Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart


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Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

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Greg Austin (Charlie), Fady Elsayed (Ram), Sophie Hopkins (April), Vivian Oparah (Tanya), Katherine Kelly (Miss Quill), Jordan Renzo (Matteusz), Pooky Quesnel (Dorothea), Paul Marc Davis (Corakinus), Kelly Gough (Rannus/Kharrus), Aaron Neil (Varun), Shannon Murray (Jackie), Con O’Neill (Huw), Pooja Shah (Miss Shah), Moses Adejimi (Student 1), Ellie James (Student 2), Neil McCaul (Voice of Rannus)


Written by Patrick Ness
Directed by Philippa Langdale
Produced by Derek Richie


April starts to feel effects of sharing her heart with Corakinus, and his attempts to sever the attachment only make it stronger. When April’s estranged father makes a startling appearance she confronts him with Shadow Kin force, manifesting traits of the Shadow Kin leader.

Frightened by this extraordinary new-found power, April seeks comfort in Ram, and vows to reclaim her heart as her own. Meanwhile, something strange is happening to the others – London is slowly being infested with unusual, sinister flower petals.


  • Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart is part one of a two part story.
  • The Underneath re-appears. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • Corakinus re-appears. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • Varun Singh promised not to tell Ram’s mum about his prosthetic leg. (For Tonight We Might Die, (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • The Coal Hill School Roll of Honours Board appears again, as well as the following names: A. Okehurst, J. Gibson, D. Hatcher, M. De Courtenay, S. Baasch, S. Tollemache, H. Lamonde, P. Hobbs, J. Thorburn, H. Sturzacher, L. Sleeman, D. Young, S. Wilard-Fleming, T. J. Marsden, J. Owston-Tuff, W. Pickle, D. Roscoe, J. O’Brien, W. Tardif, B. Nagys-Kovacs, K. Yim, A. Nowak, P. Kakuszi, S. D. Michel, F. G. Whitlock, A. McWilliam, C. Shelton, A. Rawlinson, K. E. Drinkwater, and L. Millikin, A. Dunlop, H. Beyer-Cox, R. Phillips-Rees, R. D. Pink and C. Oswald. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • The Cabinet of Souls re-appears. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • April is still learning”Night Visiting” on her violin. (Nightvisiting) however due to her heart-connection to Corakinus (For Tonight We Might Die) she breaks a string on her violin.
  • April’s dad is not allowed to approach her after he tried to kill her and her mother. (Nightvisiting)
  • Huw again tried to call April. (Nightvisiting)
  • Charlie commands Miss Quill to attend parents’ evening in the role of his parent. A previous parents’ evening at Coal Hill had previously taken place. (The Caretaker).
  • Headteacher Frank Armitage is considered missing after being killed by the Leaf Dragon. He’s been replaced by Dorothea Ames. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Dorothea tells Miss Quill that the Governors speak highly of her. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Dorothea says that you don’t see so many Smiths any more, and no one under the age of 35 is called John.
  • John Smith is a common alias of the Doctor. (The Witch Hunters, The Wheel in Space, The War Games, Spearhead from Space, The Time Warrior, Blood and Hope, The Empty Child, School Reunedition, Smith and Jones, Partners in Crime, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Midnight, The Next Doctor) He even used it as an employee at Coal Hill Academy in his Twelfth Doctortwelfth incarnation. (The Caretaker).
  • Miss Quill encountered the Inspector sent by the Governors earlier. Dorothea makes note of this. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • April mentions they killed Coach Tom Dawnson (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) and “that Lankin thing”. (Nightvisiting)
  • Shah teaches her class about the Battle of Dunkirk. The Doctor was present at Dunkirk in his first, (Just War, Byzantium!) eighth, (Fugitives) and incarnations. (The Nemonite Invasion)
  • April tells Ram more about the war she is fighting. (Nightvisiting)
  • Kharrus says that she fought with Corakinus on Earth. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • Tanya mentions her dad. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, Nightvisiting)
  • April opens another rift, temporary this time, in her backyard with her Shadow Kin scimitar. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • Some of the posters from mid-October are still hanging around. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • The King and Queen of Rhodia are mentioned in Charlie’s fact file. (For Tonight We Might Die, Nightvisiting)
  • Charlie’s encounter with The Doctor is mentioned in his fact file. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • The slaughter of Rhodian and Quill were mentioned in Charlie’s fact file. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • The arn is mentioned again. (For Tonight We Might Die)
  • On Charlie’s fact file is a brief mention of UNIT and their dealings with The Doctor. (The Invasion, Spearhead from Space)
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