Fury from the Deep


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Fury from the Deep

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First Transmitted

16 March 1968

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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Debbie Watling (Victoria)

Guest Cast

Victor Maddern (Robson), Roy Spencer (Harris), Graham Leaman (Price), Peter Ducrow (Guard) [1], June Murphy (Maggie Harris) [1-4, 6], John Garvin (Carney) [1], Hubert Rees (Chief Engineer), John Abineri (Van Lutyens) [1-4], Richard Mayes (Chief Baxter) [1, 4], Bill Burridge (Quill) [1-5], John Gill (Oak) [2-5], Margaret John (Megan Jones) [4-6], Brian Cullingford (Perkins) [4-6].


Written by Victor Pemberton
Directed by Hugh David
Produced by Peter Bryant


Landing near a North Sea gas refinery off the east coast of England, the TARDIS crew are immediately accused of sabotage. Several rig crews have mysteriously Vanished, strange pressure build-ups have been detected, and in the refinery’s pipelines The Doctor can hear the steady, rhythmic beat of – what?

Soon The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria will find themselves at the unrelenting mercy of one of the deadliest and most terrifying foe they have ever encountered &mdash, the deadly, parasitic Weed creatures


  • All episodes are missing but audio recordings and telesnaps exist. The soundtrack has been released as part of the BBC Audio Collection.
    Eight clips from Episodes 1, 2, 4 and 5 are known to exist. Most are censored clips that have been recovered in Australian archives.
  • Novelised as Doctor Who – Fury from the Deep by Victor Pemberton.
  • The scripts of the missing episodes are available on the Scripts Project page.
  • A photonovel of the story is available on the BBC Doctor Who website.
  • Fan-produced photovideo reconstructions of the story have been made by Joint Venture and by Loose Cannon Productions.
  • Doctor Who Magazine Archive: Issue #227.
  • The Sonic Screwdriver makes its first appearance in this story. The Doctor will use it for three lifetimes, until the Terileptils destroy it during their battle with the Fifth Doctor in The Visitation
  • Victoria returns in Downtime, where she meets the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith and faces the Great Intelligence again, and she makes a brief appearance in the Prelude for Birthright.
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