nineteenth incarnation, (Girl Power!) Missy looked like a mature woman with pronounced cheek bones, and light blue eyes. Her black hair was wild and free, but held in place in an up-do. She also adopted a Scottish accent like the Twelfth Doctor’s. (Deep Breath)
Fashioning herself in Victorian-styled garb, Missy wore a starched collared blouse (Deep Breath) with a cameo brooch made of Dark star alloy under her throat, (The Witch’s Familiar) along with a high waisted skirt that cut to ankle length, and a croak lengthen jacket which puffed up at the shoulders and dark lapels, with a blouse shirt in ivory (Deep Breath) or olive green. (The Lie of the Land) She also wore black ankle boots with a sharp toe and tapered heels. Completing the ensemble was a black boater cap worn at a rakish angle, with an arrangement of black and crimson berries on the brim and a black veil over the top, held at the back with an Onyx black hatpin (Dark Water) which was a TCE with four petals over a glowing sphere design. (Lords and Masters) For further accessories, Missy wore a spiked bracelet on her left wrist, carried around a black sonic umbrella, and wore a bar ring on her right middle finger, and a 3 coils ring on her left middle finger. (Deep Breath) She later adopted a vortex manipulator on her left wrist instead of her spiked bracelet and replaced her rings with a black signet ring on her left middle finger and a silver one on her right one. (The Magician’s Apprentice)
Missy varied the colours of her clothes, with the design coming in black, (Deep Breath) bottle green, (Into the Dalek) burnt orange, (The Caretaker) plum purple, (Flatline) and violet purple. (The Magician’s Apprentice)
Before she was imprisoned in the Vault, Missy’s up-do hair had grown in length, she had began wearing leather clothes, and she had replaced her brooch with a dark orange cravat tie. (Extremis) After spending a number of years in the Vault, her hair grew out into a messier style. (The Lie of the Land)
Saffron believed Missy had a”cruel look to her “, (Dismemberment) While Missy thought herself as being attractive, openly admitting to admiring her reflection on occasion. (Day of the Master)


The “Spy” Master was a short-standing, skinny man with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. The Thirteenth Doctor stated that he did not look like the “Aryan archetype”. while he went with a stubble appearance as “O”, once he outed his true identity, he grew out a complete beard. He regularly disguised himself as various individuals, such as an auction dealer and even a Nazi officer, shaving his hair off for the latter.
After being stranded on Earth for seventy-seven years, The Master took to wearing a purple double-breasted overcoat jacket, with a navy blue shirt, and a dark blue waist with a rust-check pattern, two blue chains, silver shank buttons and black lapels. He also wore trousers with a rust-check pattern, purple knee-high socks, and dark smart shoes. (Spyfall)


The Master’s relationship with the Doctor was complex. (The Magician’s Apprentice) they respected The Doctor as a worthy opponent, once offering to use a recently recovered weapon to take control of the universe While offering to share it with the Doctor though he refused. (Colony in Space) As time went on, however, The Master became increasingly obsessed with proving his personal superiority, causing him to view The Doctor both as his greatest friend and his worst enemy. He expressed deep anger toward The Doctor, along with a desire for vengeance, (Last of the Time Lords) and accused The Doctor of causing him to waste his regenerations. (The TV Movie)
Although initially willing to work with the Doctor when the situation required it, (Terror of the Autons, The Claws of Axos) after the Last Great Time War, The Master absolutely refused to listen to The Doctor on any occasion. He evinced his vanity when The Doctor confronted him with the words”I forgive you”, which he had been terrified of hearing because it significantly dented his pride. (Last of the Time Lords)
The Master enjoyed making playful flirtations towards the Tenth Doctor While speaking on the phone, even asking The Doctor if he was asking him out on a date. (The Sound of Drums) When The Doctor harnessed the psychic energy of the entire human race and effectively became a god, The Master was reduced to sobbing against a wall. (Last of the Time Lords)
After regenerating into a female incarnation, The Master took her sexual innuendos to a new level by referring to him as her “boyfriend” and holding him responsible for her fate. (Deep Breath, Death in Heaven) Upon meeting The Doctor in his twelfth incarnation, she pretended to be an android and passionately kissed him. (Dark Water) She later wanted to give him control of her army of Cybermen, attempting to force him to recognise that they were the same, but he refused and gave it to Danny Pink instead, who stopped her plans. While surprised, Missy didn’t try to stop The Doctor as he prepared to kill her to spare Clara Oswald from doing it. (Death in Heaven) When searching for The Doctor, Missy challenged Clara’s scepticism about her concern about him by claiming to have cared about The Doctor”since always” (The Magician’s Apprentice) and even begged The Doctor to find out about her plans. (The Five Masters) Shortly before her encounter with her predecessor, Missy showed a genuine desire to rekindle her friendship with the Doctor. (The Eaters of Light) In fact, she had been rehabilitated enough that she would stand with him to fight the Cybermen. (The Doctor Falls)
Missy’s male successor enjoyed playing long games like tricking the Thirteenth Doctor into believing he was someone else, expressing he had had “a lot of fun” when she finally realised he had fooled her. Despite not wanting her as his enemy again, he loved playing mind games on The Doctor and treating her as an inferior, having her kneel and call him”Master”, (his joining her in kneeling soon after suggests part of his motivation was to provoke her). He chased her through time to force her to listen to him just to get a message across, but would express rage when she outsmarted him. He also left her a hologram message to manipulate her into joining his destructive ways. (Spyfall)


Unlike The Doctor, The Master usually worked and travelled alone. On rare occasions, they were seen with companions. Examples included Ailla the Time Lord spy, (The Dark Path) Mother Finsey, a woman who was fascinated by The Master’s evilness and would follow his track afterwards, (The Transcendence of Ephros) Chang Lee, a young human whom The Master met in San Francisco, (The TV Movie) Katsura Sato, an immortal Japanese samurai who helped The Master in his quest for Glory, (The Glorious Dead) and Sally Armstrong, a woman who helped him to use the Eminence. (Time’s Horizon)
During The Last Great Time War, he took in Cole Jarnish, (The Good Master) though as a ploy, (The Heavenly Paradigm) and later Chantho, a female assistant and companion to The Master in his Professor Yana identity. (Utopia) As Harold Saxon, Lucy Saxon, his wife, was described as having travelled with The Master in the TARDIS in the same fashion as The Doctor and his companions. (The Sound of Drums)
Clara also temporarily became Missy’s companion when they both teleported out of the Dalek city together. Missy treated Clara as her “canary”, forcing her to act as bait for the Daleks and test the safety of their situations first. She also made her get inside a Dalek casing so they could sneak back into the city convincingly. (The Witch’s Familiar)


Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks often discussed that the relationship between the Third Doctor and the Brigadier is similar to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Inevitably, this led them to a question: where is Moriarty? they envisioned a counterpart of the Doctor, a character that became The Master. (The Doctor’s Moriarty)
In a way, The Doctor himself was the model of the Master. At first, The Doctor Who production team thought of the Master as the evil half of a single personality. The Master’s name was dreamed up as another counterpart to The Doctor’s – like that of his enemy, “Master” is an academic title.[source needed] But this does not mean that The Master has a lesser academic degree than The Doctor, as in a master’s degree. Both being Time Lords, they have the same level of education and are graduates of the Time Lord Academy. In The Sound of Drums, we learn that both had chosen their names because of what they meant – The Doctor as a healer of wrongs, The Master because of his desire for conquest and dominance.
In the Third Doctor’s original final episode concept, Roger Delgado’s incarnation of the Master would have redeemed himself and given his life to save The Doctor, after which The Doctor would have regenerated, however, this story was never developed due to the accidental death of Roger Delgado. Over thirty years later, this idea was reused in The End of Time, with John Simm’s incarnation of the Master sacrificing himself to save the Tenth Doctor from Rassilon.
In The Deadly Assassin, writer Robert Holmes deliberately chose to show The Master in a”transitional” form, in case future production teams wanted to bring back the character. This transitional form was also used in The Keeper of Traken.
The Master was the villain in the early drafts of the 1977 television story The Talons of Weng-Chiang. [1]
Dhawan’s costume was conceived by Ray Holman, based on the actor’s suggestions.[2]


The 1997 novel The Dark Path shows the Second Doctor in one of his first encounters with The Master since leaving Gallifrey. Throughout the story, The Master is only called by the pseudonym”Koschei”. In Russian folklore, Koschei (rus.Коще́й or Коще́й Бессме́ртный, “Koschei The Deathless”) is a villain who hides his soul in an obscure location under many layers of protection so that he can never die.
Though the Second Doctor does not recognise Koschei by that name in The Dark Path, and the novel even goes so far as to state that The Master has “begun” calling himself thusly, later stories like Divided Loyalties and the Face of the Enemy reuse the name in ways that suggest it is the true or original name of the Master. The 2018 short story Lords and Masters casts this theory into doubt, however, as Missy states that her real name contains thirty-two letters, though it is possible that “Koschei” is a diminutive, like Romana and Goth, or even a first or last name which, added up with the other, amounts to thirty-two.
The comic Flashback was written with the intent that its character of Magnus (an old friend of theta Sigma who seems to be growing more and more corrupted) was an early incarnation of the Master. This would make Magnus The Master’s true name as opposed to Koschei, or, indeed, anything thirty-two letters long. However, the comic did not explicitly confirm Magnus’s identity, and later sources went on to retcon that Magnus was actually the War Chief.


Especially in comparison to other prominent Time Lords like The Doctor and Romana, the number of the Master’s incarnations has been left unclear by many stories. The Deadly Assassin gives the first clue when The Master is said to be near the end of his thirteenth and final life. This would appear to imply that The Master was either in his penultimate or final incarnation when he arrived on present day Earth in Terror of the Autons.

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game by FASA, which admits taking liberties with the source material in its opening pages, gives a run down of the Master’s first thirteen incarnations in”The Master” supplement book. According to it, The Master could control the form of his incarnations and frequently used the same face. The first to fourth incarnations lived on Gallifrey and regenerated due to their researches. The fifth one kept the same form as the previous ones but lasted over 400 years thanks to his retirement. He eventually regenerated, aged over 700 years, when his rebellion on Gallifrey failed and forced him to become a renegade with the War Chief among his followers. The sixth and seventh incarnations were”The Monk” as portrayed by Peter Butterworth who regenerated when repairing his TARDIS after the events of the Time Meddler. The eighth incarnation, aged over 800, regenerated following the events of the Daleks’ Master Plan, and was the first with Delgado’s likeness and the first to call himself”The Master”. He kept these features up to his twelfth incarnation which combed his grey hair back. The thirteenth incarnation, aged over 800, started as Delgado and started intervening against UNIT but after his death to the Daleks following Frontier in Space he took on the decayed appearance. The fourteenth one, aged over 900, was portrayed by Ainley who stole the body of Tremas and he survived the events of Planet of Fire thanks to the gas which gave him a new cycle and he regenerated into a similar fifteenth incarnation.
Legacy of the Daleks shows the transformation from the Roger Delgado Master into the degraded form portrayed by Geoffrey Beevers and Peter Pratt, establishing that all three actors are playing a single incarnation of the Master. However, the comic Doorway to Hell contradicts this by showing the Delgado incarnation’s regeneration, and the Two Masters features the Beevers incarnation of the Master before disfigurement. However, this may be reconciled as Legacy does not explicitly feature the Delgado Master ‘regenerating’ into the Pratt/Beevers version, as the novel depicts him being blown out of his TARDIS when Susan destroys a key piece of equipment and he is later shown being rescued by Goth, creating the possibility that he was not badly injured by the explosion and was able to retrieve another TARDIS to continue his depicted adventures as the Delgado incarnation, such as Doorway to Hell, until he regenerated and was disfigured in Two Masters.
Afterwards, Anthony Ainley’s version of the Master takes over Tremas’s body and goes on to plague The Doctor until the original series’ end. Despite being a different form, there’s no actual regeneration. According to an illustration from Birth of a Renegade, the incarnation who became a renegade by shooting the Lord President looked like Ainley.
According to The Toy’s cover, his first incarnation looked like Roger Delgado which was later contradicted by the creation of the James Dreyfus incarnation.
The 2010 edition of Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary indicates that The Master played by John Simm is the seventeenth form. However, this source is considered invalid by this website.
In 2013, Harvest of Time concluded the debate by stating that there were about 470 distinct incarnations of the Master, including those of other time streams. Among them were children, elders, male, female, humanoid and alien looking ones.
The short story Girl Power!, shows eighteen deaths on Missy’s Spacebook page. This results in nineteen true incarnations, not including possessed bodies. While the identities of the Master’s incarnations pre-Beevers are not named by this story, it does account for every incarnation of the Master post-Beevers that have appeared in spin-off media.
According to The Bekdel Test, Missy died and came back 85 times by the time she met River Song.


Although they played antagonists on screen, in real life Roger Delgado and Jon Pertwee were actually close friends. In interviews and convention Q&,A sessions, Pertwee often cited the death of Delgado as one of the factors that led him to give up the role. (DOC: PanoptiCon 93, MM 15)
Long before Tom Baker met Anthony Ainley during the filming of his last episode, he had lived with his brother, Richard Ainley, an acting instructor. Tom often saw Anthony, who would come over to play with Richard’s children, but always thought of him as mysterious.[3]


According The Doctor Who The official Annual 2018, which is not accepted as a valid source for in-universe articles on this website, Missy remained on Skaro after The Witch’s Familiar, adopting a Slyther as a pet that ate the Thals she met.

When Missy was put on trial for her “crimes against the universe throughout all [her] lives”, she talked her way out of being sentenced for the events of the Year That Never Was by pointing out The Doctor’s undoing of those events, for the murder of Petronella Osgood by pointing out the two Osgoods still working for UNIT, for the event at Devil’s End by pointing out she had already been tried for that crime and cleared up confusion about her involvement in the Death Zone by reminding everyone that Borusa was the culprit. She was, however, eventually sentenced to death for pushing a girl into a volcano on Riga-Priam, which she had mentioned doing in The Lie of the Land.


* Missy’s appearance is based upon that of the Julie Andrews version of Mary Poppins. For example, when first introduced in the stage directions from the script of Deep Breath, Missy was physically described thus:”She’s dressed a little like Mary Poppins.” Furthermore, Missy imitates the style of Mary’s iconic arrival (floating down from the sky using an umbrella) in Death in Heaven.
* Though Robert Holmes has received a creator creditedit for male incarnations of the Master in the revived series, no such creditedit is given for Missy.

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