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John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen), Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson), Alexa Havins (Esther Drummond), Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes), Paul James (Noah Vickers), Wayne Knight (Brian Friedkin), Tom Price (Andy Davidson), Dichen Lachman (Lyn Peterfield), Tug Coker (Goeff Reed), Halley Feiffer (Lianna), Finn Wittrock (Danny), Erin Chenoweth (Greta), Richard Augustine (George Sayer), Amy Benedict (Bridget Howe), Lauren Ambrose (Jilly Kitzinger), Antonio D. Charity (Airport Security Cop), Sedly Bloomfield (Man), Ewan Chung (Yu-King So), Rachel Leah Cohen (Laurie), Joseph Eid (Man), Chrissie Marie Fit (Assistant), Bari Hochwald (ER Nurse), Scott Hoxby (Paul Goldstein), Ronobir Lahiri (Simran Baidwan), Don Luce (Gate Guard), David O’Donnell (Dr. Mandrell). James Percey (Jefferey Self), Kristi Swensson (Woman), Luke White (EMT), A.J. Tannen (Government Clerk), Glenn Taranto (Security Chief), Richard Wharton (Doctor Paul Bell)


Written by Doris Egan
Directed by Billy Gierhart
Produced by Kelly A. Manners & Brian Minchin


Rex has Jack and Gwen board a plane headed to Washington, D.C., with fellow CIA agent Lyn Peterfield escorting them. However, Gwen’s husband Rhys and their daughter Anwen are forced to stay in the UK. Back in Washington, D.C., because no one can die due to the Miracle, Dr. Vera Juarez has her hospital staff focus on treating the least wounded first so they can get them out quickly and have enough beds to treat newer patients.

After his release, Oswald is being interviewed on a local talk show but doesn’t say much since there is a campaign to have him returned to prison and anything he might say might be used against him. But when the reporter shows him a picture of the girl he murdered, Oswald starts to break down and cries, apologising to the girl and revealing he was too scared to apologise to the victim’s mother, which earns him sympathy from some viewers. As he’s about to leave the station, PR agent Jilly Kitzinger congratulates him on his interview and offers to be his agent but he declines, after which a staffer tells Oswald that Oprah Winfrey wants to do an interview with him.

Meanwhile, Vera attends a medical conference where doctors are trying to figure out the Miracle. When a doctor tweets that his hospital needs more antibiotics, Vera realises because nobody is dying, people who were supposed to die have become living incubators for bacteria which allows them to grow and become resistant to antibiotics. What’s worse, the Miracle is not true immortality as people still age and grow old. With fears that supplies will dwindle as the undying grows, Vera suggests that hospitals need more painkillers to handle this situation. Later, Vera meets Jilly who actually works for a pharmaceutical company called PhiCorp and convinces Vera that they can work together as she can help her.

When Director Brian Friedkin suspects Esther and Rex may know too much about Torchwood, he has their security clearances deleted, frames them as spies working for China and orders Lyn to kill Jack with an arsenic pill. However, Esther manages to escape before the CIA catches her and tries to warn Rex. Back on the plane, Jack realises that he’s being poisoned, at which point both Gwen and Rex apprehend Lyn. As Jack is slowly being killed by the arsenic, Rex calls Vera for help. With the help of her fellow doctors at the medical conference and the air stewards on their plane, Rex and Gwen successfully create an antidote and administer it to Jack.

When Jack, Gwen, Rex and Lyn arrive at the airport, they are met by a group of CIA agents, unaware that they are under orders by Friedkin to arrest the three and free Lyn. Esther manages to warn Rex at which point he, Jack and Gwen subdue the agents and escape.

During the fight Rex twists Lyn’s head and breaks her neck. When the three exit the airport, they are greeted by Vera with Rex’s painkillers, and Esther, who is their getaway driver. They are about to leave when Lyn, still alive but with her head twisted around 180 degrees, appears in front of them. She is unable to stop them due to her condition, and they are able to drive off.


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