The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor


On the planet of Lobos, The Doctor halts a violent war between the native Loba and human colonists. Job done, the TARDIS crew departs – only for Ryan to discover he’s left his phone behind. Again.

Upon returning, The Doctor finds that the TARDIS has slipped hundreds of years into the future – and that something has gone badly wrong. The Loba are now slaves, serving human zealots who worship a godlike figure known as The Good Doctor.

It’s time for The Doctor to face up to the consequences of her last visit. With Lobos on the brink of catastrophe, will she be able to make things right?

Juno Dawson is the international bestselling author of ten titles for young adults. She is a columnist at Glamour UK, attitude Magazine and a key LGBTQ activist with Stonewall.



Thirteenth Doctor
Graham O’Brien
Yasmin Khan
Ryan Sinclair
High Priest Mykados
Brother Tempika
Father Ornid
Father Kyos
Bemus Belen
Captain Makris
Brother Glezos
Brother Alexis
Brother Panos
Brother Takis
Brother Lazar
Sergeant Barlos
Mother Capinella
Sister Lalla
General Orryx
Captain Brun
Alex Blaine

The three new adventures, announced earlier this year, will be published later this autumn to tie in with Jodie Whittaker’s debut as Doctor Who‘s first female incarnation of the Doctor.

With the show itself returning on Sunday 7th October, each original novel will feature the additional off-screen exploits of the Thirteenth Doctor alongside her new friends Yasmin, Ryan and Graham.

The first of these, out on 25th October, is The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson. As well as being an international bestselling author of ten books for young adults, Dawson is also a columnist for the magazines Glamour UK and Attitude and is a key LGBTQ activist. Speaking earlier this year about her latest Doctor Who novel, Dawson said: “This feels like a bold new era for Doctor Who and I’m beyond delighted to be a part of it. This is a dream come true.”

For a Good Doctor there’s only one rule: first do no harm.
Following on 8th November is Molten Heart by Una McCormack. The New York Times bestselling author has already penned two Doctor Who novels featuring the Eleventh Doctor alongside his companions Amy and Rory: The King’s Dragon and the Way Through The Woods. She has also written a the Twelfth Doctor adventure, Royal Blood, and recently contributed the Seventh Doctor story Red Planets to Big Finish’s range of Doctor Who audio dramas.

You’ll never know what you’ll find beneath the surface.

Rounding off this wave of the Thirteenth Doctor’s literary adventures is Combat Magicks by Steve Cole, out on 22nd November. Cole is a bestselling original comedy, fantasy and adventure writer who has already made several contributions to The Doctor Who book range, as well as the Young Bond series and most recently the Secret Agent Mummy range for younger readers, Stop Those Monsters!

How do you win a battle when the dead fight on?

All three covers have been designed by Lee Binding, a graphic designer well-known for producing a broad range of promotional artwork for Doctor Who as well as branding for DVD and book releases.


During his travels with The Doctor, Ryan has seen singing waterfalls made of pink crystals, a unicorn sanctuary on a lost moon, and the Big Bang.
The Doctor found a drone in the TARDIS storeroom.


Graham is keen to watch Pointless.
The Doctor makes a reference to Graham looking similar to “the man from that game show”.
The Doctor suggests they visit Vienna in 1967 to see the Eurovision, noting that it was the year that Sandy Shaw won.


The Doctor likes Yorkshire Tea.
Graham and Yaz mention fish and chips, Graham had been to a chip shop called The Cod Father.


This is the first full-length novel to feature the Thirteenth Doctor.
Despite being officialy released on 25 October 2018, this novel was available to some in various shops several days before release.
Yasmin mentions attending Redlands Primary. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
The Doctor notes that she was allowed to go anywhere she wanted in her previous body, and wonders what has changed. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
Ryan’s dyspraxia is referred to. (The Woman Who Fell to Earth, The Ghost Monument)
Both Graham and Ryan mention Grace (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
Yaz notes that no matter where she goes, history appears to be built on the bones of slavery. (Rosa)

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