Antidote to Oblivion

Antidote to Oblivion

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Lisa Greenwood (Flip Jackson), Nabil Shaban (Sil), Dawn Murphy, David Dobson (Pan/Lord Mav), Mary-Ann Cafferkey (Cerise), Scott Joseph (Boscoe/Voda/Knight Marshal), Mandy Weston (Kristal/Mistress Na/Velena)


Future Britain is bankrupt, its corporate owners facing financial ruin. Fortunately, the Universal Monetary Fund, and its slimy representative Sil, are willing to give its President a multi-billion cr bail-out… but terms and conditions apply, and Sil’s proposed austerity measures go far beyond mere benefit cuts.

Responding to a distress call, The Doctor and his companion Flip land in a London whose pacified populationhas been driven largely underground. But the horrors down there in the dark are as nothing to the horrors that await them at ConCorp HQ, where a young biochemist in Sil’s employ is working on a permanent solution to the nation’s terminal unprofitability.

Because in the final account, Sil plans to make a killing…


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  • Antidote to Oblivion is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
  • The Doctor tells Flip that there are several Atlantises. (The Underwater Menace, The Dæmons, The Time Monster)
  • Miss Cordelia is the daughter of Crozier. She blames The Doctor for her father’s death on Thoros-Beta in 2379. (Mindwarp)
  • Sil refers to Peri Brown’s departure from the TARDIS. (Mindwarp)
  • (The Doctor laments the destruction of his (sonic screwdriver by the Terileptil leader in September 1666. (The Visitation)
  • The Doctor cannot remember much about the 24th century.
  • Democracy ended in the United Kingdom in 2268.
  • Sil describes The Doctor as “revoltingly humane.”
  • Flip refers to the mutated Anzor as resembling “a pink potato with eyes on sticks.”

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