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Everything Changes
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Everything Changes

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The Blood Line

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Tom Price

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Andy Davidson was Gwen Cooper’s former police partner. By 2011, he held the rank of police sergeant. Though not an official member of Torchwood, he aided the staff many times out of kindness for Gwen. However, he did not shirk his duties as a PC and would obey the orders given to him by higher-ups if he had no alternative but to comply, even if Torchwood was made an enemy. He did so harbouring no hard feelings toward the Torchwood collective, knowing Gwen and her teammates could turn the tables given the right nudging.


Andy Davidson worked with Gwen Cooper when she was a police officer. He had a crush on her, which made him jealous of Gwen’s boyfriend and eventual husband, Rhys Williams. (Adrift)


In 2007, after Gwen had joined Torchwood Three, she met Andy outside a nightclub where a man had been killed by  Carys Fletcher, who was possessed by the  Sex Gas. (Day One), like Gwen’s boyfriend Rhys, he believed she had been promoted to “Special Ops”. They were met at the scene of Guy Wildman’s death. (Another Life)

In 2008, Andy requested Gwen’s help after a Roman soldier had fallen through the Cardiff Rift only to murder two men and had been arrested. Jack and Gwen talked very frankly about what had happened in front of him. (End of Days)

Andy was present at the murder scene of a man who was killed by Time Agent John Hart. (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

In 2009, Andy assisted Gwen with her investigation of Jonah Bevan’s disappearance. During this, he revealed his affection for her and jealousy of Rhys. That was why he had not attended her wedding.

He was also made aware that Gwen worked for Torchwood and showed interest in joining, but Gwen did not want him to. (Adrift)

Andy called upon Gwen for assistance when Weevils began attacking his police station and, despite his jealousy over Gwen, worked closely with Rhys. (Exit Wounds)

Andy discovered the true nature of Torchwood while they were investigating a girl who had fallen through the Rift from the future. (Asylum)


Andy was at the aftermath of the bomb inside Captain Jack Harkness which destroyed part of Cardiff Bay. He also helped Johnson find Gwen Cooper, being told she was a terrorist, by taking her to Gwen’s flat. Gwen shot out the truck’s tires and escaped with Rhys. (Children of Earth: Day Two)

Andy later picked up Gwen and Rhys from the airport after returning from London. He was present when Gwen told Ianto’s sister about his death. Later, when the police and army started mobilising to bring the children to the 456, Andy joined in the riot against the authorities to protect the children. (Children of Earth: Day Five)

Shortly following the events of the 456 incident, Andy was promoted to Sergeant. He secretly wondered if the promotion was to “shut him up” following his involvement with the recent 456 crisis. (Long Time Dead)


After Gwen and Rhys went into hiding, in 2011, Andy phoned Gwen to tell her that her father had been hospitalised. Later, he was forced to assist Rex Matheson in extraditing Torchwood 3 to America. (The New World)

He accompanied Gwen and Rhys to the Cowbridge Overflow Camp, remarking that though the system was “bloody chaos, at least it works”. He tried to have Geraint Cooper released, claiming his removal was under police orders but was unsuccessful as the overflow camps were not in the control of the Welsh police. (The Categories of Life)

Along with a Police AFO team, Andy helped save Gwen’s family. Andy shot a man in the head, remarking that it was the first time that he had ever shot anyone. (Immortal Sins)

After Gwen’s father was taken back to the overflow camp, Andy used his status as a police officer to bring Rhys into the camp. While Rhys talked to Geraint, Andy sat with a young Category One girl, whose name was not known and did not seem to have anyone who cared about her. When the Miracle was reversed and she died normally, Andy was at her side, comforting her. (The Blood Line)


Whilst investigating a double shooting, Andy became involved in the search for a alien weapon capable of destroying Britain. (Fallout)


Andy found glamorous police programmes like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ridiculous, and seemed to be somewhat put out by Gwen’s more inquisitive nature. (Everything Changes) He was a pushover when it came to Gwen Cooper. Because he fancied her and was jealous of Rhys Williams, he did not attend her wedding. (Adrift)

Andy was very compassionate and was seen comforting a dying girl after the effects of Miracle Day were reversed. (The Blood Line)

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