The Blood Line


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The Blood Line

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John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen), Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson), Alexa Havins (Esther Drummond), Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes), Kai Owen (Rhys), Sharon Morgan (Mary Cooper), Marina Benedict (Charlotte Willis), John de Lancie (Allen Shapiro), Wayne Knight (Brian Friedkin), Paul James (Noah), Teddy Sears (Blue-Eyed Man), Nana Visitor (Olivia Colasanto), William Thomas (Geraint Cooper) Tom Price (Sgt Andy Davidson), Frances Fisher (The Mother Colasanto), Ian Hughes (Finch), Adam Silver (the Young Man), Willis Chung (Chinese Man), Danny Szam (Surveillance Guy), Jesse Wang (Chinese Worker), Gilbert Wayne (Old Man)


Written by Russell T Davies & Jane Espenson
Directed by Billy Gierhart
Produced by Kelly A. Manners & Brian Minchin


At CIA HQ, Charlotte is able to protect her secret by blowing up Shapiro (John de Lancie) and Noah (Paul James). Rex and Esther face a setback when the suitcase containing Jack’s blood is blown up by a Family agent in the Buenos Aires military. Jack and Gwen strap Oswald to explosives to gain leverage over the Families, and learn that the miracle was caused when the Blessing – an unexplained rock formation controlling the morphic field – reacted defensively when introduced to Jack’s immortal blood. Rex reveals that he secretly transfused himself with Jack’s blood to keep it safe, meaning both agents are able to bloodlet into the Blessing at either end at the cost of their lives, thus ending the miracle.

Esther is shot, but the group proceeds. Gwen shoots Jack, knowing that she is effectively killing her father, him, Rex and Esther. With death restored, Oswald blows himself up along with a senior Family member (Frances Fisher), Gwen’s father dies. Jack’s immortality is restored, he resurrects and escapes the facility with Gwen and Jilly. Several months later, Jilly is approached again by a Family agent (Teddy Sears) about assisting with their Plan B. Paramedics manage to revive Rex, but not Esther.

At Esther’s funeral, Charlotte’s duplicity is revealed, she shoots Rex and is shot. To everyone’s shock, however, Rex displays Jack’s special ability, and instantly heals from his mortal wound.


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