Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig

The Two Doctors



Shockeye, Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig





Affiliated With:

Space Station Camera


The Two Doctors

Main Actor:

John Stratton


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Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig was an Androgum cook on board Space Station Camera. He had a longing for human substance, and attempted a few times to kill and eat Jamie McCrimmon and Peri Brown.

Shockeye’s individual Androgum, Chessene of the Franzine Grig, had her knowledge falsely expanded by Dastari, the administrator of Camera. The trio brought in an army of Sontarans to execute all on board yet them. They ventured out to Spain and conceived an arrangement to utilise the exploration from Camera to reveal the mystery of time travel.

At the point when the Second Doctor was briefly changed into an Androgum, Shockeye conveyed him to Las Cadenas, a café overseen by Oscar Botcherby and his better half Anita in Seville. In the wake of gobbling a gigantic feast and running up a bill of 81, 600 pesetas, Shockeye offered to pay with a twenty-narg note, yet Oscar won’t. Maddened, Shockeye cut him in the chest with a meat blade, murdering him.

Back at the house, Chessene and Dastari caught both the second and the sixth manifestations of the Doctor, and tied them up with their sidekicks. Chessene permitted Shockeye to take Jamie to be eaten. At the point when the sixtth manifestation got away, Shockeye was requested to defer the murdering and pursue him down. The Doctor utilised some cyanide left by Oscar when he was chasing moths to cover Shockeye and slaughter him. He never got the opportunity to taste human tissue. (The Two Doctors)

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