The Doctor’s Meditation


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The Doctor’s Meditation

Series 9


First Transmitted

15 September 2015

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The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
The Doctor's Meditation
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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor)

Guest Cast

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill (Bors)


Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Ed Bazalgette
Produced by Derek Ritchie


In a castle in Essex in 1138, The Doctor is mating. As Bors runs in, the Time Lord stirs, and asks Bors how many days he’d been there. Bors says about three hours, to which The Doctor becomes very sullen. Bors asked The Doctor if he had another friend. The Doctor, unsatisfied with the quality of his chalice of water, exits the castle to build a well.

Bors and his men begin to dig a well on The Doctor’s orders. Five days later, they have tried eleven different spots and none of them have yielded water. Seven days later, they finally dig a well. Bors offers The Doctor a bucket of it. Uninterested, The Doctor suggests a visitor’s center for the well. Bors drops the bucket back down the well, deeply frustrated by The Doctor’s actions.

Five days later, The Doctor is practicing his magic tricks. Bors alerts him to the fact that his order for the throne room extension has been filled – except for the sun-roof since nobody knows what a sun-roof is. The Doctor, in an attempt to test his magic, asks Bors where the coin he had been practicing with is, to which Bors replies that it was still in his right hand.

Frustrated, The Doctor protests, bluffing that the coin is not there. Bors continues to question him on what his presence means. The Doctor admits that he is not an idiot, as he had originally thought.

Four days later, Bors prepares The Doctor’s final meditation, he and the Time Lord converse, The Doctor claiming that he only has one day left and must genuinely dedicate some time to thought. Bors replies that he believes The Doctor incapable of silence. Bors leaves The Doctor, only for The Doctor to call him back a few moments later, to offer him a joust. Bors stands his ground, demanding an answer or he will not leave the room, intending to force The Doctor to tell him his story.

The Time Lord states that he recently let someone down, he found a battlefield, and although he had come across many battlefields, this one would be his last.

On another world, soldiers are preparing for war…


  • The Doctor’s Meditation was a prequel to the ninth series of Doctor Who
  • The Doctor, to convince the locals to dig a twelfth hole, says that twelve is his lucky number. Then the well is finally finished on the twelfth day.
  • The Doctor is wearing plaid trousers, similar to the Second Doctor’s trousers. He is also wearing a worn out Label Lab Misty Mountain graphic t-shirt, unlike his usual formal dress.
  • The Doctor’s meditation was first shown prior to a 3-D screening of Dark Water / Death in Heaven at 7:30PM local time in the US and Canada Alongside The Five Doctors and The TV Movie, it is one of the few stories to be first shown in the US. It was also released in the UK on the official Doctor Who Facebook page, the first mini-episode to do so.
  • It is also one of the few stories to first be shown in cinemas. It has since been broadcast on television in the United States on BBC America on 18 September 2015 and the ABC in Australia on 19 September 2015.
  • The final scene of a battlefield leads directly into the first episode of Series 9, The Magician’s Apprentice
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