Revisitations 3

Revisitations 3
Revisitations 3 DVD


Number of DVDs: 5
DVD Number: BBCDVD3003
Certification: PG
Duration: 291 minutes
Release Date: 13 Feb. 2012


Previous releases had not so many features due to demand re issued in new packaging and 2 disc or 3 sets

The Tomb of the Cybermen Special Edition

Tomb of the Cybermen Special Edition cover

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land on the desert planet Telos, where an archaeological expedition from Earth has also arrived. The scientists are searching for the fabled tombs to which the dying Cybermen removed themselves many years earlier. The Doctor is adamant that his old enemies be left in hibernation, but two members of the research team, the Logicians Klieg and Kaftan, have plans to use the Cybermen to help them dominate the galaxy.

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The Three Doctors Special Edition

The Three Doctors Special Edition cover

A gel-like plasma creature arrives on Earth and hunts down The Doctor, who calls on The Time Lords for help. The Time Lords themselves are in crisis as their energy is being drawn off into a black hole. They send The Doctor’s earlier selves to join him. The first Doctor, caught in a time eddy and able only to advise, deduces that the creature is a time bridge. The third Doctor and Jo then give themselves up to it and are transported to a world of antimatter beyond the black hole. On Earth, the second Doctor is forced to take refuge in the TARDIS along with the Brigadier and Sergeant Benton. He switches off the ship’s force field, and the whole UNIT building is transported through the black hole. Behind these events is Omega, a figure from the Time Lord history whose solar engineering provided the power for time travel.

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The Robots of DeathSpecial Edition

The Robots of Death Special Edition cover

On a distant, barren planet, Storm Mine 4 trawls across bleak deserts and through fierce duststorms in search of rare and valuable metals. On board the Sandminer is a small skeleton crew, who alternate between indulgentrelaxation and skilled mining work. The mundane, day-to-day duties of the mine are attended to by a much larger complement of servile robots. This is a society that is dependant on robots for all areas of life, the people comforted by the knowledge that the strictest safeguards are built into each and every robot’s programming. So when one of the miner crew is murdered, suspicion falls on two new arrivals… The Doctor and Leela arrive on board, and are immediately accused of being the prime murder suspects. But The Doctor soon realises that perhaps the killer isn’t human. More deaths occur – can he persuade the remaining crewmembers that the killer may be a robot?

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Special Features

The Tomb of the Cybermen Special Edition

  • Morris Barry Introduction – The director’s introduction from the 1993 VHS release.
  • Title Sequence – Tests and build-up elements for the Patrick Troughton title sequence.
  • ‘Late Night Line-Up’ – BEHIND THE SCENES at the BBC Visual Effects department to interview Jack Kine.
  • ‘The Final End’ – The Evil of the Daleks is mostly missing from the BBC archives. A small taste of the climactic battle…
  • Abominable Snowmen Audio Trailer
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Production Subtitles
  • ‘The Lost Giants’ – Cast and crew look back on the making of the story
  • ‘The Curse of the Cybermen’s Tomb’ – Sir Christopher Frayling and Dr Debbie Challis examine the ancient Egyptian origins to the story.
  • Cybermen – Extended Edition– A history of the Cybermen.
  • The Magic of VidFIRE – A look at the technology behind the VidFIRE process.
  • Sky Ray Advert – 1960’s Doctor Who themed promo for Walls Sky Ray ice lolly.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Radio Times Listings

The Three Doctors Special Edition

  • Commentary by Barry Letts, Katy Manning and Nicholas Courtney
  • ‘Happy Birthday To Who’ – A brand-new look at the making of this anniversary story.
  • ‘Was Doctor Who Rubbish?’ – Raising a defence against criticism of the classic series.
  • ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ – The 1970s Katy Manning, Caroline John (Liz Shaw) and Louise Jameson (Leela) on being a 1970s Doctor Who girl.
  • ‘Pebble Mill At One Archival interview with the second Doctor Patrick Troughton and visual effects wizard Bernard Wilkie.
  • Blue Peter Jon Pertwee introduces the Whomobile.
  • BSB Highlights Cast and crew discuss The Three Doctors
  • The Five Faces of Doctor Who The full trailer for the 1981 repeat season which included The Three Doctors.
  • BBC1 Trailer
  • 40th Anniversary Trailer
  • Radio Times listings
  • Production Subtitles
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound

The Robots of DeathSpecial Edition

  • Commentary 1 – Original release commentary.
  • Commentary 2 – New commentary by actors Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela) and Pamela Salem (Toos), and director Michael E Briant.
  • ‘The Sandmine Murders’ – Cast and crew look back at the making of the story.
  • ‘Robophobia’ Toby Hadoke takes a humorous look at the history of robots.
  • Studio Sound – Example of a studio scene before the robot voice effects were added.
  • Model Shots Black and white time-coded recording of the original model insert film.
  • Studio Floor Plan – Interactive view of the studio layout via the original floor plan drawings
  • Continuity – off-air continuity for the first episode’s original transmission plus mute continuity slide.
  • Radio Times listings
  • Programme subtitles
  • Photo gallery
  • coming soon trailer
  • Production information subtitles

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