The Mark of the Rani

The Mark of the Rani
The Mark of the Rani DVD


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD1833
Certification: U
Duration: 89 minutes
Release Date (UK): 4 Sept. 2006 / 7 November 2006 (US/CANADA) / 2 November 2006 (AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND)


Drawn off course en route for Kew Gardens, the TARDIS materialises in the mining village of Killingworth in the early 19th Century, and the Doctor and Peri find themselves in the midst of a Luddite rebellion. Why are peaceful men resorting to mindless violence, and why is The Master intent on sabotaging the Industrial Revolution? In order to safeguard Earth’s future, The Doctor must defeat the combined forces of two rogue Time Lords from his own past…

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Kate O’Mara
  • Lords and Luddites’ 40-minute documentary, featuring comments from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Kate O’Mara, writers Pip and Jane Baker, actor Gary Cady, script or Eric Saward and composer Jonathan Gibbs
  • ‘Playing with Time’ a 9-minute interview with composer Jonathan Gibbs
  • ‘Now and then‘ A look at the Blists Hill Victorian Museum used as the main filming location for this adventure
  • Blue Peter: An 11-minute feature on the history of Ironbridge Gorge
  • Doctor Who 1985 Annual as a PDF
  • Production Notes
  • Trailers
  • Photo gallery

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