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28 February 1981

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Regular Cast

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Mat thew Waterhouse (Adric)

Guest Cast

Dolore Whiteman (Aunt Vanessa) [1], Tom Georgeson (Detective Inspector) [1-2], Anthony Ainley (The Master)*, John Fraser (The Monitor) [2-4], Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) [2-4], Peter Davison (Doctor Who) [4], Christopher Hurst (Security Guard) [4], Janet Fielding (Tegan)


Written by Christopher H Bidmead
Directed by Peter Grimwade
Produced by John Nathan Turner


Haunted by a shadowy watcher, The Doctor’s bound for Logopolis in search of a new chameleon circuit for the TARDIS, with a dangerous stowaway on board. Now in a new body, and bent on Universe domination, his arch enemy The Master is back with a vengeance.

His plan could rock Logopolis, the keystone of all life. Could this mean the unravelling of the causal nexus and the end of the universe itself? The Doctor must pit his wits against The Master in a desperate battle to thwart his plans aware that this might be a fight which could easily spell the end of his life.


  • * This is the second part in the Return of The Master trilogy, which began in The Keeper of Traken and concludes in Castrovalva.
  • The Watcher brought Nyssa to Logopolis.
  • The Fourth Doctor uses his trademark scarf to trip The Master.
  • There are two sets of flashbacks leading up to The Doctor’s regeneration, mostly two-second clips of characters saying ‘Doctor’. The first set of flashbacks are villains: The Master (The Deadly Assassin), a Dalek (Destiny of the Daleks), the Pirate Captain (The Pirate Planet), the Cyberleader (Revenge of the Cybermen), Davros(Genesis of the Daleks), Commander Stor (The Invasion of Time), Broton (Terror of the Zygons) and the Black Guardian (The Armageddon Factor). The second set of flashbacks are companions: Sarah Jane Smith (Terror of the Zygons), Harry Sullivan (The Sontaran Experiment), the Brigadier(Invasion of the Dinosaurs), Leela (The Robots of Death), K9 (The Armageddon Factor), Romana I (The Stones of Blood) and Romana II (Full Circle).
  • While Traken is destroyed by The Master,The Doctor does return to it 3000 years before its destruction to seek help for Nyssa in Primeval.
  • In The Quantum Archangel, Sixth Doctor and The Master briefly shift into an alternate Universe where the destruction of Logopolis did destroy the Universe.
  • The Chamelion Circuit gets properly used in Attack of the Cybermen, but this is the first time the device gets shown it’s capabilities for demonstrating what it can do.
  • The Master’s TARDIS disguises itself as a police box, a tree and a Doric column at various times.
  • The Master suggests, “We reconfigure our two TARDISes into time cone inverters… We create a stable safe zone by applying temporal inversion isometry to as much of space/time as we can isolate.”.
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