The Skull of Sobek

The Skull of Sobek
The Skull of Sobek

Regular Cast

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller, / Croc / Sister), Sean Biggerstaff (Snabb / Tangent / Brother), Nicholas Briggs (Croc / Brother / Skull of Sobek), Barnaby Edwards (Croc / Brother), Barbara Flynn (Sister Chalice / Croc Trooper), Art Malik (Abbot Absolute), Mikey O’Connor (Dannahill / Proximus), Katarina Olsson (Sister Thrift / Sister), Giles Watling (The Old Prince / Camel Man)


Too much perfection’s dangerous.

On the isolated planet of Indigo 3, far out in the wastes of the Blue Desert, lies the Sanctuary of Imperfect Symmetry. It is a place of contemplation and reflection. It is also a place of death.

Something from another time, from another world, has found its way inside the hallowed walls. Something with a leathery hide, a long snout and sharp pointy teeth.

Tick tock. Here comes the crocodile.



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  • The Skull of Sobek was the fourth release of the second series of Big Finish Productions’ The New Eighth Doctor Adventures audio stories.
  • Lucie has been scared of crocodiles since she saw Peter Pan as a child.
  • Dannahill mentions the Galactic Federation. (The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon)
  • Katarina Olsson has previously appeared in several Big Finish audio plays including the previous Eighth Doctor audio season as the Headhunter.
  • Giles Watling is the brother of Deborah Watling who played the Second Doctor’s companion Victoria Waterfield. Their father Jack Watling played Professor Edward Travers in The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear.
  • Sean Biggerstaff previously appeared as Chris Parsons in the Big Finish remake of Shada starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward.

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