Planet of Evil DVD

Planet of Evil DVDPlanet of Evil DVD


Number of DVDs:1
DVD Number: BBCDVD1814
Duration: 94 minutes


The TARDIS picks up a distress call and the Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet Zeta Minor. There they discover that a Morestran geological expedition has fallen prey to an unseen killer and only the leader, Professor Sorenson, remains alive.

Planet of Evil Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Prentis Hancock, and producer Philip Hinchcliffe.
  • A Darker Side’ – With producer Philip Hinchcliffe, writer Louis Marks, designer Roger Murray-Leach, director David Maloney, actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Prentis Hancock.
  • ‘Planetary Performance’ – a look at the making of the story from an actor’s perspective. With actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Prentis Hancock, Tony McEwan and Graham Weston. Studio Scene – the only surviving behind-the-scenes footage from the story.
  • Continuities – continuity announcements and repeat trailer.
  • Photo Gallery – production, design and publicity photos from the story.
  • Coming Soon trailer.
  • Easter Egg

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