Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5 DVD

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5 DVD


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD3580
Certification: PG
Duration: 156 minutes


Sarah Jane Smith is known to Doctor Who fans as the vivacious, daring, investigative journalist who since returning to Earth after travelling with The Doctor has dedicated her life to tracking alien activity right here on Earth.

She inhabits a world of mystery, danger and wonder where aliens, supercomputers and monsters are commonplace!

Farting aliens in human body suits and an equal balance of laughs and scares, the show and has proved an intergalactic hit for both kids and adults alike.

This is sadly the final series of this wonderful show.

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5 DVD contains the episodes:

The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was

Special Features

Complete DVDBlu-Ray

Special Features

  • CBBC trailers
  • Character, tools & alien profiles
  • Goodbye Bannerman Road – Remembering Elisabeth Sladen
  • A tribute to Elisabeth Sladen with contributions from those who worked closely with her, including the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith


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