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Doctor Who: William Hartnell Complete Season 2

Doctor Who: William Hartnell Complete Season 2

Making BBC sci-fi history as the First Doctor, William Hartnell stars in nine more exciting adventures that catapult you through time and space to save the Universe from diabolical forces. Join The Doctor and his loyal companions as they fight the Animus and Menoptra on planet Vortis, aid the Xeron revolt, and slash their way through the Mechanus jungle. On planet Earth, a Roman holiday goes disastrously awry in 64 AD, Saracens ambush the TARDIS crew during the Third Crusade, and a rogue Gallifreyan plots to rewrite British history in 1066. All 39 episodes—37 brilliantly remastered, plus two ingeniously reconstructed using off-air soundtracks and photographs. Extras galore! 16 1/4 hours on 9 discs. SDH

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