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Everything Changes

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The Blood Line

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Tom Price

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Andy Davidson was Gwen Cooper’s former police partner. By 2011, he held the rank of police sergeant. Though not an official member of Torchwood, he aided the staff many times out of kindness for Gwen. However, he did not shirk his duties as a PC and would obey the orders given to him by higher-ups if he had no alternative but to comply, even if Torchwood was made an enemy. He did so harbouring no hard feelings toward the Torchwood collective, knowing Gwen and her teammates could turn the tables given the right nudging.


Andy Davidson worked with Gwen Cooper when she was a police officer. He had a crush on her, which made him jealous of Gwen’s boyfriend and eventual husband, Rhys Williams. (Adrift)

When Andy was young, his father took him to London. Although he wanted to see Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeon and the Towerof London, his father took him to watch a football game in a pub. (Parasite) His uncle was accused of fraud due to a fault with the till at his shop, leading to him being ostracised, (The Three Monkeys) and his grandmother let him do her eyeshadow. (Another Man’s Shoes)

Andy once watched the Manic Street Preachers at Cardiff Stadium. (We All Go Through)


In 2007, after Gwen had joined Torchwood Three, she met Andy outside a nightclub where a man had been killed by  Carys Fletcher, who was possessed by the  Sex Gas. (Day One), like Gwen’s boyfriend Rhys, he believed she had been promoted to “Special Ops”. They were met at the scene of Guy Wildman’s death. (Another Life)

In 2008, Andy requested Gwen’s help after a Roman soldier had fallen through the Cardiff Rift only to murder two men and had been arrested. Jack and Gwen talked very frankly about what had happened in front of him. (End of Days)

Andy was present at the murder scene of a man who was killed by Time Agent John Hart. (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

In 2009, Andy assisted Gwen with her investigation of Jonah Bevan’s disappearance. During this, he revealed his affection for her and jealousy of Rhys. That was why he had not attended her wedding.

He was also made aware that Gwen worked for Torchwood and showed interest in joining, but Gwen did not want him to. (Adrift)

Andy called upon Gwen for assistance when Weevils began attacking his police station and, despite his jealousy over Gwen, worked closely with Rhys. (Exit Wounds)

Andy discovered the true nature of Torchwood while they were investigating a girl who had fallen through the Rift from the future. (Asylum)


Andy volunteered to assist Torchwood for Corpse Day and worked with Owen Harperon the cold case of the disappearance of missing girls. He came to suspect Glynn Lewis after talking to a local shopkeeper and the pair investigated his house, finding Angela, Jan and Marta in the basement with a Weevil named Sonny. Andy suggested allowing Jan and Sonny’s child to die, but was forced by Glynn to help with the birth, after which Sonny killed Glynn at the girls’ urging and Andy and Owen left them there per their wish. (Corpse Day)

Andy went undercover in the prison in which Megwyn Jones was incarcerated, dealing with the prisoners who were trying to kill her whilst Owen worked there as a doctor. The pair accompanied her, Sally and Colbourne to the Hope when she agreed to tell them the location of her victims’ bodies. There, Andy consoled Sally and found Colbourne missing half of his head, attempting to put him out of his misery and burying him. After Megwyn was pulled into the ground by her undead victims, he gave the temporarily-revived Owen some crisps to enjoy whilst it lasted. (The Hope)

Andy and Owen were both after the ownerof the s oftware company responsible for Andy’s uncle’s till. He stole a toy monkey from the businessman and found that it brought good luck, hoping to keep it to improve his own life. Upon realising that the monkey took from its previous owner, he ran over it, and Owen later informed him that Torchwood had exposed the businessman and got him arrested. (The Three Monkeys)

Andy entered into a romantic relationship with Caite, unaware of her alien nature and that Owen became addicted to the temporary life energy that she could give him. He investigated the death of an old woman killed by Owen and found the truth after checking CCTV, after which he sent Caite away with her travel device. He refused to accept Owen’s excuse that Caite had been using the both of them and, upset with being deceived for so long and having to banish Caite, he accused Owen of being a “selfish coward” and left, ending their friendship. (Gooseberry)


When Weevils attacked the police station and killed the four most senior police officers, Andy called Gwen for assistance and showed her and Rhys the Weevils locked in the cells. He followed Gwen’s order to get every officer in and keep everyone calm when Gray caused multiple explosions around Cardiff. He and Rhys worked together to try to keep more Weevils out and, when they left, he suggested to Rhys that they might have gone to Abergavenny. (Exit Wounds)

On the most stressful night of his career, Andy got caught up in a zombie attack in which his partner Dawn Stratton was bitten. After zombies kept him from taking her to St Helen’s Hospital and the police station, Gwen told him to take Dawn to his flat. There, she attacked him and he and Sophie Gould had to lock her in a bedroom, the pair guarding her until finding that she was no longer infected. Whilst on guard duty, he asked Sophie out on a date. (Bay of the Dead)

Andy arrested Freda for shoplifting when he found that she had what seemed to be an alien gun, leading him to contact Torchwood. He and Gwen took her to a safe house to recover from her amnesia and, when her memories were restored and she planned to commit suicide, the pair were able to talk herout of it. It was during this ordeal that he discovered the true nature of Torchwood. (Asylum)

Andy arrested Luke Palmeron Castle Street and met Frances Godalming, who shot him after Cardiff was cordoned off to contain the Good Thinking virus. He was saved by an ambulance, but he was forced to abscond after the paramedic was affected by the virus. He was abducted by Heights Pharmaceuticals, who assumed that his being covered in blood meant that he was infected, and was taken to Cardiff Castle where indeed became infected. He was saved by Torchwood. (Outbreak)

Andy would tell his dates of Torchwood and once did this with a girl in Penarth. She was less than impressed, being vaguely aware of them. (The Torchwood Archive)


Andy was at the aftermath of the bomb inside Captain Jack Harkness which destroyed part of Cardiff Bay. He also helped Johnson find Gwen Cooper, being told she was a terrorist, by taking her to Gwen’s flat. Gwen shot out the truck’s tires and escaped with Rhys. (Children of Earth: Day Two)

Andy later picked up Gwen and Rhys from the airport after returning from London. He was present when Gwen told Ianto’s sister about his death. Later, when the police and army started mobilising to bring the children to the 456, Andy joined in the riot against the authorities to protect the children. (Children of Earth: Day Five)

Shortly following the events of the 456 incident, Andy was promoted to Sergeant. He secretly wondered if the promotion was to “shut him up” following his involvement with the recent 456 crisis. (Long Time Dead)


After Gwen and Rhys went into hiding, in 2011, Andy phoned Gwen to tell her that her father had been hospitalised. Later, he was forced to assist Rex Matheson in extraditing Torchwood 3 to America. (The New World)

He accompanied Gwen and Rhys to the Cowbridge Overflow Camp, remarking that though the system was “bloody chaos, at least it works”. He tried to have Geraint Cooper released, claiming his removal was under police orders but was unsuccessful as the overflow camps were not in the control of the Welsh police. (The Categories of Life)

Along with a Police AFO team, Andy helped save Gwen’s family. Andy shot a man in the head, remarking that it was the first time that he had ever shot anyone. (Immortal Sins)

After Gwen’s father was taken back to the overflow camp, Andy used his status as a police officer to bring Rhys into the camp. While Rhys talked to Geraint, Andy sat with a young Category One girl, whose name was not known and did not seem to have anyone who cared about her. When the Miracle was reversed and she died normally, Andy was at her side, comforting her. (The Blood Line)


Whilst investigating a double shooting, Andy became involved in the search for a alien weapon capable of destroying Britain. (Fallout)


Waiting for his chance to join Torchwood, Andy was offered an assessment by Norton Folgate and eagerly accepted, investigating the Graces and their crashed spaceship in which they recovered Object 1. Norton then took Andy to Bide-a-Wee Care Home to see the Committee, whom he claimed were the heads of Torchwood, and told him that he would receive their decision as to whetheror not he could join Torchwood in the future. Upon returning to his usual routine, Andy was approached by Jane, whom Norton had told to ask him on a date. (Ghost Mission)

Andy was later taken back to 1950s Soho as a Torchwood assessor to help clear Norton’s name. He was immediately attacked by Fat Kim’s gangsters and, upon escaping, Norton implanted the key to a Martian tripod beneath Leicester Square in his mind. Fat Kim captured him and used him to activate the tripod, but he tricked her into taking the key into herself, killing her due to her not being alien or a time traveller. The tripod then fell onto the Vicar, leading Andy to wonder if Norton had used him to wipe out everybody who knew of his criminal dealings. Norton sent him home without an answer. (Goodbye Piccadilly)


Ng (possessing Gwen’s body) called Andy to have the Sorvix at Madrigal’s hen night arrested, but Ro-Jedda’s security detail got there first. (Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy)

After four people died with no identifiable cause, Andy called Ng and showed her, Jack and Orr the bodies. He later met with Ng and helped her to remove Dawn Shale’s eye so that she could get access to his mobile phone, which he found disgusting. They were then attacked by Harry Fletcher’s reanimated body and chased after it with Jack, who, once the body was dead once more, told Andy to take the four bodies to the Hub. (Love Rat)

Andy asked for Torchwood’s help with a Sorvix hostage situation, prompting Jack and Orr to join him. (A Kill to a View)

Ng called Andy and told him to keep the emergency services from responding to the chaos that she caused in Cardiff, ensuring that the Deliverables pattern was stopped and that the Rift Manipulator’s control was restored. (Zero Hour)

Andy volunteered for a diversity seminar, where he was implanted with a quantum splice and hypnotised by Helen White to stir up his aggression as part of Ro-Jedda’s plan to discredit the police. He shot and killed an unarmed refugee, although he retained no memory of it. Torchwood investigated on his reauest whilst he remained in his house with Rhys, with a mob of press and protesters gathering outside after PC Nicki Owen leaked the tape. Torchwood discovered the quantum splices and Jack arranged for his public exoneratation by Ro-Jedda, who claimed the shooting was part of a secret operation. Despite this he told Owen that he planned on leaving the force when she came to apologise, Owen, however, told him not to. (The Empty Hand)

Due to the shooting, Andy was kept behind his desk for a time. He and Ng investigated the death of Michael Hughes and he was able to tell that Serena hated him. He met Yvonne Hartman when she dropped by to tell him about the Meme and invited him to dinner. (Tagged)

Andy was allowed out from behind his desk to look into strange phenomena at a dogging site, inviting Ng along, which led him to find and arrest Rory Owen. “Gwen’s” reaction to Rory Owen made him concerned and he called Jack to tell him so. He arrived at Cardiff City Hall shortly after it was bombed by Red Doors. (Herald of the Dawn)


Andy attended Mr Colchester’s funeral and spoke briefly with Jack, Orr and Tyler, asking the latter about Yvonne. (Future Pain)

When Cardiff went blind, Andy managed to call Yvonne, whom he had barely spoken to since the explosion of Cardiff City Hall. The two hunted the predator with Andy shooting at it out of Yvonne’s car. He was initially displeased with having been used as bait by her but later planned to go home with her. (See No Evil)

The next day, Yvonne and Norton arrived on Andy’s doorstep and asked him to help recover the Lens from Flight 405. He did so, but was suspicious of Norton and realised that he had had the mission planned from the beginning. (Flight 405)

Andy recognised Tyler Steele begging on the streets and tagged him using Oblation, unaware of the truth behind the programme and its Street Guardians. (Hostile Environment)

On the day of his performance review with the Independent Office for Police Conduct, Andy and Yvonne found that they had switched bodies. Whilst Yvonne went to his review, Andy excitedly went to the Hub but was told that Ng was in charge. He received a phone call for Yvonne telling her to go to Bide-a-Wee Care Home where he learnt of her allegiance to the Committee. Once the body swap was undone, he confronted Yvonne and stormed out, briefly meeting God. (Another Man’s Shoes)

Andy called Jack rather than Yvonne when he found people turned to stone in the missing Mermaid Fishing Tours boat. He later helped with the evacuation after Yvonne informed them of the oncoming tsunami, directing people to get to higher ground. (Eye of the Storm)


In the wake of the tsunami, Andy was appointed directorof the Disaster Recovery Committee. (A Mother’s Son) Jack believed that Andy had good cause to support the Committee’s plan to wipe the world clean and thus deemed him a believable candidate as a spy for Torchwood, although he kept this secret from Yvonne. (Thoughts and Prayers)

Andy was greatly dissatisfied with what the DRC could actually do, admitting to Bethan Foster that they had next-to-no resources. He argued with Yvonne about the inquiry and apologised to Bethan after referring to her as “another grieving mother “. (A Mother’s Son)

Andy tried to keep the Day Zero Report secret and was angry when it was leaked, also refusing help from Yvonne when she offered it. When a supply of water was found to exist in Ritz Tower, he went there with security guards to take control of it and was angered when one shot a boy. He fired Sal upon learning that she had been the one to leak information and arrested both God and Yvonne. (Day Zero)

After taking God to a cell where he had placed Jack’s body, Andy told her that the Committee wanted to use her powers to cause the Reset. He arrested Mr Colchester, Ng and Orr and told them of his true allegiance, taking them to the Hub and lying to try to calm people down as the world seemed to end. After Yvonne and Orr destroyed the Committee’s final form and Erebus, Andy informed Torchwood that the authorities were after them and, when Yvonne decided not to flee, he arrested her. (Thoughts and Prayers)


Andy visited Starr Base on Torchwood’s behalf to investigate the deaths of three members of the crew. He was suspicious of Dave and believed that he was malfunctioning and killing the crew, leading him to try to reset him. However, he worked out that it was actually Emma who was killing everyone as she had been sidestepped for the main Mars mission. (Red Base)
Association with the Eighth Doctor

In 2020, wanting to keep himself out of the way since Torchwood’s shutdown, (Dead Time) Andy went to London to meet Tania Bell and briefly met the Eighth Doctor. She told him that the TARDIS was not in 107 Baker Street and had him point out the cameras that Torchwood had hidden in her flat so that she could remove them. He was followed by Liv Chenka and the pair helped deal with the aftermath of the explosion of the MedTech building. (Must-See TV)

Andy was displeased when Tania told him that she had sent The Doctor to Mr Crusoe and quickly went there himself. Outside the shop, he felt Bourakai and Teeja teleport and found Mr Crusoe dead, after which he met The Doctor again and fled from the Rarkelians with him. Tania told him to cover up the attack at Wakefield’s by saying that it was done by students. (Divine Intervention)

Andy arranged a police cordon around the TARDIS for The Doctor’s test flight and insisted on coming along, arriving in London six million years in the future. He and Liv came across Earth Endstation 6 and were chased by a decontamination robot which The Doctor and Tania defeated with rocks and he finally told Liv about Torchwood and how it was shut down months before. Upon returning to 2020, Andy offered The Doctor his help with obtaining technology to help with repairs to the TARDIS. (Dead Time)

Andy and the Doctor went back to the 1970s to retrieve a component for the TARDIS from a UNIT lab, where they encountered the younger selves of Ron Winters and Tony Clare and became caught in a time loop centring on an escaped Ogron using a damaged time machine. After several failed attempts to resolve the loop, The Doctor was able to fix the machine using the TARDIS component, with him and Andy briefly interacting with the Ogron in a loop within the loop. As they left, Andy gave Ron a hint to ask Tony out and they bumped into Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. (UNIT Dating)

Andy travelled with The Doctor, Liv, Helen and Tania to 2050 to investigate the altered future. They were all immediately captured by forces opposing Divine Intervention and Andy was subsequently interrogated by Gemma Houlbrooke. The Doctor eventually convinced Gemma to release them and they returned to 2020. (The Long Way Round)

Andy joined The Doctor, Liv, Helen and Tania in the TARDIS as The Doctor planned to investigate the changed timeline, bringing along a lot of packing to Liv’s annoyance. When a platoon of Judoon began pursuing them, The Doctor devised a plan to use the paradoxica and paired Andy up with Liv, gifting them the paradoxica cards that looked into the past. The Doctor’s plan worked, with paradoxica cards in Andy’s possession de-ageing the Judoon platoon, and the team were reunited in the TARDIS. (Patience)

Andy travelled with The Doctor, Liv and Helen to 2035, where he and Liv encountered thugs working for Divine Intervention and a future version of Tania, who was on the run. After Tania was killed, Andy comforted Liv and they returned to the TARDIS. (Snow)

Andy accompanied The Doctor, Liv and Helen on their investigation into humanity’s future extinction. They worked with a group of rebels to infiltrate the base of Earth Empire’s dictator, who had a “kill switch” he could use on every human. The rebel leader. Paul Quinns, insisted Andy stayed with his crew whilst he travelled with The Doctor, Liv and Helen to the base. In the ensuing confrontation, Quinns ordered his crew to crash the ship into the base and the kill switch was activated, killing all the crew. Andy was trapped on the spaceship, unable to alter its course, which collided with the station. (What Just Happened?)


The Torchwood computer informed Andy that Norton’s timeline was becoming unravelled and that the best way to save him was to save the life of Gideon Lyme. To do this, he used a vortex manipulator and spent weeks in the 1950s setting things up, saving Lyme, founding the George Ezra Fund, giving Lyme a tip- off about Norton, leading him to Lavendish Tea Rooms and Norton from being killed by the Project Hermod fungus. Norton later left Andy and Lyme in the Stagnant Pond where Lyme took the Parnaeum, allowing Norton to use it as a power source for the Skylon to save the day. (Parasite)

On his way to finally see the new James Bond film, Andy was teleported back to the 1950s where he met Lizbeth Hayhoe and was told by the Torchwood Emergency Continuity Board that Norton was a rogue agent. He and Lizbeth escaped from Pinkerton’s Lodging Rooms and travelled to Ashenden where Andy was reunited with Norton and Lyme and was the victim of an unsuccessful space eel transplant. After escaping the town, Lyme took Andy, Norton and Lizbeth back and forced them to conform, something which Andy was more resistant to doing. Eventually, he and Lizbeth served as two halves of a time cone converter and the eels’ rift was snapped shut, returning them to their planet. (Ashenden)


As a member of Torchwood, Andy’s likeness was among those assumed by the intuitive hard-light simulations of the Torchwood Archive. (The Torchwood Archive)


In an alternate timeline in which John Hart took control of the Torchwood Institute and became King of the British Empire, Andy requested the assistance of Torchwood Cardiff in dealing with a hostile alien who had taken hostages at a nightclub. John Hart, however, deemed the threat beneath him and ordered that it be neutralised with lethal force with no regards to collateral civilian casualties. (The Death of Captain Jack)


Andy was a fan of science fiction like Star Trek (Divine Intervention, Parasite) and 2001: A Space Odyssey, (The Three Monkeys) as well as James Bond (Ashenden) and the Carry On films, watching the latter whenever he felt hopeless. (Divine Intervention) He described DNA profiling as “CSI bollocks”. (Everything Changes)

Andy took his tea with milk and one sugar. (Cadoc Point) He drank scotch and preferred lemonade or a pint to straight gin. (Parasite)

He was a pushover when it came to Gwen Cooper. Because he fancied her and was jealous of Rhys Williams, he did not attend her wedding. (Adrift)

During conversations, he would struggle to think of reassuring, optimistic or humorous things to say, though could sometimes surprise himself. (Bay of the Dead)

He winced at the sight of wounds. (Bay of the Dead) Andy was very compassionate and was seen comforting a dying girl after the effects of Miracle Day were reversed. (The Blood Line)

Gwen told Andy that he was a “lovely fella”. (Adrift) Yvonne told him that he was “as complicated as milk”. (Thoughts and Prayers)

Andy was very compassionate and was seen comforting a dying girl after the effects of Miracle Day were reversed. (The Blood Line)

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