Eleventh Doctor

The Day Of The Doctor

Matt Smith as in The Day Of The Doctor


Portrayed by Matt Smith
Tenure 2010–2013
First appearance The End Of Time (guest)
First appearanceThe Eleventh Hour (regular)
Last appearance
The Time Of The Doctor (regular)
Last appearance Deep Breath (guest)
Number of series 3
Appearances 36 stories (42 episodes)


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An Adventure In Time And SpaceThe Time Of The DoctorThe SnowmenMatt SmithMatt SmithMatt Smith


The Eleventh Doctor was a capricious and adventurous incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor. According to the Moment, he so wished to put the days of the Last Great Time War behind him that he became “the man who forgets” (The Day Of The Doctor), but later became a man fond of remembering his precious life. However, by this point in his life, his reputation had grown immense, attracting a new strain of conflicts in place of the war. Wishing to withdraw from the dangers it created, he became a secretive and guileful individual for the sake of himself and those he held close. He was also very possibly the Doctor’s most long-lived incarnation.

Within minutes of his fiery regeneration, he began a long, multi-century war with the Silence that critically involved companions Amy PondRory Williams and their daughter, River Song. Ultimately, the significant, but likely not total, defeat of the Silence required him to marry Song in a dubiously legal ceremony, (The Wedding of River Song) but one that they both seemed to regard as genuine. (Asylum Of The DaleksThe Angels Take ManhattanThe Name of the DoctorThe Time Of The Doctor)

When River refused to become his permanent companion after the touch of a Weeping Angel robbed him of Amy and Rory, (The Angels Take Manhattan) he retired to Victorian London and become an ex officio member of the “Paternoster Gang”. During this period — which he called “the dark times” — he rediscovered a woman named Clara Oswald, whom he thought long dead (Asylum Of The Daleks); she once again died. Fascinated by this “impossible girl”, he set off on to solve the mystery of her multiple lives, (The Snowmen) and take her on as his latest travelling companion. (The Bells of Saint John)

It was, as he put it, “the only mystery worth solving”. (Hide) The Doctor later discovered he kept meeting Clara because she entered his timeline, scattering echoes of herself throughout his life to save him from the machinations of the Great Intelligence. He extracted her one, true self from his time stream. (The Name of the Doctor)

After absorbing a vast amount of radiation from a nuclear power source, the Tenth Doctor regenerated in his TARDIS. The energy released caused great damage to the vessel. Focused initially on his new form, he did not immediately realise the TARDIS was on fire and about to crash. When he did, he seemed to enjoy the thrill of the Moment, gleefully shouting, “Geronimo!”, as his TARDIS plummeted to Earth. (The End Of Time)

Crashing in Leadworth in 1996, the Doctor met Amelia Pond, a lonely little Scottish girl with a mysterious crack in her bedroom wall. An alien convict called Prisoner Zero had escaped from a prison on the other side of the crack. Before the Doctor could investigate further, the cloister bell brought him back to the TARDIS as the engines were in danger of phasing out of existence.

The Doctor promised Amelia he would return in five minutes and have her travel with him. Unfortunately, due to the extreme damage sustained by the TARDIS during his regeneration, he accidentally arrived twelve years later. He persuaded the adult Amelia, who had spent her childhood waiting for him to return and by then going by Amy, and her boyfriend, Rory Williams to help him capture Prisoner Zero for the Atraxi, to avoid the incineration of Earth. After detaining Prisoner Zero, the Doctor received another future prophecy: Silence would fall when the Pandorica opened. After scolding the Atraxi, and stealing a new outfit, the Doctor took the newly-regenerated TARDIS, which had a new console room, on a short trip to the Moon, before returning to Amelia (now known as Amy) and inviting her to join him on his travels. He accidentally arrived two years later. After 14 years of waiting, Amy joined him, and he agreed to her request to return her by the next morning – unaware that he had arrived the night before her wedding to Rory Williams. (The Eleventh Hour)


For their first trip, the Doctor took Amy to the Starship UK in the 33rd century. Initially resistant to getting involved in events on-board the ship, the Doctor was moved by a child in distress. Investigating why adults ignored the obviously-distraught child, the Doctor “brought down” the goverment and learned a star whale was being tortured into transporting the ship. He allied with Queen Liz 10, who knew a great deal about him due to his previous encounters with royalty. However, he was enraged to discover Liz herself had allowed the star whale to be tortured, but erased it from her mind. He and Amy released the star whale, though it was still willing to continue carrying the ship despite the brutality it had suffered. Preparing to leave, the Doctor got a phone call from his old friend Winston Churchill, asking for assistance. (The Beast Below)

The Doctor and Amy arrived in 1941 a month after Churchill’s summoning to discover two Daleks aiding Britain against the Nazis in the Second World War. they had also convinced Professor Edwin Bracewellthat he had created them when, in reality, they had created him. Trying to force the Daleks into revealing their true nature, the enraged Doctor fell victim to their trap; he provided a testimony that allowed the Daleks to use a Progenitor device to rebuild their, nearly extinct, race. Forced to choose between saving Earth from being destroyed by an Oblivion Continuum, which had been planted inside Bracewell, or finishing off his deadliest enemies for good, the Doctor chose Earth and let the Daleks escape through a time corridor, which deeply distressed him. Leaving Winston and Bracewell to “win the war”, he was perplexed by Amy not recognising the Daleks despite living through the War in the Medusa Cascade. (Victory Of The Daleks)

The Doctor next prevented the Cei from terraforming Earth into an aquatic world to use as an outpost during their war with another planet in 1864. (The Runaway Train)

The Doctor arrived on Earth in 2010, and found an astronaut in a shopping center. He and Amy went to the Moon to investigate. With the help of Professor Jackson, the Doctor was able to prevent the jelly-like Talerians from taking over the bodies of the humans on the base. After he revived Jackson from being brainwashed and controlled, Jackson smashed the large windows of his office, killing the Talerians with the low atmosphere, and, to the Doctor’s dismay, simultaneously sacrificing himself. (Apollo 23)

Their next trip brought them to the junk-made asteroid known as the Gyre. There, they encountered the Sittuun and a primitive society of humans; they believed they were on Earth. The Doctor tried convincing them they weren’t, offering to save them from a bomb the Sittuun were going to set off to destroy the Gyre. Unsuccessful, he encountered Dirk Slipstream, an old foe, after the artefact (the Mymon Key) holding the Gyre together. Though successful in stopping Dirk, the Doctor felt remorseful for being unable to save the humans. (Night of the Humans)

The Doctor was targeted by the Space Leeches. With the help of a boy called Stephen, he managed to foil their plot to consume the human race. (Attack of the Space Leeches!)

Soon after, the Doctor travelled to the Trans-Vegas casino, challenged criminal businessman Hubert Crimp to a card game and rescued a group of slaves. (Winning Hand)

He also returned to the biggest library in the universe and defeated an army of book monsters, (Booked Up) battled alien joyriders in 1959, (Madness on the M1!) saved a group of peaceful bird creatures (Bad Vibrations) and met an agent from another dimension and prevented the Earth from being ripped apart in 1885. (Track Attack)

The Doctor next took Amy to New York for the best burgers in all of history, even buying the street they were sold on to get them for free. However, his attention was drawn to a recently thawed mammoth causing havoc; it was later revealed to be a spaceship piloted by the seven centimetre tall Vykoids. they captured the Doctor, planning to use him and kidnapped humans as enslaved miners. After being rescued by Amy, the Doctor reversed their teleporter and sent the Vykoids back to their home planet. (The Forgotten Army)

Discovering a Home Box containing future friend River Song’s calling card in a 171st century museum, the Doctor re-encountered a younger version of River, and was led into a hunt with her and the Church for a Weeping Angel in the 51st century. Neither of them realised that they were surrounded by an entire army of Angels, who had been waiting for them in a mortarium, or “Maze of the Dead”, on Alfava Metraxis. As the Angels were gradually being revived by the leaking radiation from the crashed ship’s engine, the Doctor shot a light bearing gravity globe and led his allies into the remains of the Byzantium. (The Time of Angels)

Inside, they discovered a growing crack in time similar to the one in Leadworth. The Doctor began to realise that it had been erasing certain events from history, including the War in the Medusa Cascade. A scan showed it had been caused by a very large explosion cracking all of time and space, which occurred on 26 June 2010. Needing a complicated space-time event that could shut the crack, the Doctor knew it would take him or the entire army of Angels, so he waited for them to drain the Byzantium’s power until the artificial gravity shut off and they fell into it. During this adventure, the Doctor was advised by Father Octavian not to trust River Song, and he learned that she had been serving a prison sentence for murdering a “hero to many”. The “hero” in question, remained a mystery for him to solve in the future, as did the identity of River herself. (Flesh and Stone)

After learning Amy was getting married and fighting off her sexual advances, (Flesh and Stone) the Doctor collected her fiancé, Rory Williams from his stag night. He took them to Venice as a wedding present, but found “vampires” there, led by Rosanna Calvierri. Investigating, he discovered they were actually aliens that came from the planet Saturnyne and fled through a crack in time to escape “the Silence“; they were converting human girls into Saturnynian hybrids through blood transfusions to make them compatible for breeding with Rosanna’s sons. After the girls were killed in an explosion, the Doctor was grudgingly unable to prevent Rosanna from committing suicide by feeding herself to her sons. Soon after, Rory decided to join the Doctor and Amy permanently aboard the TARDIS instead of returning to Leadworth.

While leaving Venice, the Doctor became concerned when the busy market he parked the TARDIS at suddenly became empty; nothing was to be heard except Silence, another event seemingly connected to the cracks in time. (The Vampires of Venice)

The Doctor encountered a ship with Glamour technology he had previously met long ago in a previous incarnation. He found that Oliver Marks had been chosen as host for its properties and created a false reality that he was wed to his love, Daisy. The Doctor encountered the Weave once again and helped repair their ship. (The Glamour Chase)

The Doctor next came across a fake town with undercover robot assassins for residents; a bomb was to destroy them. As this would’ve killed them along with the robots, the Doctor used the TARDIS to take the bomb backwards in time to disperse its force. He eventually entered the military base the robots came from and warned them of an incident the robots would cause, preventing the scientist that created them from being killed. With this done, the Doctor rescued his companions from the robots and allowed the bomb, now with a great amount of its force gone, to explode. (Nuclear Time)

On a trip to Geath, the Doctor found that the society of the city had changed from politics to royalty. It was caused by a dragon made of enamour, a mineral that made people love having it in their possession to the point of kleptomania. Both a herald and a regulator claimed the device belonged to them and not the false king. The Doctor learned the regulator and her people were once slaves to the herald’s now deceased masters because of the enamour. He allowed it to be taken along with the herald, allowing Geath to return to normal; however, they formed an alliance with the regulator to prevent future repeats. (The King’s Dragon)

The Doctor next visited Kenya in 2013 and saved a farm and its owners from giant hornets. (Buzz!)

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor, Amy and Rory came under the influence of psychic pollen and appeared between two dreams, one in 2015 Leadworth after Amy and Rory had returned to home life, and another with Amy and Rory travelling in the TARDIS hurtling towards a cold star. Both dreams appeared real, and a being called the Dream Lord ordered them to choose which world was real, either to freeze towards the cold star, or be killed by Eknodine in Leadworth.

As the Dream Lord taunted him, the Doctor realised he was a manifestation of his own self-hatred and had no power over the “awake” world, meaning both worlds were fake. He killed himself, Amy and Rory in both dreams to wake them. He revealed to them that psychic pollen created the Dream Lord from the abundant darkness in his mind; he blew the pollen into space to prevent repeats. While preparing to set a course, the Doctor saw the Dream Lord in place of his reflection for a moment, meaning he was still deep within his psyche, waiting for Round 2. (Amy’s Choice)

Landing in Cwmtaff, Wales, by error, the Doctor found a drilling operation had disturbed a Silurian city and its inhabitants were retaliating. Capturing a Silurian, the Doctor tried to strike a treaty between humans and the Silurians. However, mistrusting elements on both sides led to hostilities. (The Hungry Earth) The Doctor had the Silurian leader Eldane put the Silurians to sleep for a thousand years while humanity prepared for them. On the way out of the Silurian habitat, the Doctor found another crack and fished a piece of shrapnel from its explosion. Rory took a blast from a dying Silurian meant for the Doctor. The Doctor left Rory‘s body behind as it became absorbed by the crack. He tried to help Amy remember Rory when he was erased from history, but failed. Alone, the Doctor examined the piece of shrapnel. It was part of the TARDIS‘ outer shell. (Cold Blood)


Guilt-ridden about Rory‘s erasure from history, the Doctor took Amy to nice places. However, during a trip to a Vincent van Gogh exhibit in the 21st century, the Doctor was led to travel back in time to the artist himself to protect him from a Krafayis, a beast only Vincent could see. Their battle with the beast ended in the creature’s death, something neither Vincent nor the Doctor had wished to happen. The Doctor took Vincent to his own exhibit in the future, where the painter was able to see just how much people would care about his work; he even had the exhibit’s curator, Dr Black, give his opinion on Vincent, something that moved the painter to tears of joy.

Guilt-ridden about Rory‘s erasure from history, the Doctor took Amy to nice places. However, during a trip to a Vincent van Gogh exhibit in the 21st century, the Doctor was led to travel back in time to the artist himself to protect him from a Krafayis, a beast only Vincent could see. Their battle with the beast ended in the creature’s death, something neither Vincent nor the Doctor had wished to happen. The Doctor took Vincent to his own exhibit in the future, where the painter was able to see just how much people would care about his work; he even had the exhibit’s curator, Dr Black, give his opinion on Vincent, something that moved the painter to tears of joy.

After returning Vincent home, Amy was convinced that he would live longer now. However, the Doctor took her back to the museum to show her that life was “a pile of good things and bad things”; while good things don’t always soften the bad things, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things. they discovered Vincent dedicated a sunflower painting to Amy. (Vincent and the Doctor)

In 2010 London, the Doctor and Amy investigated a massive surge of data within a new brand of jackets and the Wi-Fi. The Doctor overrode the network and gave the British population a new fashion icon to follow – him. (Fashion Victims)

On the Nebulon Colony in 3515, the Doctor discovered the colony had been frozen in time for 100 years by a giant creature. However, he redeemed the giant creature and assisted in freeing the population from their “100 year sleep”. (The Collector)

He and Amy next went undercover as RSPCA inspectors to entrap a Kerra-Berra beast that had disguised itself as a dog to drain the life-energy of an old woman called Betty. (The Stray)

On board a spaceship, the Doctor and Amy helped the last surviving crewmember called Cormac to stop the shapeshifting Charonid, who took control of both Amy and Cormac, until the Doctor trapped it in a force-field. (About Face)

When Amy was mistaken for a criminal shapeshifter called “Egron the Flesh-Eater”, the Doctor tried to clear her name by tracking down Egron. However, he discovered Egron had disguised himself as the TARDIS. He stopped Egron from taking Amy hostage and had him imprisoned. (Mistaken Identity)

When the TARDIS fell through a wormhole, the Doctor and Amy met Brox, a 100 year old space traveller who had been travelling on the outer rim of the universe, failing in his mission to find alien life. The Doctor steered Brox’ ship into the universe and fulfilled his wish to visit other planets. (Nowhere Man)

Soon after, the Doctor reunited with the Ratlings, a peaceful species he met in his tenth incarnation. He discovered the Ratlings became corrupt and they had set up a con against the Doctor’s old enemy, the Sidewinder Syndicate. After being framed by his old friends for robbery and fraud, the Doctor put a stop to the Ratlings’ scam. (Money Troubles)

Attempting to take Amy to Basingstroke, the Doctor ended up arriving on the planet when it was under a different name; it also held the Van Diemens prison facility where the inmates were used as test subjects for colonising other planets. The Doctor discovered people were being mutated into hybrids of insects, plants and other animals by a gene splicer left behind by aliens that made the planet habitable.

He undid the mistakes of the machine, returning everyone to normal. He then suggested the staff lie to their superiors and say a lethal virus was on the loose to keep the inmates from being used in further experiments, also renaming the planet Basingstroke in the process. During this time, Amy was affected by the gene splicer and mutated into a butterfly-woman. Unfortunately for the Doctor, she was naked after he reversed the mutations. (Supernature)

He and Amy next visited a planet under attack from the Shasarks. The population and the invaders were also under a musical spell that made them burst into song, which the two soon fell under. The Doctor learnt this was the work of the Muse, an android goddess who had the power to make people break into a musical routine against their will. He repaired her damaged circuits and stopped the Shasarks from using her powers in a galactic war, fighting off their invading plans in the process. (Planet Bollywood)

After receiving a call from his former companion Martha Jones, the Doctor went on a mission to Japan and joined forces with UNIT to investigate a mysterious new drink called Goruda, which increased the intelligence of the child who drank it. Much to his surprise, he discovered that Axos had escaped the time loop where it was trapped by the Doctor’s third and sixth incarnation; it placed undetectable particles of itself in the drink that transformed the children in faux Axos, blackmailing the populace into letting them begin feasting on Earth‘s energy. However, the Doctor managed to turn the tables by having everyone turn on their electronics, draining Axos’ energy and destroying it in the process. (The Golden Ones)

He and Amy also wrote a book called The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop, with the characters being based on the Doctor’s friends and enemies and the plot on his travels. Visiting the Eagle and Child pub with Amy, he gave this book to C. S. Lewis. (The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop)

The Doctor and Amy spent a long period of time having adventures together. (Bad Night)

In 2025 Orkney, the Doctor prevented the Caskelliac from draining the energy from all life on Earth, insisting they find another way to sustain themselves. (The Ring of Steel)

The Doctor accidentally landed the TARDIS right in the middle of the track at the 2012 Olympics, where he prevented a Weeping Angel from stealing the torch and ruining the games. The grateful torch runner gave the Doctor his own gold medal as thanks. (Good as Gold)

On a trip to 1963 to watch a Beatles concert, the Doctor was shocked to find the Earth in ruins; Daleks had exterminated humanity, creating a paradox that would erase Amy. The Doctor went to Skaro to discover the Daleks accomplished this by salvaging the Eye of Time, which had been lost since the Time War, and were using it to rewrite time. Using the Eye to jump back in time before the Daleks attacked Earth, the Doctor constructed a vision disruptor to blind them and overloaded the magnetic field generator, causing the Daleks to lose the Eye and to have never used it to alter history. He and Amy resumed their trip to see a Beatles concert. (City Of The Daleks)

Following a distress beacon, the Doctor and Amy arrived in 2010 at the GSO Arctic Drilling Station. they discovered the crew had accidentally excavated Cybermats belonging to Cybermen whose ship was buried beneath millenia of ice; the Cybermats infected the crew with a nano-virus that turned them into Cyberslaves needed to excavate the Cyber-ship. The Doctor was forced to awaken the Cybermen in stasis by the Cyberslave, Elizabeth Meadows; she was threatening to convert Amy. Once awoken, the Cybermen destroyed Meadows. However, the Doctor quickly rescued Amy, and used the Cybermen‘s nano-virus to put them back to sleep. Their ship promptly exploded, destroying the virus and returning the remaining infected GSO crew members to normal. (Blood Of The Cybermen)

The Doctor and Amy visited Smyslov 3 for the first time and learnt their future selves had just visited and caused a lot of damage. Tanik threatened to imprison them for their actions, but the TARDIS had already taken off before he could disable the ship. (Wish You Were Here)

The Doctor was launched through the TARDIS doors and out into space. While trying to rescue the Doctor from being trapped in a space-time riptide, Amy accidentally released the Entity from its container in the TARDIS. After the Doctor managed to get back inside the TARDIS, the Entity created a lesion in time to send Amy a thousand years into the future and began feeding on her timeline. The Doctor built a tachyon feedback loop which he sent to Amy to bring her and the Entity back to the Doctor. He captured the Entity and sent it into the riptide, where it could freely gorge on the four-dimensional Chronomites without harming them. However, to punish it, the Doctor forgot to mention the Chronomites were itchy. (TARDIS)

The Doctor continued to their intended vacation spot, Poseidon 8. He found it under attack by a Zaralok, occupied by the Vashta Nerada and its people under a “sickness”. He returned power to the undersea farming facility, treated the vortron radiation poisoning of its crew and used a triangulation device to trace the appearance of the Zaralok and the Vashta Nerada to a World War II era warship, the USS Eldridge. This vessel had been brought through a dimensional vortex caused by a malfunctioning cloaking device. The Doctor and Amy deactivated the device, returning the Zaralok and Vashta Nerada to their proper timelines, and ended the radiation. Though invited to a feast of “sea pumpkins” as thanks, the Doctor and Amy promptly left. (Shadows of the Vashta Nerada)

The Doctor next took Amy to the Wembly Space Stadium in 2050 and foiled the schemes of the Chronos Corporation, a company which had kidnapped aliens and footballers throughout history. (Foul Play)

The Doctor became a celebrity after saving the planet Ekthelios and used this to save Amy from execution at the hands of the GateBots, robot ticket inspectors. (Attack of the GateBots!)

The Doctor next visited 13th century Japan, saved a village from a dragon and turned the local outcast, Shoju, into a great hero. (Samurai’s Secret)

Taking Amy to Babylon in 905 BC, the Doctor befriended an astromoner called Ulrik and discovered a new constellation in the sky was in fact an alien computer called the Gryphon who was gathering infomation about Earth before sending soldiers to attack the planet. (In the Stars)

The Doctor followed a distress signal to a family spaceship where a Dalek scientist was attempting to steal the technology. When the engine overloaded, the whole Jones family were scattered into space and time, and the Doctor and Amy travelled to many different locations, such as an ancient Incan temple facing many different monsters like Cybermen and Silurians, on their quest to find and help the family. (The Mazes of Time)

The Doctor intended to take Amy to the paradise world of Pomarius, but the TARDIS was caught in a spider’s web. After being saved by a Pomarius farmer called Heldan, the Doctor stopped cyborg spiders from seizing control of Pomarius. (The Steel Web)

The Doctor next visited Birmingham during the Ice Age and stopped three alien scientists from experimenting on humans. (Snow Globe)

The Doctor later took Amy to Smilonda, the top holiday destination of the 423rd century and stopped a disgruntled holidaymaker called Grone from causing chaos amogst the holidaymaker. (Wave Machine)

When the TARDIS materialised in Colchester, the Doctor was thrown out as it dematerialised, with Amy trapped inside. Finding a clue from Amy‘s future self, the Doctor became the flatmate of Craig Owens, distrupting his normal life but changing it for the better. He discovered the flat upstairs was actually a makeshift timeship, with its computer trying to find a suitable pilot to allow it to leave; all humans it tried died, causing temporary time loops threatening to strand the TARDIS in the vortex forever. When the Doctor was found to be “the correct pilot”, he convinced Craig to declare his love for his close friend Sophie, and the three shut down the machine, saving Earth.
Having saved Earth and matchmade Craig and Sophie, the Doctor received spare keys to the flat as Craig’s way of saying “thanks”; the Doctor had shared his memories with Craig to explain things, so he knew he wouldn’t come back to visit. Preparing to leave Amy‘s note for his past self, the Doctor became busy, altering a will that would make Craig’s previous flatmate move out due to a large inheritance, not noticing Amy found her engagement ring from Rory while searching his coat for a pen. (The Lodger)

Visiting Usunru in Galaxy 57, the Doctor and Amy were taken prisoner by the Kreech. Seeking freedom, the Kreech brainleader, Ragnorr, a lonely god who possessed similar traits to the Doctor, made the Doctor a reluctant king to the Kreech. The Doctor managed to trick Ragnorr into continuing his powerful reign on Unsunru. (The Cleverest King)

The Doctor, still haunted of what happened to Rory, spent three weeks taking Amy wherever she wanted. they returned to 1940s Earth and defeated the Mirrorite, an underwater creature. (Seeing Things) they visited Arcadia, Space Florida, Texas, the market planet of Feltzmodo 12, the Moon in 2039 and the Trojan Gardens. (Vincent and the Doctor, The Big Bang) they became school inspectors and defeated a monster made out of pencil (Pencil Pusher), assisted an alien called Elpha to shut down a zoo and a prison on a wealthy planet (Cell Shock), became embroiled into the Battle of Trafalgar, and saved the children population of Ear


While visiting Planet One, the Doctor found a message from River Song, that led Amy and him to 102 AD England. River told him Vincent van Gogh had painted a premonition of the TARDIS exploding, titling it The Pandorica Opens. Haunted by Prisoner Zero‘s prophecy about Silence falling, the Doctor was led to Stonehenge, where an alliance of alien species that he had defeated in the past imprisoned him in the Pandorica, the ultimate prison built to contain the most feared thing in creation. This was to prevent the cracks in time from occurring as the Doctor was the only one they knew able to pilot the TARDIS. When the Doctor was sealed away, the TARDIS exploded anyway with River inside; everything but the Earth vanished. (The Pandorica Opens)
The Doctor was immediately released by an Auton copy of Rory, who had survived his death and erasure from history, on orders from the Doctor’s future self. After placing a dead Amy inside the Pandorica, he used River’s vortex manipulator to travel to an alternate version of Earth in 1996. In a museum where the Pandorica was now stored, he resurrected Amy using the DNA of her seven-year-old self and they reunited with Rory, who had lived 2,000 years since their last encounter. The Doctor managed to save River from his exploding TARDIS, but was unable to stop the explosion itself.

After a confrontation with an echo of a Dalek, he wired himself into the Pandorica to restart the universe with its restoration field powered by the exploding TARDIS. He piloted the Pandorica into the explosion and found himself a week in his past; his time stream was unravelling. Before skipping the rest of his “rewind” to oblivion, he left a psychic imprint in Amy‘s mind to allow her to remember him back into existence.

On Amy‘s wedding day, the Doctor was returned to the restored universe and attended her wedding reception, where he met her parents. After the party, he, once again, attempted to discover who River Song was, but was left with another prophecy about his future. Returning to his restored TARDIS, he received a call for help and took off for a new adventure with the newlyweds. However, he was left to wonder who the “Silence” were. (The Big Bang) the on Christmas Day in Victorian London. (Red Christmas)


The Doctor left Amy and Rory on a honeymoon planet — namely, a planet on a honeymoon with an asteroid — shortly before his TARDIS was taken by a rogue branch of the Claw Shansheeth. they trapped him in the wasteland of the Crimson Heart. The Shansheeth arrived on Earth and announced the Doctor was dead and held a fake funeral within UNIT to lure in his old companions from his UNIT days. they planned to drain the memories of his old friends, Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant, to create a new TARDIS key using a memory weave. The Doctor travelled to Earth by engineering a transfer using residual artron energy Clyde Langer had absorbed from the TARDIS in their last encounter. After he and his two former companions became trapped in the Crimson Heart, the Doctor took the chance to explain to Jo that he once tried to keep his promise to see her again, but the TARDIS couldn’t find her because of how frequently she moved around the world.

He stabilised the transfer device with help from Sarah Jane and Jo, but they were captured by the Shansheeth while he was rescuing Clyde, Rani, and Jo’s grandson Santiago Jones. As the Shansheeth used the weave on them, the Doctor encouraged them to think of everything they encountered during their travels with him along with the lives they’d been living. The weave overloaded and blew up, killing the Shansheeth while Sarah and Jo were saved by the empty lead lined coffin. After saying another goodbye to Sarah Jane, and Jo, the Doctor set off for new adventures. (Death of the Doctor)

While Amy and Rory were still on the planet on a honeymoon, one night, the night after Halloween, the Doctor tracked the energy signature of an alien inside a warehouse had started using fear to feed the dead body he possessed alongside his crashed spaceship. He found Louie Rollins and tried escaping with him. A crystal skull tried firing at Louie, but Louie instinctively held up a piece of machinery. The machine exploded, and started a fire. The Doctor and Louie escaped, seemingly seeing the alien and the warehouse destroyed, when he had actually faked his death with a perception filter, as an “elaborate ruse” for his later preparations.

That Bonfire Night, the Doctor took Louie and his cousin, Millie Peterson to the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes. The Guy Fawkes began to be animated, scaring the crowd, and others like it across the UNITed Kingdom. The Doctor, Louie and Millie rushed to the TARDIS and landed back at the warehouse. Louie and Millie refused to stay in the safety of the TARDIS, Milly saying that he would need their help.

Inside the warehouse, the alien appeared, his body fully regenerated and his spaceship ready to take off from the fear they had consumed. The Doctor palmed a device from the TARDIS to Louie, gesturing towards the alien’s equipment. The Doctor gave the alien a choice, pointing out the alien’s fusion engines would destroy everything in a twenty-mile radius if he activated them. After the alien shot energy at the Doctor, in the confusion, Louie placed the device in the alien’s equipment. The device broke the link with the Guy Fawkes and reversed the fear-consuming’s effects, draining energy from the alien. The alien withered to dust. The Doctor then deactivated the ship’s controls. (The Night After Hallowe’en)

While he picked up a new fez, he accidentally opened a time portal to 18 September 1945, which transported Albert Einstein on board the TARDIS. After being exposed to an unknown substance, he turned into an Ood who tried to kill the Doctor. However, the Doctor quickly turned it back into Einstein, closed the time portal, and deposited Einstein back in his native time. (Death Is the Only Answer) Soon after, he attended a party at Frank Sinatra’s hunting lodge with both his friends, Albert Einstein and Santa Claus (or “Jeff” as he came to know him). (A Christmas Carol)

Recieving a distress signal from Amy, the Doctor discovered the starliner they were honeymooning on was trapped in a cloud belt that prevented the TARDIS from landing aboard. Seeking help from the man who could unlock the cloud belt, the miserable Kazran Sardick, the Doctor was refused. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ tale, A Christmas Carol, the Doctor used time travel to make Kazran’s otherwise unhappy life better by befriending him as a child, taking him on trips in the TARDIS every Christmas Eve and letting him fall in love with Abigail Pettigrew, who also joined them on their adventures. However, Abigail revealed that she was dying and would only live one more day outside her ice box; a broken-hearted Kazran still ended up the cruel old man the Doctor tried to change. However, he managed to succeed by showing child Kazran the mirror image of his father that he would become; the elder Kazran was forced to let Abigail out as her singing would open the cloud belt.

With Kazran now a better person, the Doctor collected Amy and Rory and continued to take them to romantic destinations for their honeymoon. Much to his own embarrassment, the Doctor accidently married Marilyn Monroe during one of his Christmas trips with Kazran and Abigail; however, he did not count it as valid due to not using a real chapel. (A Christmas Carol)

During his travels with Amy and Rory, taking them to honeymoon locations, the Doctor encountered the Squall, whom he prevented from sucking the memories out of the populace of 1910 London, and sent them back to their home dimension. (Paradox Lost)


When Amy was infected by the Chronic Spasm Virus, the virus caused her to jump randomly through time and space with a Vortex Predator Bulge. Tracking her, the Doctor and Rory travelled to 1917 France, ancient Rome, the court of Queen Elizabeth I and prehistorical Earth. However, on every trip, they failed to catch her. When Rory was taken, the Doctor raced them to medieval England and used the TARDIS to draw the energy from the Bulge and cured his companions. After this, the Doctor paid a visit to his old friend, King Arthur Pendragon. (Random History)

On another adventure, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were being hunted down by a damaged robot, but managed to defeat it by bombarding it with trivia. (Quite Interesting) they also went undercover at a hospital in Leeds in 2011 to entrap an alien earworm called the Harmonelid. However, they allowed it to inhabit the ears of Mr Richards, a deaf elderly patient. (Earworm)

The Doctor allowed a sentient robotic T-Rex calling itself Kevin to join him, Amy and Rory during their travels after it helped stop the Sontarans. The Doctor was asked by Kevin to help him find a better purpose in life other than being a mechanical T-Rex attraction at the museum. (When Worlds Collide) The Doctor had many unsuccessful trips with Kevin, often hindered by his size and appearance, which caused trouble quite frequently. However, those intimidated allowed the Doctor to avoid the “running away” option a lot. (Between When Worlds Collide – Space Squid) Constructing a battlesuit to help Kevin fight, the Doctor left him behind to be the new chief of security on a space station, fulfilling his promise to help Kevin find a better life. (Space Squid)

The Doctor and the Ponds later took a trip to the picnic planet of Floriosophon Fidestra, where they followed a distress signal, only to discover that it was a trap set by an alien creature. (If You Go Down to the Woods Today)

The Doctor and his companions next joined four teenage aliens on a camping trip to the third moon of Callicial, where they encountered the ghosts of TV characters, including footballers, singers, knights and dancers. (Ghost World)

The Doctor met Cleopatra in 39 BC and saved her from a Gold Assassin from the Court of Xones. After this, the Doctor treated Cleopatra to a trip in the TARDIS, taking her and the Ponds to the planet Voga. (Golden Slumbers)

During some repair work on the TARDIS, the Doctor was annoyed by an argument between Rory and Amy that made Rory mess up on his part of the repairs. The Doctor found that the mistake had caused the TARDIS to materialise within itself, effectively trapping them inside forever. (Space) A second version of Amy arrived and explained the outer shell had drifted into the near future. The Doctor used the time drift to tell himself how to undo the space loop. He then made sure it wouldn’t happen again. (Time)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory next visited San Francisco in 1985 and encountered the Heyvaalay, a intelligent rainbow lifeform from another dimension. The Doctor trapped it in a solar panel and returned it to its own dimension. (Chasing Rainbows)

The Doctor took his friends to Hoolak’s Pier on Arriman B, where he encountered a creature called “Ellis the Illusionist” and stopped his plot to hold the pier to ransom for 1 million credits, instead getting him his old job back on the pier. (Pier Head From Space)

Whilst visiting the planet Senecca B, the Doctor lost Amy and Rory when they were kidnapped by Venghu, king of the swamps. Locating his friends and Venghu‘s prisoners, the Doctor fired a beam at Venghu that sucked all the rage that had built up inside him, giving him a second chance in life. (The Rage)

The Doctor prevented an infant Drexxon from freeing two adult Drexxon from imprisonment, which would have cause untold destruction. He defeated them by leading an orchestra in playing a Venusian lullaby, something he hadn’t done since his third incarnation, and resealing them. (Death Riders)

After saving Parallife from the System Wipe virus, (System Wipe) the Doctor prevented six Weeping Angels from tricking Mark Whitaker into saving his wife from a car accident in the past, preventing a temporal paradox they could feed on. (Touched by an Angel) He then used a Time Lord trick by stopping both his hearts, which confused a computer in Terminal 4000. (Terminal of Despair)

He and the Ponds later landed in the 1800s where he encountered the Narduni, an alien race that abducted people and animals from Earth, hoping to gene-splice them into perfect soldiers for their war. The Doctor undid their horrifying experiments and returned all the victims to their proper places, freeing the animals from their cages when they were about to be taken to private collections. (The Eye of the Jungle)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory next visited the desert of Bruvokdaveer, where they joined forces with the bravest warriors in the galaxy to defeat a Natrium Worm, a powerful creature that thrived on pure salt. (The Salt Solution)

In 19th century California, the Doctor discovered a stranded Skaratid creature was hunting humans and gold. The Doctor tricked the Skaratid into eating dynamite, which caused it to explode. (Mine, All Mine!)

The Doctor dropped Amy and Rory off at Spaceport One, a leisure and shopping complex on the outskirts of Dorfnan City so that he could perform repair work on the TARDIS. When they returned hours later, he was unaware that they had defeated an invasion force that wanted to seize the complex. (Rory’s Adventure/Amy’s Escapade)

He eventually deposited Amy and Rory back home in February, 2011, eight months since their wedding. The Doctor promised Amy that he would keep in touch. (The Impossible Astronaut)


The Doctor had arranged to either have a knitting or biplane lesson in 1911, but didn’t make it when he got an anonymous invitation leading him to an American diner in 2011. There, he reunited with Amy, Rory and River Song. He didn’t know that they had just witnessed the death of his current incarnation, some two hundred years older, but he knew they were hiding something. He reluctantly agreed to find the fourth guest, Canton Delaware, in 1969. they arrived in the Oval Office in Washington DC where US President Richard Nixon was consulting Canton about a mysterious call. Taking Canton with him in the TARDIS, the Doctor traced it to Florida, where the caller, a little girl, was kept in a biomechanical “spacesuit”. There, he finally encountered the Silence, who were occupying Earth because the human race was unable to memorise the species of Silents. (The Impossible Astronaut)

For the next three months, the Doctor played the part of a perfectly-secured prisoner in Area 51 to give the Silence a false sense of security as part of a greater plan to uncover their plot. His plan included Canton and the FBI mercilessly hunting down AmyRory and River in a nationwide search. He sent River and the Ponds on their own nationwide search to find information about the Silence. He gave them cryotosis podlets for when Canton would pretend to kill them.

Once his companions had been rounded up, the Doctor decided to search for the little girl, sending his four friends off on separate leads, which led to Amy‘s kidnapping. However, he managed to capture a wounded Silent and trick it into saying, “You should kill us all on sight”. He recorded this and spliced it into footage of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing, planting a post-hypnotic order in the minds of every human who would ever watch it. With this in place, he rescued Amy, returned Canton to the White House, and returned River to Stormcage prison. Much to his shock (and pleasure), she kissed him. After this, he resumed his travels with the Ponds. However, he was left to ponder who the little girl was. (Day of the Moon)


In Hawaii, the Doctor discovered Professor Saurian, a reptilian scientist whose planet was facing an Ice Age, intended to make Earth his new home by unleashing Tyrannosaurus rexes across the world and triggering every volcano on Earth to erupt. The Doctor defeated his plans and saved Earth, but Saurian escaped. (Extinction Event)

Aboard a mining rig in the 367th century, the Doctor and his friends met Karan Marshall, the last surviving crewmember and helped him defeat a Mercurian energy beast. (Hot Stuff!)

Receiving too many bad comments about his iconic bow tie, the Doctor designed a new bow tie with a perception filter that made people think bow ties were cool. However, when he tested it on an alien world, he, Amy and Rory were chased by a lynch mob. He destroyed the bow tie, thus breaking its power over the alien mob. (The Very Cool Bow Tie!)

Receiving a distress signal, the Doctor arrived on a pirate ship, the Fancy, in the 17th century. Met with mistrust as Captain Henry Avery didn’t believe the TARDIS was a “ship”, the Doctor was nearly forced to walk the plank until the arrival of the Siren that was terrorising the crew. Trying to get everyone off the Fancy whilst also trying to gain Avery’s trust, the Doctor watched as the Siren took members of the crew and even the TARDIS. After the crew, Rory and Avery’s son had been taken by the Siren, the Doctor, Amy and Avery discovered she was a virtual physician from an invisible and intangible spaceship occupying the same space as the Fancy, which was where all those she took ended up, as well as the TARDIS; the signal came from this ship. As the Siren compulsively sought out the injured, the pirates took over the ship and left Earth to prevent her from reaching shore. (The Curse of the Black Spot)

Investigating a spate of explosions in 1885 London, the Doctor and the Ponds discovered alien bank robbers posing as old women. When Rory was held at gunpoint, the Doctor persuaded one of the robbers to retire from his criminal activites. His partners soon followed in his footsteps. (Reality Cheque)

In the city of Metrolos in the 41st century, the Doctor and the Ponds narrowly escaped a collision between many taxis and discovered Devela, a rogue, was trying to claim insurance money by causing havoc in the safest driving city in the galaxy. Stopping his plan, the Doctor had him arrested. (Road Rage)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory next flew equine creatures called Halohawks across the beautiful world of Kandalath, and they later helped Jando, the Halohawks keeper, to entrap a gang of poachers. (Danger Flight)

Answering a summoning from the White House, the Doctor found dinosaurs rampaging in New York. Separated from the Ponds, the Doctor re-encountered Professor Saurian at Times Square. He discovered Saurian had created a rollback machine, with the intention to send Earth back to the time of the Jurassic era. The Doctor sent the dinosaurs back in time, but was too late to stop Saurian from escaping. (Dinosaurs in New York)

Planning to go to Blackpool, the Doctor, Amy and Rory instead found themselves in a castle prison on Argone, where they discovered the dead body of Professor Piritus Eglon. they discovered Eglon had created experimental creatures called the Screamers, whom rampaged through the castle. The Doctor reversed the frequency of their scream, knocking them out. Afterwards, the Doctor had the castle, and the Screamers, sealed off forever. (Screamers!)

The Doctor followed a hypercube distress signal from his old Time Lord friend, the Corsair, to a sentient planetoid called House in a bubble universe in the desperate hope that he was not the last Time Lord in existence after all. However, it was a trap; House hijacked the TARDIS, with Amy and Rory trapped inside, and left for the main universe while placing the TARDIS matrix in a women called Idris. The Doctor was delighted to work with his “talking” TARDIS. they built a console from the remnants of other TARDISes and piloted it into his TARDIS. When Idris died, the matrix was released back into the TARDIS, where it drove out House. Idris‘s death devastated the Doctor due to the TARDIS being his one constant companion for 700 years. However, he knew that, even though he couldn’t interact with his faithful ship again, she would always be there for him. During this adventure, the Doctor learned that when he had stolen his TARDIS from Gallifrey, it had wanted to leave Gallifrey as much as he did. (The Doctor’s Wife)

On the planet Ockora, the Doctor and his friends took a cruise ship. However, they soon discovered the cruise was a hunting expedition. The cruise came under attack and the Doctor was thrown overboard. Underwater, he met Arix and a huge sea creature whom the expedition was targeting. Enraged by the torment the creature had suffered, the Doctor stopped Arix’ revenge plot and helped him to get justice against the expedition. (Peril on the Sea)

After finding Leadworth overrun by dinosaurs, the Doctor travelled two hundred million years into the past to the Jurassic age, and as he suspected, he found Professor Saurian waiting for him. He discovered Saurian had built an asteroid shield so that the dinosaurs never became extinct, thus rewriting Earth‘s history. The Doctor broke Saurian‘s control over the dinosaurs, who destroyed the asteroid shield. With history restored, he left Saurian in the Jurassic era with raging dinosaurs, hopeful that he had finally defeated the scientist. (Dino World)

Boarding a double-decker bus in 1959, the Doctor discovered the bus was actually a shapeshifter who was luring people onto the bus and consuming them. Saving the passengers, the Doctor transported the shapeshifter to the Elliptical zoo on Vetrama 111. (The Upper Deck)

By this point, the Doctor realised Amy was a Ganger through his failed attempts to scan her for pregnancy, and that her true self was being held captive somewhere else in time. (A Good Man Goes To War) He needed to scan the Flesh in its early stages in order to learn how to stop the signal to her. (The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People)

When the TARDIS was struck by a solar tsunami, it crash-landed at an acid-mining factory in the 22nd century. Miranda Cleaves, the factory’s boss, showed them a substance called “the Flesh”, which created clones (known as gangers) of the workers for hazardous duty. Another storm allowed the gangers to function on their own. The Doctor saw no diffence betwen gangers and humans, brokering peace between them and the humans. However, Cleaves ruined all his hard work by killing Buzzer’s ganger. With them now distrusting of him, the Doctor was forced to take refuge in the ganger-creation room with everyone. Inside, he was shocked to encounter a ganger of himself. At the same time, acid was sinking the TARDIS into the ground. (The Rebel Flesh)

Both Doctors got along with each other, acting like twins by finishing their sentences and thoughts. To see if Amy could tell the difference, his ganger and he switched shoes, the only way to distinguish them; the original Doctor had replaced his due to acid burning them off. The Doctor’s plan nearly backfired when the workers treated him poorly. After winning the other gangers over, the Doctor tried to evacuate everyone from the soon-to-explode island. However, Jennifer Lucas’ ganger tried to kill them. Revealing his charade, the Doctor left his and Cleavesgangers to destroy themselves and Jennifer with a spare sonic. He also cured Cleaves‘ blood clot with alien medicine.

Taking Cleaves‘ and another surviving ganger to a press conference about the incident, the Doctor told them to make sure the Flesh was never abused again. At that MomentAmy went into labor. Taking her back into the TARDIS, the Doctor revealed to her that she was a ganger herself and the whole point of the trip was to stop the signal being broadcasted to her. Promising that Rory and he would find her, the Doctor dissolved Amy‘s ganger, allowing her to wake up just as she began giving birth. (The Almost People)

Darkest hour

Realising Amy had been taken by an army to bring him down, the Doctor spent a month collecting on old debts from many races across time and space. These included Captain Henry AveryMadame Vastra, her human companion Jenny FlintDorium Maldovar and Sontaran nurse Strax, plus Judoon and Silurians, assembling his own army to rescue Amy and her new baby, Melody. He sent Rory into the middle of a Cyber-Legion, which he later destroyed so that they could gather information on Demon’s Run. After his masquerading as a headless monk caused chaos amongst the Church and their allies, the Doctor won the battle without bloodshed in under four minutes. However, this was a trap set by Madame Kovarian, who escaped with the real Melody after dissolving the ganger she had left in her place; this was the Doctor’s darkest hour. When River arrived, the Doctor finally discovered her identity: she was Melody. Confident that he would find her past self, the Doctor left his remaining allies to be taken home by River while he searched for her infant self, leaving River to tell Amy and Rory the truth. (A Good Man Goes To War)

The Doctor was unsuccessful in finding Melody, and rejected a phone call from Amy, instead listening to her message on the TARDIS answer machine. (Prequel; Let’s Kill Hitler)

After spending months searching for Melody, the Doctor discovered a newspaper article on a crop circle in the form of his name, which led him to Amy and Rory. However, he was then forced at gunpoint by their childhood friend Mels to take her to 1938 to kill Adolf Hitler. He accidentally crashed the TARDIS into a humanoid ship called the Teselecta, piloted by the Justice Department, miniaturised time travellers wishing to punish Hitler for his crimes. Mels then revealed herself as Melody when she regenerated into a form the Doctor and his companions recognised as River Song after getting hit by stray bullet.

Left dying from an unexpected poisoned kiss, the Doctor kept the Teselecta from punishing Melody for his murder. He then learned from its records the Silence wanted him dead to keep “Silence” from falling when the “first question” was answered; they were also a religion, not a species. He died after leaving Melody a message for River, but once she learned River was her, Melody used her remaining regenerations to revive him. He then left her in the best hospital in the universe to be treated, with the diary to record their adventures. Though he now knew of his death through a download from the Teselecta; the Doctor didn’t tell his companions. For the third time, he resumed his travels with the Ponds, now with the knowledge that his long life could be reaching permanent end. (Let’s Kill Hitler)


The Doctor and the Ponds later met the crew of Space Rescue Service Shuttle Alpha Seven on Thosis, the infamous Moon of Lost Hope. The Doctor helped repair a crashed space-freighter. During his repairs, the Doctor learned the space-freighter was on a mission connected to the Koth-Kulaar, whom was condemned to a dimension warp centuries earlier, and also learnt of a mysterious “Agent 99”. After ensuring the survivors of the freighter were saved, the Doctor and his companions left, although the Doctor was curious about Agent 99. (The Moon of Lost Hope)

Soon after, the Doctor discovered an old enemy, the Shard, a creature of fire, had transported a 1950s ambulance to Antarctica. The Shard intended to take revenge on the Doctor since he destroyed the Shard’s homeworld. The Doctor lured the Shard into a decompression tank, gloating at the Shard‘s failure. (Vacuum Packed)

Disturbed from his swimming session in the TARDIS, the Doctor discovered the TARDIS had been invaded by a Chugra, whom he believed to be extinct. Initially planning to deal with Chugra, the Doctor chose not to interfere when he discovered the Chugra warship had trapped in the time vortex by the Shadow Proclamation. (Funny Phone Call!)

Soon after, the Doctor turned his attentions back to the mysterious Agent 99, and travelled to Space Service asteroid who were also searching for Agent 99. Whilst there, the Doctor helped two Xragonis, alien artists and poets, to return home. As a reward, the Xragoni’s told the Doctor the last known location of Agent 99. (The Deadly Mutant)

After learning Agent 99’s telepathic signature in the 33rd century, the Doctor went to Lossk, where he obtained Tryptic Thought of Crystals of Lossk to locate 99. It led him and the Ponds to Quiok, the deadliest planet in the galaxy, where the Doctor finally met Agent 99 and learned he was the population’s leader. After this, Agent 99 asked the Doctor to return him to Earth. (The Secret Star Trail)

The Doctor returned 99 to Earth, only to discover he had been set up on his search for 99 by Inspector Gleave and a secret council who wanted to use Agent 99, whom the Doctor learnt was the last Warp Agent, to conquer the galaxy. With Amy and Rory taken from him, the Doctor was unable to stop the council from using 99’s dangerous powers, and was unable to prevent the rise of the Kuth-Kulaar from his exile. (Agent 99) As the Kuth-Kulaar began destroying every living thing on Earth, the Doctor freed Amy, Rory and rescued a weakened 99. Agent 99 sacrificed his remaining life energy to send the Kuth-Kulaar into oblivion, killing himself. Devastated by his sacrifice, the Doctor left 99’s body drifting through space. (Dimension Warp)

Whilst Amy and Rory were sleeping in the TARDIS, the Doctor planned to take River Song to Calderon Beta to see the starriest night in all of history. However, he had to deal with future versions of her that appeared in the TARDIS and send them away before they met each other. He also met his future self when getting rid of the third River, learning it was their last date from his future self’s perspective. (First Night/Last Night)

Imprisoned in Gibraltar, the Doctor sent Amy and Rory to lead a resistance force against the Vroon battle fleet, who were using 1950s Earth as their battleground with the Noorve. The Doctor discovered Sir Reginald Troupe was manipulating both armies so that he could become King of England and Emperor of the World. The Doctor broke out of prison, tracked down a defeated Reginald and stopped him and the Vroon from destroying London. (Tuesday)

Seeing a cry for help on his psychic paper, the Doctor was led to visit a young boy named George, whose monsters were real. This led to George’s father Alex being sucked into a dollhouse in the cupboard, along with the Doctor, Amy and Rory and many of George’s neighbours. It held peg dolls who had turned Amy into one of them to chase Rory. The Doctor realised George was an alien come to Alex and his wife as they could not have children; the doll house was where George put all his fears, but they were out of control. The Doctor forced George to face them and everyone escaped the doll house. The Doctor promised to check on George during puberty in case something else went awry. (Night Terrors)

Checking his mail, the Doctor found a letter from his old friend, the Horse Lord of Karn (or Trevor as he liked to be called). This led the Doctor to a planet-sized psychiatric hospital, Bedlam, where he discovered Trevor, along with many other species had their minds transferred into the empty ones of the servants of that time as part of a way to perfect the process for the terminally ill or injured. Accidentally switching bodies with Amy, the Doctor managed to reverse the process and had the staff of Bedlam arrested. (Body Snatched)

In 1960s New York, the Doctor became a psychiatrist for a cab driver called Clint so that he could gather information on a alien disease that had been infecting New York’s water supply whilst also dealing with a blackout across the whole city. (Blackout)

Whilst Amy and Rory spend a short time at home, the Doctor saved Earth president Vera Fusek from the Daemervoids, who wanted to gain information before beginning their invasion of Earth. However, the Doctor made sure the planet was defended by four million K-1 Robo-Warriors and a thousand Devil Wings starfighter squadrons, leaving the Daemervoids with no choice but to abandon their invasion plan. (Air Force Gone)

The Doctor received a distress call from Elpha, whom he and Amy had met before. He and the Ponds helped Elpha to save her tribe from the Dronebots. After attacking the base, the Doctor was shocked to re-encounter Atomon, whom the Time Lords had fought in the Dark Times. He stopped him from using the Dronebots to wipe out the tribe. Atomon escaped, telling the Doctor that they would meet again. (The Atomon Invasion)

After accidentally leaving Rory on a spaceport, the Doctor and Amy discovered that he had been “bought” by the wealthy Tygro Lix. The Doctor convinced Tygro to help him and the Ponds escape the spaceport patrol, who were assigned to kill unlicenced humans. (Humans Aren’t Just for Christmas)

The Doctor learned Earth president Vera Fusek had been kidnapped and set off to track her down. When Amy and Rory disappeared, he discovered he had been lured into a trap by his old enemy, the Atomon, who wanted to seek revenge on the Time Lords by stealing the mind of the Doctor, the only Time Lord in existence. However, Vera stopped him by turning the Dronebots against him. Instead of killing Atomon, the Doctor left him in the care of Vera, putting an end to another Time Lord war. (Vengeance of the Atomon)

The Doctor decided his friends needed some time off and took them to the second most popular vacation spot in the universe, Apalapucia. Amy accidentally admitted herself into the Two Streams Facility for Chen-7, lethal to the Doctor but harmless to humans. The Doctor locked onto Amy‘s timestream thirty-six years later, and had to deal with her angry older self, who now resented him, to rescue her younger self. He left the older Amy behind, erasing her timestream and replacing it with the past AmyRory, who felt he was becoming like the Doctor when it came to difficult decisions, was infuriated. (The Girl Who Waited)

Visiting a futuristic art gallery, the Doctor accidentally released a two-dimensional being from a painting. Allied with famous artist Zigma, the Doctor and the Ponds trapped the creature by devouring it with paint. (Picture Imperfect)

Soon after, the TARDIS was swallowed by a Star Serpent, and the Doctor, Amy and Rory were forced to venture down the Serpent’s throat in order to retrieve the ship. After being attacked by parasites in the stomach, they located the TARDIS. (The Star Serpent)

During their travels, the Doctor and the Ponds saved the residents of a 21st century Earth street from being sold as collectables on the planet Burnusta. (The Home Store) they also closed down a clinic in Los Angeles that was capable of turning human beings into shapeshifters when Rory also fell victim to the clinic. (Cold Comfort)

On the starship Solaros 10, the Doctor saved two Silurians from a solar storm, and prevented the ship’s energy drives from going into meltdown. (Faster Than Light)

In 1982, the Doctor found that an atomic war had occurred, which was impossible. The Doctor and his companions then came under attack by giant cockroaches. After this, he showed the inhabitants of the bunker that the war never happened. (Day of the Cockroach)

Taking Amy and Rory sightseeing in 2012 London, the Doctor discovered Sammy Star, whom the Doctor had failed to save from the Weeping Angels years previously, had kidnapped a Weeping Angel in order to use their ability to “disappear” people to make himself a famous magician. Defeating Star, the Doctor stopped the Weeping Angel from using the millions of television viewers to duplicate himself in hundreds of Angels, locking it forever and placing it in Trafalgar Square, under the name of “monument of the missing”, in memory of all of the Weeping Angels victims. (Magic of the Angels)

The Doctor next took his companions to York in 1745, where they encountered the ghost of Carole Rose, a known thief. (Malthill Way)

After battling the Grayzonian War Monkeys, the Doctor attended a dinner party at Repton Abbey and defeated Lord Ryzt, a reptilian who had taken over the bodies of the dinner guests in order to collect human thoughts and memories before he put his plan to conquer Earth into action. (The Demons of Repton Abbey)

In Morocco, the Doctor and the Ponds watched the centuries-old Festival of Sacred Music. When the music began playing, everyone became hypnotised by a fez that they had all been given, including Amy and Rory. Taken prisoner, the Doctor discovered it was the work of his old enemy, the Slitheen, and foiled their plot to destroy humanity with the use of sympathetic vibration. (In-Fez-Station)

Travelling on a space cruise called “the Orion Express”, the Doctor briefly lost his sonic screwdriver to a Daxzian disguised as a waiter, who wanted to sell it to the Doctor’s enemies. (Trouble on the Orion Express)

Hunted across the galaxy by the Yeamorge Warriors, the Doctor was forced to send Amy and Rory to disable the Yeamorge’s warships, whilst he hid the TARDIS in a school on Earth. Assisted by a student called Schef, the Doctor fired a stream of background data at the warriors, rendering them unconscious for a number of days, which gave him enough time to get them imprisoned by the Shadow Proclamation. (Finders Keepers)

After escaping the Firemen of Fleengarr, the Doctor and the Ponds saved the SS Greensleeves from invading space pirates, whilst also dealing with a creature that could use or absorb other lifeforms. they trapped it in space, turning it into a lifeless scoop of ice scream. (I Scream)

Realising he had not visited the Intergalactic Trials for 500 years, the Doctor took Amy and Rory there in 2412, where they discovered the Galapogans team were using drugs to continue their gaming success. (The Intergalactic Trials)

The Doctor and the Ponds next visited planet Vorala, where they discovered a Blehurg, a neighbouring enemy of Vorala, had infiltrated the 24-hour newsroom under the disguise as a weatherman in a plot to enslave the population through the power of hypnotism. (24-Hour News Invasion)

The TARDIS collided with a Rutan ship in the 13th century, which crashed on the future site of the Houses of Parliament. In stasis until 1605, it sent a distress call. The TARDIS responded and landed in London, where proximity to the crashed ship caused dimensional lesions throughout the city. With the town crier, Geoffrey Plum, the Doctor closed the lesions and infiltrated the ranks of the Gunpowder Plotters, led by Robert Catesby and the Rutan, Elizabeth Winters.

The Doctor learnt Winters would use the destruction of Parliament and death of King James I to allow her ship to take off. He put Parliament in orbit momentarily, and the Rutan ship took off. The Sontarans and Rutans fought over two missing doomsday weapons programmed to destroy the Sontaran race. The Doctor reprogrammed one to target the Rutan host, stalemating the Rutan-Sontaran War. After returning Parliament, he left Guy Fawkes inside a locked room filled with gunpowder, where King James’ men came to arrest him. (The Gunpowder Plot)

The Doctor next visited a jungle planet with a high-speed evolutionary pattern, where he encountered a primitive tribe who had been created from the DNA of Rory, making them look and think like him. (Planet of the Rorys)

The Doctor and the Ponds went to Ancient Egypt where they stopped an escaped alien prisoner from destroying the planet. Through the use of a green crystal, the Doctor learned of horrible events: the Cybermen had joined forces with the Borg. The Doctor arrived on the USS Enterprise in another universe. The Doctor learnt of the combined Borg and Cybermen threat and the attack on Federation planet Delta IV, troubling the Doctor as he never heard of such a planet. Through painful flashbacks the Doctor learnt from himself he came to this universe before in his fourth incarnation. He met Captain James T. Kirk along with three of his crew. An attack of the Cybermen was stopped which then caused the Doctor to vanish.

Back in the present, the Doctor met Guinan and both discussed the events unravelling. The Doctor and his companions along with an away team went to the planet Cogen V, where both teams found Borg and Cybermen casualties scattered across the planet’s surface. The Cybermen betrayed the Borg. Later, a Borg ship that survived the betrayal tried to reason with Picard. Picard refused at first but thanks to counselling from Guinan, Amy, and seeing the horrible future to come Captain Picard finally agreed to an alliance.

A plan was made and the Doctor, his companions, along with the crew of the Enterprise went on the Cybership. The Doctor got a copy of the Borg Executive Library from the battle of Wolf 359. He and the Ponds even had a near run in with Picard’s assimilated form Locutus. The Borg were revived with the Cybermen defeated. The Doctor and friends went back to their universe, not knowing that the reactivated Borg had decided to attempt to master time travel. (Assimilation²)

The Doctor was puzzled when the TARDIS arrived in an alien structure based on a 1980s Earth hotel. He found an imprisoned creature feeding off the faith of those trapped with it after they found the room that contained their greatest fear. He failed to save most of the others trapped with them, one including Rita, whom the Doctor had planned to take travelling with him. Amy was next on the creature’s menu as her faith in him was strong. To save her, the Doctor broke Amy‘s childish faith in her “Raggedy Doctor”. This allowed the creature to die as it long wished. Realising his travels were becoming too dangerous for Amy and Rory, the Doctor returned them home, promising Amy to tell River her parents wanted her to visit and telling her that he would take care of her daughter. (The God Complex)


After travelling alone for a year, the Doctor was imprisoned in Alcatraz in 1962 with a disguised alien called Mako. The Doctor escaped, travelled back in time and fitted a secret tunnel into the cell. After escaping, the Doctor saved Mako from a team of Silurian hitmen, causing a riot between prisoners and guards. The Doctor used the riot to fake Mako‘s death to ensure the hitmen wouldn’t track him down. (Escape into Alcatraz)

Ending up at the North Pole by accident, the Doctor helped Santa Claus fight off robots wanting the presents. However, because the reindeer were injured during the skirmish, the Doctor took Santa in the TARDIS to deliver the presents, even leaving winning lottery numbers for a homeless child and mother. He received a new sonic screwdriver as his present, having burned out his old one to retrieve the presents. When he delivered Amy and Rory‘s present, he relented just this once and wrote “Williams” on the gift tag, crossing out “Pond”. (Silent Knight)

Knowing his death was a fixed point in time, the Doctor went on another “farewell tour”. (Closing Time) He participated in many events, “waving” at Amy and Rory throughout history. Some of these escapades included being imprisoned in the Tower of London, only to escape via a hot air balloon; taking part in a breakout from a World War II POW camp, but quickly being recaptured; and appearing in a Laurel and Hardy film, under the name John Smith. He also had adventures with River Song: a trip to Easter Island, where he was adored, and a meeting with “Jim the Fish”, who was still building his dam when the Doctor checked up on him. (The Impossible Astronaut) He travelled around the universe evading his death for what he claimed was 200 years. (Closing Time)

During his farewell tour, the Doctor encountered Vikings in 12th century Scotland. (Dark Horizons) He also visited the Gamma Forests and saved a young Lorna Bucket’s life from a creature by telling her to “run” and “vanquished” the creature using a shield and a cable. (Lorna’s Escape) The Doctor arrived in rural England and met Lum-Tree, a Trylonian, who were known across the universe for their invasions of many other worlds. (Down to Earth)

Travelling alone the Doctor became trapped in a nightmarish Escher-esque landscape populated by gravitational shifting aliens, (Run, Doctor, Run) The Doctor visited 1970s Detroit, met an alien Elvis Presley tribute act, and escaped the clutches of the Morphuse, who wanted to feast on a Time Lord. (Bite of the Morphuse!)

Travelling alone, the Doctor stopped Garbage-bots from turning 23rd century Earth into a garbage planet (Garbage Day!) and freed a village from the legendary “Greedy Gulper”. (The Greedy Gulper)

After travelling on his own for what he claimed was 200 years, the Doctor visited his old flatmate, Craig Owens. By then, Craig and Sophie had had a son, Alfie. The Doctor noticed power fluctuations, which prevented him from seeing the Alignment of Exodor. With Craig’s help, the Doctor discovered six Cybermen rebuilding their ranks by converting kidnapped people with spare parts and using Cybermats to drain the city’s power. Although Craig nearly became their new Cyber-Controller, his love for Alfie made the Cybermen overload and explode. The Doctor used the last of his free time to repair damages to Craig’s home caused during their adventure. As he walked towards the TARDIS, he saw three children and briefly spoke to them. At the Luna University, in the 52nd century, River read from their witness accounts that he seemed “happy, but sad”. (Closing Time)


Before going to his death, the Doctor wanted to know why the Silence wanted him dead. After getting information from a damaged Dalek, he was led to Dorium Maldovar‘s still-living head following his decapitation at Demon’s Run. the Doctor learned that the Silence wanted him dead out of fear of him answering the question only he knew the answer to: “Doctor Who?” He then decided against continuing his farewell tour once he learned of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart’s death. After asking the Teselecta captain to deliver the four letters to his past self, River, Amy and Rory, and Canton, the Doctor was asked if there was anything else they could do. Acting on a most brilliant idea, the Doctor had himself and the TARDIS miniaturised and taken into the Teselecta, while it took on his appearance and mannerisms.

At Lake Silencio, Utah, on April 22, 2011 at 5:02 pm, River Song, in an astronaut suit, emerged from the lake. Instead of shooting, River emptied the suit’s weapon system. This caused time to collapse, making the date and time always 22 April 2011, 5:02 PM; the only way to reverse the damage was for both of them to touch long enough so time could resume and his “death” could occur.

After he was brought to Area 52, the Doctor met a group led by Amy, trying to restart time without killing him. However, numerous Silents attacked the base, killing the soldiers and technicians in the group. Riverwas obstinate, refusing to kill the man she loved. She, Amy, and Rory took the Doctor to the top of the pyramid housing Area 52, where they had built a timey-wimey distress beacon. The Doctor was angry that River would risk the suffering and death of everyone and then embarrass him by futilely broadcasting for help. River explained that she needed him to understand how much that he is loved, by how many. The Doctor decided to give to River the one thing that she could have that no one else could; he married River and revealed the charade. Now that she knew the Teselecta would be shot and not him, River kissed the robot, allowing time to revert to Lake Silencio, Utah, April 22, 2011, 5:02 pm erasing the past reality; every living thing in the universe was saved, and the Doctor was declared “dead”.

Doctor dead

After his fake funeral, the Doctor visited Dorium and told him he would “return to the shadows” and allow the universe to forget him. Dorium warned him that he would fall after answering “oldest question in the universe” on the fields of Trenzalore, calling it the “fall of the eleventh”, and that when the question was asked, Silence must fall. However, the Doctor simply paid him no mind and seemed pleased when Dorium repeated the question. (The Wedding of River Song)
After leaving Dorium, the Doctor attended the Brigadier‘s funeral, as did all of his other incarnations. (The Gift, Shroud of Sorrow)


Search for the Eternity Clock

After attending the Brigadier‘s funeral, the Doctor began tracing the source of a temporal disturbance to the four scattered pieces of a powerful artefact known as the Eternity Clock. The Clock sought to be reassembled and threatened to destroy all reality. To help him, the Doctor called his wife for assistance and the “newly-weds” went through four different time periods in Earth‘s history to retrieve the pieces, defeating CybermenSiluriansSilents and Daleks, each of whom wanted a piece to fuel their own means. Once the clock was assembled, it began recording and even trying to rewrite fixed points in time. Adding on to the insanity, the clock towed the TARDIS away to an unknown location with both of them inside for the ride. (The Eternity Clock)
Travels alone

The Doctor took a trip to France in 1917 during the First World War where he learned about the Dalek Project, a mission in which a contingent of Daleks were sent through Earth‘s history to analyse how humans made war so that they could exploit any weaknesses in future conflicts. However, before the Daleks could exterminate all the witnesses, the combined British, German and French armies came together to destroy the Daleks. The Doctor crashed a plane into the Dalek Survey Ship Sigma and sent it crashing to the ground. The remaining Daleks were destroyed by artillery barrages. One hundred years later in Earth time, a team of archaeologists discovered the crashed ship and accidentally revived the surviving Daleks. Arriving just in time to prevent another disaster, the Doctor attached the Dalek ship to a powerline and overloaded all the Daleks. He considered this taking care of “unfinished business”. (The Dalek Project)

In 1938, the Doctor boarded a spaceship about to attack Earth. He called Amy in the TARDIS, but realised she couldn’t fly the TARDIS, he didn’t have the coordinates and she had left the TARDIS long ago. He said, “Merry Christmas, Amelia” and blew up the ship. (Prequel The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe) He escaped in an impact suit facing the wrong way round, and crashed in a field in England. Madge Arwell was bicycling by and helped him find his ‘police box’. To repay her kindness, the Doctor told Madge to make a wish to him and he would do the best he could to make the wish come true.

On Christmas Eve 1941, the Doctor received Madge’s wish and did his best to ensure her children, Cyril and Lily, had a great Christmas. However, things went wrong when a present he gave them, a time portal to a planet in the year 5345, was opened prematurely by Cyril. This led him on an adventure to save the life force of the forest with Madge’s help by acting as a “mothership” to transport them through the time vortex. Madge had accidentally brought her husband, Reg, through the Vortex as well, leading to the rumour he had been shot down over the English Channel. Upon trying to leave, the Doctor was ordered by Madge to spend time with his family. This led the Doctor to having Christmas dinner with his parents-in-law, Amy and Rory, in 2013. (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Despite what was a somewhat tearful reunion (for the Doctor), he apparently continued travelling on his own afterwards. However, he kept in contact with his in-laws by phoning them occasionally to let them know how he was doing, or even briefly dropping in. On one occasion, he visited them in the middle of the night, asking for their help; however, he found the Helmic regulator had malfunctioned (again) and brought him to earlier versions of the Ponds that didn’t know what he was talking about. The Doctor wished them good-night and went to get their older selves for help.

On his travels he visited Florinall 9 where he escaped Sontarans, met up with Mata Hari in Paris (whom he considered an “interesting woman”), sang backup vocals for an album and went crashing into ancient Greece. During another visit, he accidentally deposited an Ood with them for a time. having saved it from the Androvax conflict. He later returned to collect the Ood, which had been acting as Amy and Rory‘s butler, explaining it must have escaped the TARDIS during his previous visit. He intended to drop the creature off at the Ood Sphere. Returning the Ood to its true home and its people, he continued travelling. (Pond Life)

During these adventures, the Doctor erased himself from every database in the universe as part of his return to the shadows and to prevent his demise at the Fields of Trenzalore, making sure that no one had ever heard of him. (Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipThe Angels Take ManhattanNightmare In Silver, The Inforarium) However, it would seem he didn’t remove UNIT‘s records of him. (The Power Of Three)

During some more adventures, the Doctor rode a horse through 18th century Coventry, as well as possibly thinking he “accidentally invented pasta.” He also changed the bulb on top the TARDIS. The Doctor stopped by the Ponds’ house while it was raining, but no one was home. Leaving a message detailing these latest travels, the Doctor decided to use his sonic screwdriver to delete it; he believed that he could not get ahold of them because they were having some trouble of their own. Unbeknownst to him, Amy and Rory‘s marriage had “ended”, with her kicking him out of the house, and that Amy was wishing for him to return to support them. (Pond Life)


In a dream, the Doctor was enjoying tea and Jammie Dodgers before a cloaked figure ordered him to go to Skaro” title=”Skaro“>Skaro. (Asylum Of The Daleks) Doing so, the Doctor fell into a trap set by the Parliament of the Daleks, who captured him along with a separated Amy and Rory. Because a ship crash-landed on the Dalek Asylum, the shield was in danger of failing and letting the inmates out; even the Daleks feared this. Ordered to switch off the shield so the planet could be destroyed, the Doctor and his old companions were fired through the shield. Searching for a way to escape and let the Daleks destroy their insane kin, they ran from both Dalek puppets and the inmates. He saved Amy from being converted into a puppet by replacing her protective bracelet with his own without her knowledge as he didn’t need it; this helped her and Rorywork out their problems.

With the help of Oswin, a survivor of the crash, the Daleks‘ memories of the Doctor were wiped from the Path Web, the Daleks‘ shared information network. The Doctor tried to take Oswin with him, but found she’d been converted into a Dalek; she retreated into her mind to retain her humanity. Honouring Oswin’s wish for him to remember her, the Doctor teleported away with the Ponds as the shields were lowered; the asylum was destroyed. The Doctor landed them in the TARDIS, which was held on the Parliament’s ship, and taunted the Daleks; confused about who he was now, the Daleks chanted the Question over and over, having forgotten their deadliest enemy. He left Amy and Rory back home, cheerful that he had saved their marriage. (Asylum Of The Daleks)
The Doctor didn’t have any contact with Amy and Rory for another ten months. (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

After rescuing Egypt from giant alien locusts, Queen Nefertiti came on to the Doctor, following him into the TARDIS when he received an alert from the ISA in 2367. He collected his old friend, John Riddell, Amy, Rory and, unwittingly, Rory‘s father, Brian, to investigate a ship that would crash into Earth in six hours. they found it contained dinosaurs. The Doctor, Rory and Brian encountered a space pirate called Solomon, who killed all the Silurians on the ship and forced the Doctor to repair his legs (which had been damaged badly by dinosaurs) so he could make off with the cargo. However, because the ISA launched missiles and Solomon‘s ship was too small for dinosaurs, the greedy pirate took Nefertiti instead as she was just as valuable as any of the reptiles.

The Doctor briefly magnetised the ark, preventing Solomon from departing long enough for him to retrieve Neffy and place the ark’s signal in Solomon’s ship; the missiles launched by ISA destroyed Solomon instead of the ark. The ark was piloted to safety and the Doctor returned his friends home. The Doctor also took the dinosaurs to a new planet, which he named after the species that originally saved them, Siluria. The Doctor also gave Brian a sense of adventure, inspiring him to travel Earth after seeing it from space. He and Brian travelled together at least once, when he took Brian to Siluria. (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

The Doctor later collected Amy and Rory from a disastrous holiday in Majorca and treated them to a trip aboard the Excelsis, the most luxurious star-liner in the galaxy, which led him into a reunion with Christina de Souza, who had become a space traveller. Together, the Doctor, the Ponds and his old friend stopped a corrupt Ashayan from diverting the star-liner into a sun, whilst also preventing the destruction of the Ashayan civilisation. Taking the Ponds home, the Doctor asked Christin to travel with him, feeling regret about refusing her request to become his companion in his tenth incarnation. However, she refused, and the two travellers went their seperate ways once again. (The Eye of Ashaya)

Attempting to take his in-laws to Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival, the Doctor ended up in 1870 Mercy, Nevada. Mercy was under siege by the Kahler cyborg, Kahler-Tek, also known as the Gunslinger. Tek was hunting scientist Kahler-Jex, whom the townsfolk had taken in, and had cut off supply deliveries. The Doctor learnt Jex experimented on his people to create living weapons to win a long war; he became Mercy’s doctor in repentance. Tek was a “subject” who regained his sense of self, killing the scientists that experimented on him in revenge. While having no interest in the town, he warned the Doctor he would start killing if Jex wasn’t handed over.

Tired of thousands of innocents getting hurt due to his mercy, the enraged Doctor nearly handed Jex over to Tek, only to be stopped by Amy who told him that travelling alone had, once again, made him succumb to his dark side. Mercy’s marshal Isaac was accidentally killed when he pushed Jex out of the path of Tek’s weapon. In his dying breath, Isaac made the Doctor marshal. Distraught by what he’d done, Tek made a bluff: hand Jex over by noon the next day or the town would be destroyed. In a duel, the Doctor distracted Tek and Jex escaped to his ship. Jex, feeling guilt for the experiments he conducted, committed suicide by blowing up his ship. The Doctor talked Tek out of self-destructing, instead having him become the new protector of Mercy. (A Town Called Mercy)

The Doctor discovered a strange occurrence on Earth during Amy and Rory‘s time; black cubes had appeared all over Earth. Since they seemed harmless and he lacked the patience to stick around, the Doctor left to go on some solo adventures to “restore sanity”. He entrusted Rory‘s dad Brian with the task of keeping an eye on the cubes. He returned on the Ponds’ wedding anniversary, and as his gift, took them to the Savoy Hotel. However, the staff were Zygon imposters, whose ship was under the hotel. Also, Amy accidentally got married to King Henry VIII. After seven weeks of failed anniversary trips, the Doctor returned Amy and Rory to exact day they left. He was questioned by Brian as to what happened to his old companions, making the Doctor grow fearful once more about his in-laws safety.the new protector of Mercy. (A Town Called Mercy)

Wishing to spend more time with the Ponds, the Doctor decided to move in with them. A year after the cubes appeared, they finally activated, behaving in an unusual manner. Kate Stewart, head of scientific research at UNIT and the daughter of the Brigadier, summoned the Doctor to UNIT to investigate the cubes. The cubes released an electric pulse that stopped the hearts of a third of humanity. The Doctor traced the cubes to the Shakri, who wished to wipe out the “plague” of humanity before they could colonise space. He reversed the electric pulse, restarting the hearts of those affected, blowing up the Shakri ship in the process. On Brian’s urging, the Doctor took his in-laws back as full-time companions, as travelling with him was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (The Power Of Three)
The Doctor next encountered a robot guardian called Dawn 726-Alpha Continua, a creation of Lord Rassilon and the Time Lords to fix damages to the time vortex. Dawn 726 began self-destructing when she learned of the Time Lords demise and Gallifrey‘s destruction. However, the Doctor saved himself, his friends and the TARDIS from destruction by convincing Dawn to use her powers to explore Time and Space, hoping that their paths would cross again. (Dawn of Time!)

After another adventure with his in-laws, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were diverted to the Crystal Palace in 1938, where they met Sophie Renard, who was actually Nazi scientist, Kriemhilde Steiner. Kriemhilde had been searching for the eagle of the Ultima Thule, the key to the thousand-year reich. However, the sphere was an energy-draining phoenix. The Doctor attempted to convince Kriemhilde not to touch the sphere, but she did. As a result, Kriemhilde was blown apart on the day of a British vs German football match, taking the Crystal Palace with her. (The Eagle of the Reich)

The Doctor and the Ponds began working on an alien soap opera called EarthEnders and discovered the production had been broadcasting the same 90 episodes for 20 years. The Doctor helped form an alliance between the EarthEnders crew and the technologically ignorant creatures, the Arr’Chorrs. (TV Hell!)

Fulfilling one of his previous promises, the Doctor took Amy and Rory to Pondinium, a planet filled with small pools that gave the viewer a possible version of the future. Whilst there, they returned the only inhabitant, Aquarpey, to her homeworld. (Pondnium!)

The Doctor and the Ponds encountered several instances of “psychic metal”. The first was in Ancient Greece, which caused the Greek Gods to manifest. He, with the help of Socrates, defeated them. (The Chains of Olympus) There were other instances in 2012 London (Sticks and Stones) and Cornucopia. (The Cornucopia Caper) He and the Ponds visited Samuel Pepys, who was revealed to be a fake, as he made “bleeping sounds”. (The Broken Man)

Amelias last farewell

Taking a break to 2012 Manhattan, Rory was transported to 1938 by the Weeping Angels while he was looking for coffee. While the Doctor read Melody Malone to Amy, they realised it was written by River Song; it was also about the events happening “then”. Improvising “landing lights”, the Doctor landed in the time energy-saturated era and reunited with his wife, though Rory had already been transported to Winter Quay by baby Angels. After learning from the book’s chapter titles that Amy would be separated from him for good, the Doctor desperately tried changing the future, starting with telling River not to break her wrist to escape being held by an Angel. The Doctor was distressed when she did so, healing it with a little regeneration energy. Searching for Rory in the Quay, they found him in a room where an old Rory died before their eyes. The Doctor realised the Angels took over Manhattan and transported people into the past, trapping them in the Quay to feed every time they tried escaping. To prevent the Angels from taking RoryAmy and he jumped off the roof, creating a paradox that destroyed the Angels.

The Doctor, RoryAmy and River ended up in a New York graveyard in 2012, alive. Relieved, they decided to go on a family outing, but before they entered the TARDISRory found his own grave and was sent back by a surviving Angel. Amy, devastated, allowed the Angel to touch her, sending her to Rory. This caused a fixed point where the Doctor couldn’t rescue them. Rory‘s grave changed to reflect Amy‘s death, both of them as an old man and woman. Completely devastated, the Doctor asked River to travel with him. She told him she would go anywhere with him but not on a full-time basis. She also informed him she promised to have Amy add an afterword to her yet-to-be-written book when she sent it to her for publishing. He found a message from Amy saying she and Rory loved him, and had lived a long and happy life. She asked him to go back in time and tell her younger self of their adventures as well as to find a new companion. (The Angels Take Manhattan)


Old foes, new wounds

However, despite keeping his promise to tell Amy‘s younger self about the future adventures she would have, the Doctor appeared unable to fulfil her other wish: finding a new companion.
Despite losing his best friends, the Doctor continued his endless voyage. He landed in 19th century Klimtenburg where he discovered Cyber-Technology at work. Some of it was spreading an illness to all the villagers, a problem which the Doctor promptly solved. Upon investigating the mystery further with help from a woman named Olga Bordmann, he found another ship crashed underground, this time a Cyber Ship. The surviving Cybermen seeded the atmosphere to create their own rainstorms so they could harvest the lighting and revive. As more and more Cybermen began to wake from hibernation to defend themselves, the Doctor rallied the villagers of Klimtenburg to fight against them. As the battle was fought, the Doctor, Olga and a partially-converted Victor Ernhardt infiltrated the Cybermen‘s base of operations and Victor, flowing with excess power, linked himself to the rest of the Cybermen, causing all of them to explode. With Klimtenburg safe and able to recover, without a proper farewell, the Doctor slipped away quietly in the TARDIS, showing signs of weariness as he thought to himself: “I’m getting too young for this.” (Plague Of The Cybermen)

During the Doctor’s final journey before his “retirement”, he received a hypercube from an unknown messenger. While looking into the matter, the TARDIS picked up a distress call from a married couple but something sent the TARDIS off course and the Doctor arrived on their ship too late to save them. The ship’s logs revealed they had committed suicide to prevent the Daleks from learning a formula. The Doctor found the couple’s children – Sabel, Jenibeth and Ollus Blakely – hiding in an escape pod and he took them home to Carthedia where he learned the Daleks were considered a force for good after establishing the Dalek Foundation and the Sunlight Worlds following a recession. The Doctor was charged with a hate crime for publicly announcing the Daleks‘ evil, forcing he and the children to escape from the authorities off the planet. He tried again on Sunlight 349 and the Dalek Litigator arrived to subject him to another public trial. Completely outwitted by the Litigator, the Doctor was made to leave alone.

Still not convinced that the Daleks had reformed, the Doctor arrived on Gethria, the location of the Cradle of the Gods, where he was taken prisoner by an aged Dalek puppet Jenibeth and the Dalek Time Controller, who revealed the Daleks had been manipulating the Doctor so that he could activate the Cradle of the Gods for them and use it to transform the Sunlight Worlds into copies of Skaro. However, Jenibeth managed to resist Dalek control and fought off the Time Controller and the Doctor set the Cradle to self destruct, causing the Daleks to abandon the plan and retreat. Before exploding, the Cradle reverted the Sunlight Worlds to how Jenibeth remembered them as a child. She and her siblings turned back into children and their parents were also recreated. The Doctor realised afterwards how much his interference put all the citizens of the Sunlight Worlds in danger and thought of what would happen if, one day, the Daleks succeeded. He left in the TARDIS without a farewell once again, and decreed: “No more meddling. No more.” (The Dalek Generation)

At last, somewhere within this time, the Doctor went on his last date with River Song to the Singing Towers of Darillium. Here the Doctor cried as the towers sang, but didn’t tell River why and merely gave her a sonic screwdriver. (Forest of the Dead). He returned her home afterwards, and cut off all contact with her, even after her death in the Library. (The Name of the Doctor)

Going into retirement

The despair from losing Amy and Rory, and finally River, and the realisation that his travels put billions of people’s lives in danger led the Doctor to eventually retire from his constant adventuring, much to the dismay of others, in Victorian England. (The Great Detective)

To ensure that he would have solitude, the Doctor, now a broken man with no faith, parked the TARDIS on a cloud; he also changed the interior of the control room from its whimsical layout to a more plainly mechanical design, discarding the console room that he had used while traveling with the Ponds, which no longer befit his darkened outlook, and to stop it from reminding him of his losses. (The Snowmen) As they lived in Victorian London, Madame VastraJenny Flint, and Strax, members of his “Demons Run Army”, tried constantly to get the “old” Doctor back by explaining weird happenings that could pique his interest. However, most of them were unimportant or mediocre, and no matter how often the Doctor told them he had retired, they kept trying. (The Great Detective)

Out of retirement

At Christmas, the Doctor came out of retirement to investigating the snow in London, which had a telepathic quality to it. It meant that the snow could remember, and could even form imitations of other things. The Doctor met a woman named Clara Oswald one day while searching London.

Clara grew a fast attachment to him, both out of curiosity of who he was and what the snow was. Clara was able to convince the Doctor to help investigate a pond at a house she was governing for, only for them to discover that the previous governess, who had died in the pond and had been trapped when it froze, had come back as an ice duplication. With the help of VastraStrax and Jenny, the Doctor was able to stop their opposing enemy, but it cost Clara her life as she was killed by the Ice Governess just after the Doctor gave her a TARDIS key.

The Doctor faced the man controlling the Ice Governess and the Snowmen, Dr Walter Simeon of the Great Intelligence Institute; he erased Simeon’s memories by letting a Memory worm bite him. Doing so allowed the Doctor to discover the real mastermind was an entity that absorbed Simeon’s darkest thoughts and desires, the Great Intelligence. The Intelligence had evolved enough to out-live Simeon, but the telepathic snow caused the grief those felt for Clara‘s death to defeat it. Reading Clara‘s gravestone shocked the Doctor; it said Clara Oswin Oswald. Recognising her as the same woman he had met in the Dalek Asylum, the elated Doctor set off in the TARDIS to find his new companion, convinced that there was a third version of her somewhere in the Universe. (The Snowmen)


Resuming his travels in time and space, the Doctor reunitedwith River once again but both were nearly sacrificed by the natives of the Planet of the Rain Gods. (Rain Gods) He then encountered Silurians, Sea Devils and a Myrka. (The Silurian Gift) The Doctor then found Vashta Nerada during the first space walk. (Space Oddity)

Haunted by the past and two very old friends

The Doctor continued his quest of finding Clara. However, he got sidetracked and ended up investigating a Sontaran battleship in orbit around 1960s Earth and discovered Captain Gol Clutha and his army had killed the Sontarans who inhabited the battleship. Involving himself in their war with the former crime-state planet, Cornucopia, in which he had visited with Amy and Rory, the Doctor was transported to a dream world, where he reunited with two companions from many incarnations ago: Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright.

After he helped them escape and located the TARDIS, the Doctor was met with distrust by Ian as he failed to believe he was “the Doctor” brushing off his intimate knowledge of their adventures being a result of him being some sort of mind-reading alien. Barbara, on the other hand, was more willing to believe him, citing all the strange things the Doctor had done during their travels. they went with the Doctor to Cornucopia, where they discovered the place in ruins.

When the attackers (calling themselves “the Hunters of the Burning Stone”) attacked, the Doctor got their attention by claiming to possess the item they sought, allowing Ian to attack their leaders from behind (and finally convincing him that he really was the same man he once knew).Barbara was then kidnapped by Miss Ghost and the creators of the metal the hunters sought, the Prometheans, appeared. The Doctor demanded to know why he, Ian and Barbara had been brought to Cornucopia, to which the Prometheans replied that it was Ian and Barbara they needed, not the Doctor. The Doctor and Ian escaped the Prometheans with the help of Horatio Lynk. Horatio took them to Miss Ghost’s base, where they found a doll that the Doctor recognised. Horatio was then shot by Patrick Lake, a man the Doctor had previously encountered in 20th century Prague. The Hunters then arrived. Referring to Ian as “teacher”, they removed their helmets to reveal themselves as the Tribe of Gum.

The Prometheans revealed that they visited primitive worlds and granted them the gift of their psychic metal, and that they had witnessed Ian, Barbara and the First Doctor’s encounter with the tribe of Gum, and given the tribe the psychic metal after the TARDIS departed. The Tribe became the Hunters, who travelled through time and space in search of more of the metal. The Doctor was shown Patrick’s memories; shortly after a repelled Cyberman invasion in the early 21st century, Patrick lobbied for a new branch of MI6, one dedicated to space travel and defence against alien threats, to be formed. He trained his daughter to become one of the branch’s agents. The Doctor, realising the Prometheans were feeding on Patrick’s psychic energy, shut down Patrick’s conscious mind. The Prometheans turned on the Doctor, and sent him to relive his most terrifying memories, transporting him to the last day of the Last Great Time War and filling his head with visions of his deadliest foes.

The Doctor was able to overcome the onslaught, and the memories changed to the Moment during their time in prehistoric Earth, when Ian persuaded the Doctor not to kill someone. The Doctor told Ian that he helped him to be better, and revealed that he had been inspired by Ian and Barbara to take on more human companions. He also told Ian of the many deaths he brought about, particularly those of the Time War. Ian reassured the Doctor that he was a good person, and the two finally escaped the psychic realm. they then discovered that the Prometheans’ craft was a “neural reverser”, which the Prometheans used to regress humanity to the level of cavemen. The Doctor, Ian and Patrick were then picked up by Barbara and Patricia. Once onboard their ship, the Doctor admonished Patrick for turning his daughter into a weapon, with Patricia retorting that she was honouring her fallen mother, and telling the Doctor to think of a solution himself. When the Doctor was unable to, Ian encouraged him, and he suddenly hit on a plan, departing in the TARDIS.

He arrived in 1963, at Totters Lane, where he entered his first incarnation‘s TARDIS, and used the sonic screwdriver to break the TARDIS‘ chameleon circuit.

As the Tribe of Gum instructed the primitive humans to worship the Prometheans, the Doctor returned, having planted images of the TARDIS throughout human history, and using that image to alter the neural platform, reversing the effect, destroying the platform, and “locking” the minds of the human race from being altered again. He answered “What is buried in man?”: It was him and his TARDIS. Incensed, the Tribe of Gum, at the Prometheans’ urging, attacked the Doctor. Ian and Barbara landed their ship on a fragment of the neural platform, and convinced the Tribe to stop by telling them of love and sacrifice, and how the Doctor protected the people of Earth for years. When the Tribe of Gum ceased their assault, the Prometheans attacked Ian and Barbara. The Tribe of Gum then turned on the Prometheans. Both sides were destroyed in the ensuing struggle. The Doctor tried to shut down Hugo Wilding and Patrick Lake’s MI6 organisation. Hugo had information on the Doctor and threatened to upload it to every database in the universe and make the Doctor a popular figure again, which the Doctor had spent a long time trying to erase. After ensuring his existence was to remain shadowed, the Doctor attended Barbara and Ian‘s wedding as Ian‘s best man. (Hunters of the Burning Stone)

Travels with Decky

During his search for Clara, the Doctor arrived on Earth and met Decky Flamboon, a Brancheerian shapeshifter who had lost his spacecraft and the co-ordinates to his homeworld. After saving Earth from a shower of meteorites, the Doctor offered to help Decky find his homeworld. (Meteorite Meeting)

Travelling with Decky, the Doctor stopped a rogue robot from turning the peaceful planet, Cobaltikar 45 to dust (Tower of Power), visited the Pheezel galaxy and saved a shark-like spaceship and its crew (The Shark Shocker), and accidentally turned the TARDIS into a child’s toybox where he fought toy soldiers. (The Toybox) He also became trapped in another dimension and helped a young couple to rescue their children from Edgar, a two-dimensional predator (On the Cards), stopped the Arch-Mayoress from making Christmas illegal in 2034 (Decky the Halls), “walked on water” on the water-world of Hydrcallica (The Water World) and investigated the disappearance of four pilots in the Great Space Race. (Space Race)

The Doctor took Decky skiing in the Alps, where the TARDIS fell down a mountain. Whilst retrieving it, he stopped a Vendraxxo fleet from launching an attack on Switzerland. (Snowball!)

Trying to return Decky home, the Doctor visited an asteroid on the Cosmic Museum, only to discover the asteroid had been dedicated to his eleven lives, with items and creatures from his past. He stopped the curator of the museum, his biggest fan, from turning him and his TARDIS into exhibits, which resulted in the Asteroid’s destruction when the creatures contained inside went on the rampage. (Museum Piece)

The Doctor eventually returned Decky to his homeworld, Sirus, and stopped a rogue Flamboon from erasing the planet’s population. He also relocated the whole population to Flamboon Moon 2, where he parted company with Decky. (The Tail of Decky Flamboon)

Messages to the Past

Whilst searching for Clara, the Doctor visited Oxford on the 23 November 2013, where he discovered that Alice Watson and Cedric Chivers (a person that the Doctor had previous met in his first incarnation) had apparently created a time machine. However this turned out to be a plan by an alien race called the Creevix who wanted to control time. To stop them, the Doctor sent messages to his previous selves. (The Time Machine) These messages were:

  • Sending a message to the First Doctor and Susan Foreman via a radio DJ while they were on Earth in October 1963. The message involved introducing Cedric Chivers to Bob Dylan, while she and the (Hunters of Earth)
  • Using his psychic paper, to sent a message to his second incarnation in 2724 whilst traveling with Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot, to ensure he saved Sophie Topolovic’s research on the Quiet Ones. (Shadow of Death)
  • Via a recording on a telephone, he sent a message to his third incarnation during an early period of his exile, to ensure he saved the therocite and send it to Professor Reynart. (Vengeance of the Stones)
  • He contacted the Fourth Doctor and Romana whilst they were inside the Babblesphere, to make sure they didn’t destroy it and sent it to the Stellaris Museum of Artificial Intelligence. (Babblesphere)
  • Using an Ovid sphere he contacted his fifth incarnation in England in the 1920s whilst traveling with Adric, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka to ensure that he delivered the Ovid sphere back to the Ovid’s instead of destroying it. (Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Via the TARDIS he contacted the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown to ask them to obtain an omniparadox from the Santa Maria on 12 October 1492, and store it in the TARDIS. (Trouble in Paradise)
  • Using the Voice of Stone, he contacted the Seventh Doctor and Ace aboard the Obscura in the 49th century to make sure that they saved Captain OhOne. He commented that his seventh incarnation that “probably one of more circumspect periods” and told his younger self to be nicer to Ace. (Shockwave)
  • Via the TARDIS Internal Communication System he contacted the Eighth Doctor in London in 1935 whilst traveling with Charley Pollard to get him to clear up interference in the form of an alien invasion using the William Tell Overture to invade the Earth which was blocking him sending his messages. (Enemy Aliens)
  • Hijacking a giant television screen in New Vegas, he told the Ninth Doctor whilst traveling with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack to save the life of Police Chief James McNeil. (Night of the Whisper)
  • In the form of a distress beacon of the Howling Jupiter and a video message left in the control room of the wreck, he told the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble to stop the Wraith Mining Cartel, by locating Professor Merrit Erskine, obtaining his research and using it to make sure the existence of Slaughter crystals on the planet of Death’s Deal is made known to galactic authorities. He also told them to ensure that Lyric Erskine survived. (Death’s Deal)


Once again searching for Clara, the Doctor took a break on an Earth, where he met a little girl, who advised him on finding his ‘friend’. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, the girl was in fact a young Clara. (The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel) Not knowing that he’d already found her, he continued his search.
On another trip to Earth, the Doctor found the Astro-Raptors had invaded with the use of Easter egg meteorites. He allied with a women called Pippa and transported the Astro-Raptors to a hovering deserted island. (The Egg Hunt)

After spending a long time searching for Clara, the Doctor worked in solitude in a Cumbria monastery in 1207 to find oClaraut the meaning of “the woman twice dead”. A 21st century version of Clara, having been given the number for the phone on the front of the TARDIS by “a woman in the shop”, called the phone to speak to the Doctor about her Internet. Recognising from her last two lives’ final words, “Run you clever boy, and remember”, the Doctor left Cumbria for 2013 London. However, Clara did not know who he was.

The Doctor put Clara under his protection when the Spoonheads tried to upload her soul through the Wi-Fi. When Clara was uploaded again, this time successfully, the Doctor reprogrammed a Spoonhead to reach Miss Kizlet’s office in the Shard and upload her himself. He also used Miss Kizlet’s tablet to make one of her workers, Mahler, obey her request to download her back to her body, as well as everyone else’s minds uploaded for the Great Intelligence to feed on, due to her being part of the data cloud. UNIT came in to close down the company’s activities, but not before Kizlet succeeded in returning the minds of the staff – including her own – to “factory specifications”, erasing their memories.

After Clara was saved, the Doctor offered her a place in the TARDIS, but she told him to ask her again the following day. (The Bells of Saint John)


Setting off to find out who Clara was, the Doctor travelled back through her time stream, observing her parents’ meeting and her mother’s funeral. Even more confused to find that she seemed a normal girl and with no answers to the mystery, he returned to Clara the day after he left her and took her on a trip with him. She said she wanted to see “something awesome”, so the Doctor took her to her to Akhaten, which he had visited with his granddaughter Susan in his first incarnation.

There, they watched the Festival of Offerings. Clara met Merry Galel, who was having second thoughts, and convinced her to sing the Long Song at the Festival. The Doctor and Clara went to see Merry sing, but something went wrong and Merry was taken by the Mummy. The Doctor and Clara saved her, and they discovered that not the mummy, but the planet Akhaten itself was the ancient god that wanted to feed on memories. Merry was taken to safety and the Doctor remained. As they listened to a new hymn sung by the worshippers, the Doctor tried to satisfy the parasite god with the remarkable story of his own existence. However, it took Clara to defeat Akhaten by feeding it the infinite possibilities of her mother’s lost life, represented by the leaf that bought her parents together. Following this adventure, the Doctor returned Clara home. (The Rings of Akhaten)

After this, he and Clara made an arrangement: he would pick her up every Wednesday and they would have adventures, but unlike his previous companions, she wouldn’t travel aboard the TARDIS on a permanent basis as she had responsibilities on Earth. (Nightmare In Silver)

Picking Clara up again, the Doctor went to Rolle Hill School to stop a carnivorous alien called the Drokkvid from going on the rampage and discovered it had been adopted by biology teacher, Miss Brayley. When it went on the rampage, he defeated it with compost from the school gardens. (Teacher’s Pet)

The Doctor and Clara next attempted to travel to Las Vegas, but the TARDIS instead brought them to the Firebird, a sinking Soviet submarine at the North Pole in 1983. The Doctor prevented the submarine from imploding, but the TARDIS automatically dematerialised, the Hostile Action Displacement System having activated.

While on the submarine, the Doctor found that an Ice Warrior, Skaldak, had attacked the submarine. He attempted to convince the submarine’s crew to be peaceful to him, but Lieutenant Stepashin stunned Skaldak with a cattle prod. The Doctor ordered the crew to imprison Skaldak, but Skaldak managed to escape his capture and threatened to launch the submarine’s nuclear missiles. The Doctor and Clara managed to make him hesitate his decision, and Skaldak and the submarine were rescued by an Ice Warrior ship. Skaldak left and remotely disarmed the submarine. The Doctor then confessed to setting the HADS, and found that it had sent the TARDIS to the South Pole. (Cold War)

Travelling to Caliburn House in 1974, the Doctor posed as a government agent as a ruse to get the opinion of empath, Emma Grayling, about Clara. While investigating, he borrowed a camera from the owner of Caliburn House, a ghost hunter and retired spy Professor Alec Palmer. He took the camera to take pictures of the location spanning the history of the planet. Clara, who had been told by Emma to watch for “ice in his heart”, was struck by how little the Doctor cared about the people who had died between the first and last stop in their trip. “We’re all ghosts to you. We must be nothing.”

She demanded to know what humans could possibly be to him, and he said, “you are the only mystery worth solving.” they returned to Caliburn House in 1974, and the Doctor revealed that the Witch of the Well was not a ghost, but another time traveller, Hila Tacorien, stuck in a collapsing pocket universe and pursued by the Crooked Man. He helped Emma to save Hila by jumping into the pocket universe, but was trapped there himself, with the Crooked Man after him. After Clara convinced the TARDIS to fly in to save him, the Doctor played matchmaker, revealing that Hila was a descendant of Emma and Alec. He then realised that the “monster” trapped in the pocket universe was only trying to make it back to Normal Space to be reunited with his “mate”. He returned to the pocket universe to save the creature. (Hide)
Leaving Caliburn, the Doctor and Clara visited the Sahara Desert, where they battled a mythical spirit called the “Mighty Djinn”. (Sandblasted)

Timelines in the TARDIS

While trying to teach Clara how to operate the TARDIS, the time machine was caught in a magnetic hobble-field from a space salvage ship, operated by the Van Baalen Bros. The TARDIS was successfully captured by the Van Baalen Bros., causing the TARDIS to leak the past and future. In the confusion, the Doctor made it out of the TARDIS, while Clara ended up lost in her, her hand burnt from a mysterious device she touched beforehand. After taking the remote control for the magno-grab out of Gregor’s pocket, the Doctor forced the brothers, Gregor, Bram and Tricky, to help him find her by putting the TARDIS in lock-down and setting a non-existent self-destruct program.

Despite the Doctor’s warnings, Gregor convinced Bram to salvage the console. While doing so, Bram was killed by a mysterious creature. The remaining three ended up in an echo of the console room. Discovering Clara in another echo room, he pulled her to safety from being killed by another creature. He revealed the apparent self-destruct program had been a ruse, but found the engines had become unstable due to time leakage triggered by the incident, requiring a trip to the “centre of the TARDIS“: the engine room.

While travelling through the Eye of Harmony, the quartet were trapped by the creatures. The Doctor revealed the creatures were echoes of himself and the others, burnt by the Eye. Gregor and Tricky ended up turning into them, and the Doctor and Clara were forced to run away from them, ending up in a chasm. Believing they were going to die, the Doctor admitted that he knew her two previous incarnations and demanded to know what she really was. Clara didn’t understand anything, leading the Doctor to deduce to himself there couldn’t be a connection.

Realising the chasm wasn’t really a chasm, but the TARDIS “snarling”, the duo jumped from the chasm, ending up in the engine room. The Doctor found that the burn marks on Clara‘s hand had formed words: “Big friendly button”. The Doctor realised they needed to go back to the point of the disaster and activate the magno-grab remote, which had caused the burn marks on Clara‘s hand before, to stop the field and prevent the disaster. Clara admitted that while wandering the TARDIS, she found out the Doctor’s real name from a book. The Doctor promised her that she wouldn’t remember, and he passed through a time rift to give the device to his past self.

After the younger Doctor pressed the button, the TARDIS disappeared, escaping the Van Baalens and preventing its engine failure. The Doctor said aloud to Clara that two days had been compressed into the space of one. The Doctor asked Clara if she felt safe travelling with him, and she agreed. (Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS) However, the Doctor later displayed knowledge of both timelines. (The Name of the Doctor)

Crimson Horror and Cybermen return

Still investigating his new companion, the Doctor returned to Victorian times, taking Clara to 1893 Yorkshire; he was aiming for London, to see if Clara would recognise it from her Victorian life. they visited a town called Sweetville, which was run by Winifred Gillyflower and her mysterious partner. While investigating the town, the two were taken by Gillyflower’s guards into a dungeon, where they were put in a strange red liquid – “the Crimson Horror”. Clara was hypnotised by the matter and became one of Gillyflower’s servant girls, while the Doctor was fossilised and could barely move. After being saved by Winifred’s daughter Ada Gillyflower, who believed him to be a monster, he was found in a chamber by his Victorian friend, Jenny FlintJenny helped him reach a machine to recover, and the two went to find Clara. they eventually found her fossil as a porcelain doll inside a glass dome in one of Sweetville houses. He broke the glass, took Clara out and pulled her out of her ‘puppet’ condition.

The Doctor, once again, required the assistance of his “team”, JennyMadame Vastra and Strax to defeat Mrs Gillyflower; Gillyflower, along with her mysterious partner—the repulsive red leech, Mr Sweet—planned to fire a rocket that would spread the “Crimson Horror” across the world, wiping humanity out. Clara smashed a chair into Mrs Gillyflower’s control console. After the Crimson Horror was safely removed from the rocket by Vastra and Jenny, Mrs Gillyflower resentfully threatened to kill the Doctor, only to be shot by Strax. Mrs Gillyflower died and Mr Sweet was smashed to death by Ada. After saying goodbye to Ada and his three Victorian allies, the Doctor returned Clara back home in 2013 to the Maitland family house.

However, Angie and Artie, the children Clara nannied, had discovered historical photographs of his and Clara‘s adventures (including one from Clara‘s Victorian life) and blackmailed Clara into letting them go on a trip with her. (The Crimson Horror)

The Doctor reluctantly took Angie, Artie and Clara to Hedgewick’s World of Wonders, the “biggest theme park in the galaxy”. However, they found the park had been shut down and put under military occupation. The Doctor convinced the platoon that he was an official searching for their missing Emperor and met Webley, the park’s owner. Webley explained that there had been a war with the Cybermen and they had all been defeated, showing them several deactivated ones he had in his collection.

they met Porridge, a dwarf who operated a chess-playing Cyberman, who ran some of the park’s attractions for them. ClaraAngie and Artie prepared to go home, but the Doctor convinced them to stay, suspicious of strange insects roaming the park. they turned out to be Cybermites, and they reactivated the Cybermen, which then kidnapped Webley, Angie and Artie.

Setting off alone to rescue them, the Doctor found that WebleyAngie and Artie had all been put under Cybermen-control. Webley explained that the Cybermen were rebuilding themselves, and they needed a strong brain like the Doctor’s, having upgraded themselves far enough to be able to use Time Lord body parts. The Doctor was infected by the Cybermites, and a Cyber-Planner took partial charge of the Doctor, dubbing itself “Mr Clever“. The Doctor threatened to regenerate and thus destroy the implants, giving Mr Clever a stalemate. The Doctor challenged Clever to a game of chess, the winner getting control of the Doctor’s mind. Clever accepted; however, the Doctor knew Clever wouldn’t keep his promise.

Temporarily disrupting Clever‘s control with a golden ticket, the Doctor returned to Clara and had himself restrained in order to play the chess game. However, Clever managed to seize control of the Doctor again, and destroyed the trigger to a bomb the platoon had that would’ve been able to blow the planet up. With snothing left to fear, Clever sent out the army of Cybermen against Clara and the platoon.

The Doctor and Clever continued their game while the humans battled with the Cybermen. The Doctor said he had a way to defeat Clever in only three moves. Clever shut down the Cyberman army in order to use the Cybermen‘s processing power to bring in the “local resources” and find the strategy to win the game. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Doctor used a hand pulse to disable the implants. Angie realised that Porridge was the Emperor, and he explained that he’d never wanted to take the title. Porridge activated the bomb’s countdown. Activating the bomb caught the attention of the Emperor’s ship; it jumped to Hedgewick’s World and beamed everyone to safety before the bomb imploded the planet with the Cybermen still on it. The Emperor asked Clara to marry him but she declined. The Doctor returned ClaraAngie and Artie back home, planning to pick Clara up the next Wednesday (or last Wednesday) for more adventures. After the three left the Doctor again wondered who Clara was. (Nightmare In Silver)


When the Doctor returned to the Maitland house, Clara informed him, that via a conference call, he had been summoned to the one place he should never visit — Trenzalore — and that Madame VastraJenny and Strax had been kidnapped by the Whisper Men. Despite knowing that his trip to Trenzalore may have been his last, the Doctor felt he had a duty to save his Victorian allies and set off with Clara. After fighting off the TARDIS‘ attempts to avoid Trenzalore, they found it to be a war-ravaged place covered in gravestones, which included the tomb of the Doctor himself.

The Doctor was both distressed and confused when he came across River Song‘s gravestone, having placed her in the CAL data core on their first meeting. With an echo of a now dead River helping through a “conference call”, Clara suggested that the gravestone was actually a secret entrance. The Doctor and and Clara crashed through the stone. The Great Intelligence was waiting there with his hostages, and wanted to enter the Doctor’s tomb to uncover his greatest secret: his real name.

As they travelled through a future decaying TARDISClara began to remember the events of the alternative timeline, when the Doctor told her about her multiple lives. they eventually made their way to the Doctor’s tomb, where the Great Intelligence demanded the Doctor tell him his true name. When he refused, River uttered it, and the door opened. Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor’s timeline through an open wound in his time stream, rewriting his history, changing all his victories into losses. The universe began decaying, the thousands of civilisations saved by the Doctor perished. With no other choice, Clara did what she was destined to do: save the Doctor. She walked into the timeline, scattering herself across time and space. This action killed her true self, but created many other versions of her that saved the Doctor throughout his eleven lives, protecting his timeline and the cosmos.

After recovering, the Doctor had a final, emotional goodbye with his wife, having been able to see her echo all along and accepting that all things must come to an end. The Doctor went into his own timeline and saved Clara. As they embraced each other, Clara noticed an incarnation of the Doctor that she’d never met.

The Doctor revealed this incarnation betrayed the name “the Doctor” due to his actions in life. He explained to Clara that the name a person chose was like a promise, and this unknown incarnation was “the one who broke the promise. He is my secret.” The incarnation responded by defending his actions, saying that what he did, he did “without choice”, and that he did it “in the name of peace and sanity”, which the Eleventh acknowledged to be true but not “in the name of the Doctor.” He and Clara left, with his mysterious incarnation watching them from afar. (The Name of the Doctor)

The War Doctor

The Doctor got Clara a job at Coal Hill School. Soon after this he was contacted by UNIT due to events at the National Gallery. He saw the credentials of Elizabeth I, a 3-D portrait entitled Gallifrey Falls or No More. The Doctor was then taken by Kate Stewart to see figures had disappeared from paintings. However, the Doctor then saw a time fissure opened by The Moment and travelled back to 1562, where he met the Tenth Doctor, who was investigating Zygon activity around Elizabeth I. Both incarnations were then met by the War Doctor, who had travelled through the time fissure. However, they were then arrested by the guards of Elizabeth, who was apparently being impersonated by a Zygon. The three Doctors were imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Eleventh Doctor inscribed numbers in the cell which would enable the vortex manipulator UNIT possessed to be activated. Clara used this to travel back to 1562 and met the three Doctors.

Elizabeth showed them the Zygons were hiding in pictures until Earth was more suitable for conquest. She then revealed she had killed the Zygon impersonating her and been impersonating it. She then married the reluctant Tenth Doctor, who left in the TARDIS with his past and future selves and Clara.

In the 21st century, the Zygons had entered the Black Archive, where UNIT kept dangerous technology. Kate Stewart entered and activated the countdown to a nuclear warhead that would destroy London but prevent the Zygons taking over the world. The TARDIS was unable to enter the TARDIS-proof Tower. The Eleventh Doctor called Kate  on the Space-Time Telegraph but she refused to halt the countdown. The War Doctor then had an idea. The Eleventh Doctor called McGillop in the past to move Gallifrey Falls to the Black Archive. The three Doctors and Clara then froze themselves in the painting and forced their way out as Kate  and her Zygon double argued over the countdown. The three Doctors caused everybody else in the room save Clara to forget whether they were Zygon or not, causing both Kate s to stop the countdown and begin work on a treaty. The War Doctor then travelled back to the Time War to use the Moment to destroy Gallifrey, having seen how his future selves would turn out.
However, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors followed him back to use the Moment with him. Clara objected to this and the Moment then projected an image of the war around them while the Doctors were reminded of who they were. The Doctors then decided not to use the Moment and formed a plan to save Gallifrey but maintain the timeline. they would make Gallifrey disappear, and the Daleks firing on Gallifrey would be destroyed in the crossfire, making it appear they were both annihilated. The Doctors called all their previous incarnations and a future incarnation to save Gallifrey. Together the Doctors were able to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe.

The WarTenth and Eleventh Doctors then met back in the National Gallery and said they didn’t know whether they had saved Gallifrey. The previous Doctors left, knowing they wouldn’t remember these events. The Eleventh Doctor then met the Curator of the Gallery. He explained that No More or Gallifrey Falls was in fact one title — Gallifrey Falls No More. The Doctor realised that the attempt at freezing Gallifrey worked. The Curator explained to the Doctor that Gallifrey was lost and the Doctor had “a lot to do”. The Doctor departed to find Gallifrey. The Doctor then had a dream in which he, with all his past selves, looked upon Gallifrey. (The Day Of The Doctor)


The Doctor, along with thousands of other ships, discovered a mysterious message being broadcast from a planet, a message that no-one could understand. He collected Clara from a family Christmas dinner and travelled to the Papal Mainframe, where he met an old friend of his, Tasha LemTasha sent the Doctor and Clara to Christmas, a town on the planet, to investigate.
The Doctor found a crack in time, through which the message was being broadcast – “Doctor Who?”. The Doctor found it was the Time Lords, trapped in a pocket universe, trying to get out. If he spoke his name they would come out, but then the other ships would descend on the planet, beginning a new Time War. He then found the planet was in fact Trenzalore.

The Doctor attempted to sent Clara home, but she made her way back, ending up 300 years later for him. The Doctor had spent three centuries fighting on Trenzalore. He and Clara reconciled and returned to the Papal Mainframe, discovering it was now the Church of the Silence. He discovered Tasha and her crew had been killed and turned into Dalek puppets, but Tasha was able to retain her mind.

The Doctor once again sent Clara home, but Tasha returned her to Christmas many years later from the Doctor’s perspective. An older and bedraggled Doctor continued to refuse to leave or release the Time Lords. All the ships had since withdrawn, with the exception of the Daleks. Realising he had nothing else to live for, the Doctor decided to surrender to them.

At the top of Christmas’ clock tower, the Doctor prepared to give himself in to the Daleks, knowing that he had no weapons or any regenerations left. However the crack from Gallifrey reopened in the sky. From it, the Time Lords granted the Doctor a new cycle of regenerations. The Doctor then apparently began to regenerate, the explosive energy from his hands and head destroying the Dalek ships.

Before Clara returned, he called her future self to assure her that his next incarnation was still the Doctor, he still needed her and that he would miss her.The Time Of The Doctor Deep Breath

Clara returned to the TARDIS to find the Doctor, his youth restored and apparently healthy. However, he told her he was still dying anyway, but it was taking some time for him to regenerate for the energy had been a reset for his new cycle of regenerations. Reminiscing about his life, he saw a hallucination of Amy Pond, first as a child and then as a grown woman who told him “goodnight.”

His final words to Clara were: “I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.” As a sign of his changing days, he then removed his ever-present Bow-tie and dropped it to the floor.
With a final smile to Clara, he suddenly and quickly regenerated into the first incarnation of his new regeneration cycle, the physically older Twelfth Doctor. (The Time Of The Doctor)


At some point, he bought a street in New York in Amy‘s name to get the best burgers in all of history for free. He even suggested a new burger, which he called “The Doctor Burger”. (The Forgotten Army) Oddly, he suggested bacon be a part of it, despite claiming it could poison him. (The Eleventh Hour)
At some point, the Doctor and Amy encountered a king who had a robot duplicate of himself. While initially thinking that the robot had lost its head, it turned out the be the actual king; the Doctor somehow managed to reattach his head while keeping him alive. (The Doctor’s Wife)
He participated in the Anti-Grav Olympics, coming in last place in the Anti-gravity motorbike event. (The Bells of Saint John)


Benedict Cumberbatch (star of Sherlock, another show by Steven Moffat) was rumoured to have been offered the role of the eleventh incarnation and to have turned down the role. However, he denied this. Coincidentally Matt Smith auditioned for Sherlock for the role of John Watson but was rejected for being “more of a Sherlock Holmes.” That audition ended up causing Smith to be a prime candidate for the eleventh incarnation.
While the Eleventh Doctor is the second Doctor to speak in an estuary accent, Matt Smith is the first actor to play the Doctor who actually has a natural estuary accent, as David Tennant‘s natural accent is Scottish and he faked an estuary accent to play the Doctor.
The Eleventh Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor since the First Doctor to travel with somewhat of family members in his TARDIS. Though he was long unaware of it, Amy and Rory were his in-laws and River his wife, though the wedding between him and River happened in a reality that did not exist. (The Wedding of River Song)

Memorable Quotes

“Bow ties are cool.”

In The Eleventh Hour.


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