Nightmare In Silver




Main Aliases:

Cyber Webley


Human, Cyber-Planner


Nightmare in Silver

Main Actor:

Jason Watkins


Impresario Webley was a human trapped on Hedgewick’s World of Wonders for months, initially not knowing that the theme park had been abandoned.

He had a collection of waxworks and shells of Cybermen, one of which had the escaped Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff XLI operate like a puppet to give the impression the suit was playing chess on its own. He was partially converted into a Cyberman by the Cybermites and went to the Cyber-tombs. When the Eleventh Doctor found his way there, Webley hailed The Doctor for bringing the children, Angie and Artie, saving the Cyberman race. He also told The Doctor that Cybermites could alter any living material, not just humans and the Cybermites began converting him into a Cyber-Planner.

The Emperor deactivated Webley with a hand pulse, which The Doctor later used to scatter the Cyber-Planner into the other Cybermen. Webley was killed along with the rest of the Cybermen when the Emperor gave the voice command to implode the planet. (Nightmare in Silver)


Wesley is included as a character in The Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game, both as an ally”Impresario Webley” in his original human form, and, after his Cyber-conversion, as an enemy “Cyber Webley”.

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