The Rebel Flesh


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The Rebel Flesh

Series 6

Episode 5

First Transmitted

21 May 2011

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Series 6 Set


Series 6 Volume 1 DVD


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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy), Arthur Darvill (Rory)

Guest Cast

Mark Bonnar (Jimmy), Marshall Lancaster (Buzzer), Sarah Smart (Jennifer), Raquel Cassidy (Foreman Cleaves), Leon Vickers (Dicken), Frances Barber (Eye Patch Lady), Edmond Moulton (Adam)


Written by Mat thew Graham
Directed by Julian Simpson
Produced by Marcus Wilson


A solar tsunami sends the TARDIS hurtling towards a futuristic factory on Earth, where human doppelgangers are used to mine dangerous acid, as the time-travelling adventures continue.

A second wave hits and the &ldquo,Gangers&rdquo, separate. They can remember every second of their &ldquo,original’&rdquo, life and feel every emotion they&rsquo,ve ever experienced.

But are these memories stolen or have they been bequeathed? Are the Gangers merely faulty machinery that must be shut down or are they living, breathing, sentient beings? Can The Doctor convince the terrified humans to accept these &ldquo,almost people&rdquo, and prevent an all-out civil war before the factory explodes?


  • Sarah Smart had no idea which of the Two Jennifers she was playing at times
  • Raquel Cassidy was cast three days before filming after the originally cast actress pulled out.
  • As the Eleventh Doctor is transforming, you can hear Tom Baker’s voice as he asks if”he” wants a jelly baby
  • At the end when The Doctor opens up the screwdriver to disconnect Amy we cut to a view from his standing point and the screwdriver is still closed.
  • The Eye Patch Lady reappears. (Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot)
  • The Doctor states, when informed that it has only been an hour, that “a lot of things can happen in an hour. An entire planet can be turned inside out in an hour…” (The TV Movie)
  • The use of the original humans going into harnesses, eyes-closed, to help create a Ganger clone, is very similar to what Martha Jones does with her clone in The Sontaran Stratagem.
  • The material from which the Gangers are created is referred to as “the Flesh”. The new humans were previously referred to as that in New Earth.
  • The TARDIS is still confused as to whether Amy is pregnant. (Day of the Moon)
  • The scene involving The Doctor’s investigation of an acid pipe outside the factory is reminiscent of The Doctor’s investigation of tyre treads on Androzani Minor in The Caves of Androzani.
  • The Doctor has previously encountered”doubles” of himself in The Chase, The Massacre, The Enemy of the World, Meglos, Arc of Infinity, Journey’s End, The Eleventh Hour, and The Big Bang. He will again in The Wedding of River Song.
  • Jennifer jokes that Buzzer has two left feet. Uncle, a character from the previous episode, literally had two left feet.
  • As is routine for post-2005 Doctor Who, a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the next episode is shown at the end of the episode.
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